How to Get Started With Online Gambling in Singapore?

How to Get Started With Online Gambling in Singapore?
How to Get Started With Online Gambling in Singapore?

This post was most recently updated on May 28th, 2022

Online gambling is a lucrative form of entertainment with a promise of big money from your comfort zone. Digital platforms of online casino Singapore offer a myriad of casino games, bonuses and cater to several payment options for a gamer to withdraw or deposit cash. The online portals of casino games typically come with more or less the same forms of games as traditional casinos.

You can bet on any casino game of your choice without the hassle of visiting a physical casino. All you need to do is to learn about the different steps to follow while starting with online casino Singapore and get yourself going. 

Now, if you are a beginner and have decided to go for online gambling, then you must follow certain rules before you start gambling on a particular site. Starting from knowing everything about the digital gaming portal to knowing when to stop, you need to learn about almost every aspect of the digital platform of a trusted online casino Singapore

Hunt for a credible site

First thing first, you must find a site that can be trusted and reliable to play with your money in question. Search for the popular sites in the first place. Portals with a certain amount of popularity are the safest and imply that there is no foul play working there. Go to the site and do thorough background research on it. The best gambling site would mean that,

  • When searched for it comes under the top chart list for online gambling.
  • It follows all legal rules and regulations stated by the authorities.
  • Is properly certified and acknowledged by the governing body.
  • Has a wide range of games to accommodate different types of players. 
  • Offers convincing amounts as bonuses and never fails to make the payments. 
  • Supports payment methods that are of your convenience. 
  • Has customer support service round the clock, and others. 
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Register by creating an account

Once you have found a trusted and reliable website for online casino Singapore that meets all your requirements, then you can go forward with registering on it. Generally, it takes very few steps and less than a minute to register on a gambling site. Just open the site and click on the registration option.

Mostly a form appears where you need to feed your simple information like name, age, residential address, email address and phone number. Make sure to put a strong password to protect it from online threats. Remember not to provide any fake information, as this may lead to account cancellation and blockage from the online casino operator. 

Claim your welcome bonus and promotions

Almost every online gambling site in Singapore offers lucrative welcome bonuses. You can activate the bonus right after you have completed the registration process and deposited funds. Typically, the signup promotions come in two parts, some in cash and some for free spins. Further, the cash amount is received only when a certain number of deposits are made. 

It must be noted that the wagering requirements often depend on the bonus amount. While choosing a gambling site, make sure to check for the wagering requirements. It is safest to pick the one which has a wager that you can complete. To withdraw your winnings, you need to complete the wager. The average Singaporean wagering requirement for online portals is 35* times of the bonus amount. In some cases, it becomes 50* times of the bonus which is a much harder bar for most players. 

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Choose games fit for you

Online casino Singapore usually hosts various types of games to play with. If the gambling site does not give you ample gaming choices, then it cannot be counted as a credible one. Video slots, dice games, card games, roulette and lotteries are some of the casino games that the sites would offer.

You can always try the demo version before betting on an actual game. Usually, the demo versions are very useful for random number generation or RNG-based games. Trying the demo mode will help you to learn a lot about the actual game. 

If you want to be sure of certified and fair games, then check for the software provider. There are some renowned online casino software vendors. Opt for games provided by these vendors and you would never be upset with your gaming experience. 

Plan your gaming strategy

If you are not bothered of winning, then just play whatever your instincts say. But if your focus is to win and win big then devising a strategy is a must. It is true that gambling in an online casino Singapore is just a mode of entertainment. But, besides the fun factor, when you can earn good through the games, then why not play it strategically?

If you do not target for winning, then you are sure to lose and losing money is never fun. So what if it is a game of slots, poker or roulette, a game plan prior to gaming is always a good idea. Different games have different approaches.

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You need to estimate your budget, find out the winning margin and the point when you must withdraw. Strategizing these points might lead you to sustainable wins. At the end of it, you must always be well aware of your approach and what exactly you are doing in your game. 

Quit, if a win is nowhere near

A thumb rule for casino gambling is to never chase losses. Whenever you are unable to win, do not be overwhelmed by it. Do not keep chasing it in the hope of a win. Just quit. Know at what point of the game, quitting is the right option. winning and losses both will be there. But you need to be aware of where the game is leading to.

Take a break from playing time to time, to gauge your situation. Not taking a break and playing blindly is a sign of being addicted to the game. That will all the more affect your game in a negative way. Withdrawing funds at the right time is also a good move. Win, take a break, work on a new strategy, come back fresh and play on a new bankroll. 


Online gambling is an easy cake for every player, if you know how to start right. It can be fun and entertaining if your approach is correct. From creating an account to withdrawing funds follow the best practice as stated above and take the benefit of online gambling to the fullest.