How to get virtual phone number?

How to get virtual phone number?
How to get virtual phone number?
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What is virtual phone number?

Virtual phone number – is a phone number without physical SIM and carrier. It means you won’t have to buy SIM card, put your ID somewhere or go somewhere in real life.

You can just find store, pay some money (in some cases it can be free also) and buy virtual phone number for every purpose.

Virtual phone number is a very good option to become more anonymous, safety and protected on the Web.

Why do you need virtual phone number?

Every of us use phone number not only for calls or SMS traffic. We daily sign up new apps with phone number and it is a problem

If you use your own phone number to sign up an account anywhere, I can congratulate you – your phone number is not protected enough. Big apps sells personal data including phone numbers to big marketers. Also we shouldn’t forget about data leaks and hackers who can get access to your smartphone through unlocked social app.

So how can virtual number help? The answer is very easy: it will fully protect your phone both from marketers and from hackers. Even if somebody will get your fake number, he won’t be able to do anything: it is impossible to receive second SMS, and physical SIM card is not in phone.

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That’s why I use only virtual phone number anywhere.

Where can you buy virtual phone number?

There are lots of shops with virtual phone numbers, but I will recommend the one and the only: SMS-Man

There you can buy virtual phone number from all over the world, more than 150 countries available. You can choose any app or website you know, more than 2000 apps are accepted. 

Using of this service is very easy. You need only to pass easy sign up form, top up your balance with some money and that’s all, you can use service fluently.

Then just choose needed country and service and buy number, which you want. SMS will be shown under the number.

Can you buy more than 1 number?

Yes, definetely. You can buy as many numbers as you want, even for all services you use. Further I will tell you how to use it easily

How to use virtual phone number?

  1. First of all you need to register on our service, when registering please give the email address you have access to, this is necessary to confirm your account
  2. Top up your balance on the Payment tab
  3. Select the country and service for which you wish to receive sms (To view all countries and services, press the buttons: Show all countries, Show all services)
Why do you need to use virtual number?

 4. Once you have provided all the required information, all you need to do is obtain a code. When you select a service from the list, you will have a button to buy it, click on it. After that, our site will give you your number for verification in the service. Right under the number you will see your code.

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