How to Enlarge Instagram Profile Pictures?

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Instagram is a social networking site with more than one billion followers, as stated by a recent official document. However, the platform does not allow to enlarge the profile pictures from its app due to some security and privacy reasons. 

The third-party websites are then used by enthusiasts to help them enlarge Instagram Profile Pictures of any particular account. 

Why do we Need to Enlarge Instagram Profile Pictures?

The Instagram profile pictures are available in thumbnail size for regular users so even when someone’s profile is set to the public the other user can not view it. To get a grasp on profile pictures the Instagram profile pictures should be enlarged to their maximum size which can be done by the downloading tools. 

Can you Enlarge a Profile Picture on Instagram? 

Yes, it is possible to enlarge a profile pictures by using certain web-based online tools that will help you to enlarge the profile pictures in a few seconds using a tool Instazoom which is a Leading online Instagram Profile Pic Downloader which enlarge Instagram profile picture with a minimal effort.

What is Insta Zoom? 

It is an online website that works by cracking some algorithms to help you view an enlarged profile picture of the targeted profile. Its biggest reason for its popularity is the easy and user-friendly interface that even a layman can understand.

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Sometimes it is hard for elderly people to understand technology but InstaZoom is one of those easiest websites that can be used by people of any age to search and enlarge the profile pictures of a specific user. 

How to Use it? 

As mentioned above, it is easy to use and these are the easy steps to use: 

  • Go to the Instagram profile and copy the username of your targeted profile
  • Go to your default browser and type Instazoom.
  • Open the first link that appears in the Google search and it will land you on the main page of Insta Zoom website.
  • You will see the search bar on the page. Just paste the user name into the search bar.
  • Select your desired user from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Hit enter and wait for the results to process.

Does it Allow Downloading? 

Yes, you can download HD-quality pictures from the results that appear on your screen. However, the downloaded images must not be sued anywhere against the user’s consent or he deserves the right to sue you for defamation. 

You are telling me it’s illegal to download but still downloading tools exist?

Yes, it is legal to download but it is against the law to use somebody’s pictures for any means without their permission. For example, the photo of any celebrity that you just downloaded after enlarging cannot be used anywhere else if it contains a copyright license which means that the owner holds all rights to the image and if the image is published elsewhere without taking any prior permission then it will be considered as an offensive crime. 

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Why InstaZoom?

It is because there are various reasons associated with the use of this online tool. The most important is privacy, it keeps the identity of its users hidden which means that no matter whose profile you are searching on instazoom profilbild won’t reveal your data instead it will keep your identity hidden. 

The other reason is that it’s free to use most of the websites or apps nowadays that demands money to operate although they offer basic functions for free certain functions demand some bucks to operate. However, Instazoom is completely free to use as it offers its services after filling out a short survey. 


InstaZoom is the most effective and reliable tool to enlarge profile pictures and on the plus side you can also browse through the private Instagram profiles that will help you to view all the posts and videos of a private profile that is usually hidden from people. 

This exclusive knowledge Is available to very few individuals except for those who search and spread the message. Recommend InstaZoom to your friends and acquaintances and let them know the benefits of this tool that had made your life easier. For More Info Read Here

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