How to encourage users to stay longer on your website?
How to encourage users to stay longer on your website?

How to encourage users to stay longer on your website?

Whenever someone visits a website, the main goal is to keep them interested as long as possible. It might result in a higher profit, as a user can engage more and perform certain activities like buying or registering. However, not every website will be interesting enough to keep the visitor’s attention for long. Keep reading to find out how to engage every Internet user and what tricks might encourage them to stay on your website.

A clear, gripping content

Every page includes content, no matter the industry or field a company operates in. To put it simply, content includes all texts and phrases you have on your website. There is no point in denying – no Internet user reads every word, at least the majority of them doesn’t. Nevertheless, it does not remove the obligation to create good-quality content. If you write it on your own, carefully select words and make sure that you know what message you want to deliver. 

Choosing the right wording is not the key to success. You also need to know how to organize the content on the website. Remember to keep the sentences and phrases short and the text brief. Numerous Internet users scan content instead of reading it thoroughly, word by word. If they see long, complicated sentences, they are less likely to keep reading and stay on the site. 

The right content consists of appropriate words and sentence length but also proper formatting. This means a readable font type and size, short paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points. You can read more about creating engaging content to know how to write and format your own.

Encourage to take action

Elements called CTA (call-to-action) are frequently used on various websites, not without reason. They are one of the best and most effective ways to engage the visitors. A banner distinguished from the rest of the content on your website gives a greater chance that a user will do something instead of just scrolling. A call-to-action button might encourage any visitor to subscribe to a newsletter, register or sign up, contact your company, or take a closer look at your offer. It’s crucial to place a banner that will catch attention, that will be interesting but short, and will clearly state what is expected from the users.

Reward the users

One of the best options to engage visitors on your web page is to reward them for the actions taken. You might offer them something of value in exchange for registering, creating an account or subscribing. If you run an online store, it might be a discount for offered products. Such techniques are often used on online casino sites with bonuses for their users. On sites like VegasSlotsOnline, any player can choose a casino that grants reload bonuses for the regular players. Everything is safe and secure, the rules are clearly explained. Such actions bring more willing visitors to the site that encourage them to play in such a way.

Make your website fast

What keeps visitors on a particular site is not only its content but also the level of comfort when using it. In other words, how fast (or slowly) a site loads. It also applies to videos and other multimedia on your platform. Page speed is, unfortunately, a serious matter. Even a 1-second delay might cause irritation in some users, leading to a decrease, instead of an increase, in traffic on the website. There are various ways to optimize the page loading speed, but there are two steps that are crucial in the whole process. First, focus on images compression. If they are too large, they can easily slow down your website. Another step is choosing the right serves. Make sure that you carefully select a web host so that the service provider will suit your needs.


There are other ways to engage the visitors besides the ones mentioned above. You might use a chatbox, a poll or add a feed from your social media accounts. One thing is sure – you need to take action n order to encourage Internet users to stay on the web page you’ve created. Not every website is equally attractive to potential customers, and it’s worth remembering it.      



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