How to earn money from Google
How to earn money from Google

How to earn money from Google

In today’s world where everything is so expensive and your only job can’t bring you all that you wish for, we all are looking for some or other source which can give us that little extra income without putting any major efforts.

Let me tell you, there are millions of people around the globe who are earning money online with the help of various technology-based tasks that can be done, simply by sitting in front of your desktop/ laptop or even through your smartphone.

In that list, Google is considered to be the most valuable online resource, which can enhance one’s net income. For that matter, there are various options through which, Google pays billions of dollars to its publishers every year for discovering their knowledge with zillions of customers.

As you know, Google aims to evaluate and construct the knowledge and then make it handy and astute to the whole world. Anyone can earn a regular income from google by enrolling in any of its listed services, and for that, you just need to find out the right way to earn from google.

Let me now take you through such various Google platforms available that can help you earn extra income. So have a look at them all and select the best option that suits your convenience.

1.Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is one of the coolest and easiest ways of earning money online which is being used by millions of Indian publishers.

Before you opt or sign up for Google Adsense, you need to either have a website with a new domain name or will have to sign up for a free blog on wordpress.com or blogger.com. Once your blog has been set up, you can write about any interesting topics of your choice such as business, technology, travel, marketing, software as well as your personal experiences about anything that you wish to.

Once your blog starts receiving visitors, you can opt to sign up for your Adsense account. Google will then evaluate your website and determine whether it meets its requirements in terms of high-quality standards and this process can take around 48 hours to an entire week. But once your account is approved by Google Adsense, you can start editing and displaying your blogs or advertisements.

Google uses its algorithms to analyze the results thrown by Search Engines. The only downside is that these results are not error-free so it needs a human intervention to get refined for its usefulness and quality.

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This work is mostly available on a contractual basis and the pay-out is quite satisfactory at around $12 to $15 (approx. Rs 1000/) per day. It means you can earn Rs. 30,000/- per month, if you consider that you can work from home, without any commute or related expenditures. Isn’t it looks quite attractive to you..?

Other ways, if you can’t work from home, you can alternatively opt to become a businessperson and start your own business, simply by putting a small investment of Rs. 2 Lakhs.

There are thousands of Indian bloggers, who are earning more than Rs. 1 lakh every month by simply displaying Adsense widgets on their blogs. Have a look at their website from below link and start working today: https://www.google.com/adsense/start/

2.Google pay: 

Who doesn’t, know what Google pay is? Today Google pay has made our life extremely easy by letting us pay anywhere any time and on the top of it, providing us with some earning for every transaction that we do.

Well, it is a platform that is used for peer to peer digital payment services, which is the integration of Google Wallet and Android Pay. It’s very easy to use, you just need to install the app from your play store either on the android or iOS system and add your bank account in it with the simple instructions given on its front page. Once you complete the process of registration and your bank account is added, it will automatically create a UPI PIN for a bank account which will be used while making any transactions or you can also set up UPI PIN on your own.

You also invite your friends to join the app and earn an inviting bonus of around Rs. 51/- to Rs. 101/- (based on the offer) on their first transaction. Google pay provides various offers and schemes depends on your transactions at various platforms. The earning also depends on the amount you transfer/ spend. The maximum amount you can earn from Google pay is up to Rs. 1 Lakhs.

3.YouTube Channel:

YouTube is the third best and most creative option available from Google to earn money. If you are good at creating videos on any subject, whether it’s for entertainment, educational, marketing, business, beauty, fashion, comedy purposes, then you must have to have a channel on YouTube.

It is the simplest way that can make you earn lakhs per month. You just need to be creative and trend in your videos. You just need to create a video on the particular topic, finish its editing and customization and upload it on your YouTube channel. You need to enable the monetization of your videos.

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Once your channel or video receives more than 10,000 views or 1000 subscribers, Google will automatically start displaying advertisements on your videos and will pay you for that. You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program at any time and start earning once your application is approved. You can earn around Rs. 1 to 2 Lakhs per month based on the number of subscribers and views on your videos.

4.Google Opinion Rewards:

This is another best option that pays you to share your opinion. Though this is not the regular source that can give you earning as the above three options, it can provide you money on a part-time basis through Google’s opinion Award platform. You can download their app from the play store on your Android or iOS handset and starts earning.

Google survey team has created this app, where you have to answer the quick questions of surveys, for that you can earn Google play credits. Once you fill the form, the app starts sending you the surveys once a week and after completing each survey, it provides you the Google play credits. You can use these credits for buying the paid apps on the play store.

You can approximately receive around $1.00 of play credit on completion of each survey form. This is best for people who love to try new apps on play store so that they can sue the play credit and download try on all the newly launched apps without waiting for it to become free.

5.G- Suite Referral Program:

G-Suite is a referral program offered by Google which can make you earn some extra income and for that, you just have to apply for their referral program.

Once you register yourself on G-suite, you will receive a referral link in the welcome email which you can share with others to that can get you around $7.5 per reference and successful registration.

Currently, it is not available in all countries and the revenue it generates depends on the country you are based out of and the price range of G-Suit subscribers that comes from your referral links.

You can get eligible for receiving payment with the free trial for G- Suite with one’s referral link and you can utilize the promotion code within 14 days which is given in billing information. Once your eligibility is approved, you will receive the payment in your given bank account and this referral amount is based on the number of customers, who has paid for a minimum of 120 days. You can select from their two plans for signing up into this program, the first one is a G- Suite basic plan and the other one is G- Suite Business.

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6.Google AdMob:

Google AdMob is a mobile advertisement company by Google, where you need to generate an application to earn money. This source allows creators to monetize their developed app by “renting” its screen to Google for displaying ads in between. This has also been integrated with Google AdSense, which can further help you to create an app that can provide value and unique relevance to every user interface.

If you want to accumulate good revenues, you need to create a good user engagement on your application. You can apply on AdMob, once your app is ready and google will then display the ads as videos, banner or native ads.

Its mediation has a strong ad network optimization, which mechanically regulates the position of your ad’s network that will ultimately pile to guarantee a maximum revenue to you. It also uses the SDK of Google Mobile Ads that help the app developers to receive insights about their consumers and thereby maximize the ad revenue.

7.Google Play (Publishing a Mobile application):

This is one of the innovative ways of earning money for mobile application creators. Using this platform, you can construct a scalable mobile app with its back-ends.

Google Play has a built-in service such as Memcache, NoSQL, and user authentication API. This app also doesn’t require you to make provision or maintain any expensive servers, whereas it scales your application inevitably in response to the traction it creates.

This platform is not free and you require to pay for the assets and resources used for publishing your application that makes it one of the best ways to earn money with the least investment.

The earnings through this platform depend purely on the number of installs you get and manage to have active users. Through this, you can earn around $2 (Rs. 120) for every 1000 active users in a day for your app.

8.Google News:

Google News is another best platform for earning money. Every month, Google news gets around 350+ million of visitors from the whole world.

For this, you need to have your website and get it listed on Google news to receive a small share of their visitor traffic. Many publishers have earned millions till now, only by using Google News.  For example, it is said that many teenagers from Macedonia have earned around $7000 per month through Google news during US Elections 2017, by publishing the news of presidential candidate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Go ahead and list your website on Google News today.

Conclusion: So, why wait, when it is that easy to earn money from google just by creating a video or a Website or generating a classic mobile app or even by answering simple survey questions. Use this opportunity today and increase your monthly salary or who knows these platforms can make you a millionaire one day.



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