How To Get the Most Out of a Device Upgrade 

How To Get the Most Out of a Device Upgrade
How To Get the Most Out of a Device Upgrade
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While it is tempting to spend those big bucks on a new laptop or smartphone, were you really able to make the most out of your existing devices before ditching them away? 

Sometimes, the decreasing satisfaction with your phone is remedied by just learning a few tricks. A cleaning up and modifications can help make your computers or mobile devices look and feel new again, which can totally remove the unnecessary urge to upgrade your device

However, at some point, your device might be outdated or at the point of breaking down, or it no longer performs the way you need it to. It might be that you need better features and specifications for your job or your lifestyle, either way, this can be a clear indication that it is time to upgrade. 

Here are some factors to look into that can help guide you in making the decision whether to upgrade or not, and how you can get the most out of your existing devices before letting them go.


Computers and smartphones both offer automatic system updates to keep them running smoothly and bug-free as possible. Enabling automatic software updates allow your devices to obtain new features that will fix bugs and security issues, ergo improving the total performance of your device, may it be a phone or a computer.

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Updating Your Laptop or Desktop Computers

For laptop or desktop computers, a software update is pretty straightforward. Programs will usually notify and prompt if a new update is already available. Once prompted, the user just needs to download and install the update (some programs may require payment, make sure to read the release notes before deciding to purchase).

Updating Your Mobile Devices

Automatic app updates for Android and iOS should be enabled by default. You can check on an Android phone by opening the Play Store, sliding out the menu from the left side of the screen, tapping on Settings and making sure the Auto-update apps option is selected.

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings>App Store and make sure the App Updates option is in the On position. However, this feature won’t work in Low Power Mode. Other than app updates, Android and iOS phones have system updates that can be checked by locating the Software Update option under the phone’s Settings and making sure that the Automatic Updates option is activated.


Outdated hardware, ideally five years old and above, causes computers to get sluggish or unexpectedly crash any updated program or software, but it is not necessary for you to replace the entire computer when there is only specific hardware that has already been worn out. 

Depending on where the issue might be, you may upgrade certain hardware to eliminate an issue and improve the totality of your computer performance. Let’s say your computer is running too slow and becoming unresponsive, you might want to upgrade its motherboard or the entire CPU. 

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Moreover, if you don’t feel that it has the optimal graphics for the up-to-date software you are using, you may consider upgrading your PC’s graphics card. If you’re running out of space, want faster performance or both, you may opt to have a faster hard drive with a larger capacity. If you’re unsure whether you should upgrade or replace your computer, consult with a professional by searching “computer and tech repair services near me.”

For mobile devices, on the other hand, there are only a few hardware accessories such as earphones, charger cords, adapters, or phone cases, that may minimally contribute to the devices’ performance and longevity. But they can give your device a fresher appearance, which can help you appreciate it again. 

Upgrade Changes

Upgrading your device can bring some changes to your life. These can be short-term or long-term ones, both you should be prepared for. 

Files and Data Transfer

When you upgrade your device, one of the things that you need to consider is the security of your necessary data, including your precious photos, contacts, document files or apps. This will help you keep your files intact once you sync your old device with the new one, so transferring files would not be a hassle. 

Before your computer or mobile device goes to its end-of-life stage, making sure that your device is synced through cloud storage would provide you with the assurance that you can load up your new laptop or smartphone full of all your old settings when the right time comes. 

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Interface and Experience

Upgrading your device means either you’ll have a new system as well as hardware. The interface and its feel might take a bit of getting used to, but this is something you should not be worried about. With guides and instructions, whether it comes with it or from online sources, you will be able to use it effectively in no time. 

Maintenance and Costs

Whether you choose to go for upgrading a few parts of your computer or mobile device, or going all-in and purchasing a new one, both options can incur costs and will require you to make adjustments on maintenance.

Consider your needs and budget. Compare costs of repairs and re-assembling your rig against purchasing a new device, and see what will be a more practical option for you. It is also important to take note of the maintenance costs, whether you decide to keep and care for your old device or purchase a new one. 

Old devices can be repaired but their longevity can’t be guaranteed. On the other hand, purchasing a new device is significantly expensive. It can assure you that it can work longer, but it will also require repairs, maintenance and updates in the long run.  

Make the Most of Your Device Upgrade

Sometimes, a few care tips can still prolong the life of your digital devices and improve your phone experience in a remarkable way, without breaking an arm and a leg. However, changes in your needs can actually call for a device upgrade. 

If you are already decided to upgrade your computer or mobile device, make sure you have made the most of your previous device so you can also enjoy the seamless use your new one. 

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