How to Draw a Line Between White and Black Label SEO?

This post was most recently updated on April 28th, 2022

You can’t have a robust online presence anymore without investing in search engine optimization. And there are various statistics around you to prove this.

As per BrightEdge, SEO helps boost traffic by 1000 percent more than organic social media traffic. Another separate study by Ahrefs reveals that the top-ranking pages on Google get better search traffic 49 percent of the time.

But, implementing SEO isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. In life, you always arrive at crossroads. This is true for SEO campaigns as well. There is always a right way to do things and an easier yet wrong way to get to your destination. That is the different white and black label SEO.

While the obvious choice between the two is the former, many choose the latter, either due to lack of information or to get an easy way out! For a sustainable online presence, you must learn to draw the line between white and black label SEO.

What is black label SEO?

Black Hat SEO refers to any tactics to improve search engine ranking that visibly goes against Google policies. Remember, organic ranking ensures that quality and relevant content is ranked highly and hence is easily accessible to search engine users.

And as it is virtually impossible to read all web pages available online, Google has created a series of algorithms to gauge various aspects of content and rank it accordingly.

While the algorithm is quite refined to detect quality content from fluffy promotional pieces, certain shortcuts still trespass the metric. Some of these techniques include the following:

  • Stuffing high-ranking keywords into the content without relevancy or purpose.
  • Generating content using spin bots to increase the volume of content on your website.
  • Producing plagiarized content.
  • Adding deceiving backlinks aimed at redirecting users to an irrelevant business page.
  • Paying for SERP clicks.
  • Adding doorway pages, including jump pages and bridges, are pages that are designed only to include high-ranking keywords.
  • Spamming comments of other high-performing blogs with links to your website.
  • Deceptive site behavior whereby you change users’ search preferences without seeking their permission.
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You might have noticed a problematic trend in each of these mentioned tactics. Each of them is aimed at duping the users.

Why you shouldn’t be associated with black label SEO

Up until a few years ago, many websites got away with implementing black label SEO. In fact, many thought search engine optimization was synonymous with keyword stuffing!

But now, Google and other search engine bots have become much more refined and sophisticated than before. Most of such tactics don’t work anymore. And the ones that do will soon not work either, as new updates are made to the algorithm.

Additionally, many search engines have made a point to penalize websites that use any black label SEO tactics. You can end up being classified as spam and stripped from your search engine rank. So far, the following three updates have significantly penalized certain aspects of black label SEO:

  • Florida for keyword stuffing
  • Panda for content duplication and auto-generation
  • Penguin for unethical linking practices

The Solution: White Label SEO

On the opposite of the spectrum stands white label SEO, or in other words, the right way to optimize your website and content for search engines. Make sure that the marketing agency you work with offers white label SEO services and does not indulge in deceptive tactics to get you your ranking.

White Label SEO refers to all SEO techniques that are approved by Google and other search engines. This includes:

  • Improve your website’s layout to make it easy for users to navigate it.
  • Boost the website’s load time to reduce bounce rate.
  • Conduct keyword research and cohesively add only relevant, optimized words in your content.
  • Add backlinks from other quality websites that substantiate your content.
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Google cares about user experience. And any efforts you make to ensure that the experience of search engine users is enhanced is likely to improve your ranking. This can include drafting informative content, making a responsive website, or adding authority backlinks.

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How to draw the line?

Unless you are an SEO expert, it can be difficult for you to detect whether your agency is implementing the right techniques or not. In the chase of high ranking and traffic, you might end up signing up for shortcuts without even realizing it.

One way to draw the line between white and black label SEO is to understand the purpose between the two. In short:

  • White Label SEO focuses on appealing search bots.
  • Black Label SEO is geared towards attracting people.

Ask your agency to elaborate on the strategies they will use to improve your ranking. Then, see if the strategies they mention aim to improve the user experience. It will be identifiable if their tactics are targeted at bots.

For starters, the meaningless addition of keywords that are of little relevance to your business can never be meant for boosting search engine users’ experience.

On the other hand, if you are a car seller, a guide about purchasing cars can serve as an informative piece for your potential customers, hence being legitimate SEO efforts.

Ending Remarks

We have yet to see an algorithm that is completely immune to the various black label SEO strategies. So, you can get quick wins through the wrong methods.

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But, these victories are fleeting in nature, and the risk that comes with it is just not worth taking! After all, you don’t want your site to be labeled as spam, right?

What might not be penalized today might end up lowering your ranks with the next algorithm update. So, it is better to opt for sustainable results that can be easily derived from white label SEO. Yes, the rewards will come in slowly. But, they will be long-lasting as well!

So, stay on the right path, which in this case is white label SEO. Partner with the right digital agencies and stay abreast with the current SEO tactics. You will surely see improvements in your ranking, slowly but steadily!


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