How to Find the Target Audience for A Mobile App?

This post was most recently updated on August 22nd, 2023

Businesses are digitally switching their ways, with most of them releasing the mobile apps of their company. If you are a business owner in the 21st century, we don’t have to tell you the importance of having a mobile app for your business. However, given the global reach of the mobile app audience, it’s hard to sift through the audience and find the ones that fit best for your business.

So, the question arises, how can one find the right target audience for a mobile app? But, before we answer this question, we need to understand why we need to find the target audience in the first place. As a business, you offer products or service(s). There is a potential market for the services or products you offer. But, as a business owner, you understand that you can’t please everyone. So, finding the right target audience will allow you to interact with the right people and build a customer base relevant to your business.

In this article, we will talk about how can one find the right target audience for their business’ mobile app. Let’s get to it.

Understand Your Business

First and foremost, to begin the search for the target audience, you must understand the business you are in. Every product range or service offered has a marketplace and audience. For instance, if you are a cosmetic brand, most of the audience of your business will be women.

Your mobile app should cater to the needs of women in the instance we are presupposing. Similarly, if you are a toy brand, your target audience will be children and parents. So, if you want to specify your mobile app’s target audience, it is crucial that you understand your business first.

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Market Research

Next, market research is important. Nothing fruitful happens if you are not supporting it with factual research. Similarly, to find the target audience for your mobile app, consider Kurve Marketing to conduct robust app marketing strategies and understand what your potential buyers are interested in or want from your type of business. When you factor in all the relevant details of your potential customer, you will have an idea of the type of target audience you need for your business’s mobile app. 

Competitor Analysis

If you are just starting out, your competitors will help. It’s commendable to research the strategies of your competitors and find out how they have narrowed their target audience for their mobile apps.

Another useful suggestion is to keep an eye on the review and support section of your competitors’ mobile apps. You will find complaints and recommendations, both of which will let you have the idea for not only finding the right target audience but also creating the perfect mobile app.

Key Factors In Defining Target Audience

There are many key factors in defining the target audience for your business’s mobile app. If you are just starting the process and have no idea about the mobile app cost plan, don’t worry. This article will discuss the factors you need to keep an eye on for your target audience and the cost differences it will have on your budget. But, first, let’s discuss the key factors in defining the target audience.


To target your audience, you need to know about them first. Their gender, age, income level, education, language, and so on. The product or service you are offering will be narrowed to a particular segment of the audience.

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Similarly, the gender will let you know if your mobile app will be designed for men, women, or for all genders. The language will help you in the marketing aspect of your mobile app. The demographics will allow you to have a clear communication advantage which will help build your brand and convert sales.


Is your business designed to cater to customers globally? Or is it geographically dependent? Answer this question, and you’ll narrow your target audience. If you offer products or services that have the potential to go global, we’ll suggest that you should start slow in a particular geographical area and then make it big.  


Behavior is another factor that you need to keep an eye on to find the target audience. What are the preferences of your ideal customer? What type of apps do they use? What type of device do they use (Android or iOS)?

These factors will help you understand your customers, which will inevitably help you with your business’s mobile app. The behavior of your potential customer will also let you know the frequency of purchases they make, reasons for buying a product, and so on.


As discussed above, knowing the type of device your customer uses will help your business tremendously. It matters if your customer uses Android or iPhone. This will particularly help you in deciding whether your business’s mobile app will be made for Android or iOS. However, we will suggest that you should get it developed for both OS.

When getting the app dev services, you should discuss your requirements with the tech firm you are hiring. A good tech firm will understand your business and its requirements and suggest practical solutions to overcome issues.

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Envisioning Your Buyer’s Persona

Finding the right target audience for your mobile app is all about envisioning your ideal customer. Your target audience will differ depending on the nature of your business and product/service. And different types of target audiences will require different types of treatment.

Personifying the ideal customer will help you create your mobile app, customize your marketing strategy, and improve user engagements. Create your mobile app in a way that solves a problem. Introduce the problem, give the solution, and solve it. All on your business’s mobile app.


In this article, we talked about looking at the right metrics to find your business’s target audience, especially for its mobile app. But, knowing the right target audience is one thing, and having the right app is another. If you haven’t got your business’s mobile app, it’s time to get one. At Infogeneric, we have professional teams of mobile application developers who are proficient and experienced in the eCommerce and business industry.

Need estimation for app development? We have got you covered. Our professional mobile app developers will take a look at your business and suggest practical and workable solutions that help your business. We can even help you identify the right target audience for your mobile app. The right target audience will make your business dominate its niche, helping you reach profitability.

Compete in the digital world by creating your business’s mobile app using next-gen technologies and targeting the right audience. We are here to help. All you need to do is get in touch with us and talk to our professionals. Discuss your needs, and let us professionals do our job.

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