How to order check out counters from global sourcing

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Since retailers purchasing in bulk can get better prices for the consumer products which they sell, a large number of retail stores are adopting the supermarket format. In addition to racks for displaying the products available for sale, check out counters are an integral part of supermarkets. Companies who are planning to open a chain of supermarkets would like to get the best price for the checkout counters they purchase. For this they can use websites like global sourcing which list manufacturers of a large variety checkout counters worldwide. Before searching for checkout counters the buyer should finalize the specifications of the checkout counters which they require. Some of the important features of the checkout counters are discussed.


One of the most important parameters of the the checkout counter is the dimensions of the checkout counter. Usually the supermarket will have a limited amount of space, and the checkout counter should fit into the space available. Usually a layout of the supermarket is available, and the checkout counter should be selected accordingly. The number of customers and the amount of items they will usually purchase at the checkout counter should also be considered. If the customer is likely to purchase more items at a time, the size of the checkout counter should be larger to accomodate all the items which are being purchased.

The dimensions are typically specified in terms of the length, width and height of the checkout counter. The height is usually 850 mm – 1000 mm so that the customer and staff can comfortably use the checkout counter. The length and width of the counter varies depending on the space available and number of customers.

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Since the top surface of the checkout counter is exposed to high humidity levels of humidity , wear and tear, it is usually fabricated from material which is hard and does not get corroded. In some counters, aluminum is used, while in others use stainless steel. The top surface is also powder coated for additional protection. For strength a thick layer of mild steel is provided below the top layer of the counter. The areas, especially edges which are frequently touched may be coated with plastic or aluminum, so that they can be easily cleaned. In some cases, the customer may want checkout counters which match the decor, and the counter may have wooden panels at the side.


Typically the inner side of the checkout counter has a number of shelves, where the staff can keep the items required. The number of shelves and the dimensions of each shelf depend on the size of the specific checkout counter. While some of the shelves are open, so that items can be easily kept and removed, other shelves may be closed, so that items do not fall off accidentally. If greater security is required, the shelves in the counter may be lockable. The exact design and size of the shelves can be finalized at the time of placing the order, since drawings are provided to the customer for approval.

Conveyor belt

In smaller supermarkets, the checkout process is manual and scanning of the items purchased is done manually. In this case, there is no conveyor belt required. Larger supermarkets are automating the checkout process to a large extent, the customer only has to place the items on the checkout counter, and they will automatically move on the conveyor belt as they are scanned to generate the bill. In this case, the customer has to order a checkout counter with a conveyor belt and motor for driving the conveyor belt. The material of the belt may be plastic, rubber or other material depending on the items being purchased. The exact specifications of the motor, conveyor belt depends on the inputs which are provided by the client.

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Many of the customers are paying cash for the items they purchase at the checkout counter, so a cash counter is also usually provided. Often electronic cash counters with displays are provided, so that the customer can also check the amount provided. The counter will also have a provision for keeping the billing machine, and card swiping machine for supermarkets which accept credit or debit cards, and electrical connections for these machines. In some cases, lamps may also be provided at the checkout counter for additional illumination.


Checkout counters are usually customized based on the customer requirement since every supermarket is different. Customers who are interested in ordering one or more supermarket counters from the suppliers listed at global sourcing should first browse the different models which are listed, and then choose suitable models. They can then add their specific requirement for the checkout counter. The customer can also specify the color of the checkout counter based on the supermarket design. The manufacturer of the checkout counter has professional engineers who will evaluate the customer requirement. They will offer a free design of the checkout counter using their extensive experience and send a quotation, usually within 24 hours of receiving clear inputs. The customer can then review the quotation, ask for changes, and if satisfied, place the order.

Order placement and delivery

The quotation will usually specify the payment terms, usually advance payment is required for new customers. For smaller orders telegraphic transfer (TT) payment is preferred and for larger orders , letter of credit L/C is also acceptable. The delivery time varies depending on the size of the order, smaller orders are completed within 10 to 15 days while larger orders may be completed within 30 days.

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Company profile 

While placing an order online, it is important to do a background check of the manufacturer or exporter since it is expensive to correct a mistake and money will be wasted. Specifically it is important to find out when the company was established, and for how many years, the company has been manufacturing and supplying check out counters to their customers. Most reputed companies will be happy to provide information on their customers, who can then be contacted for their reviews. For larger orders, the customer can arrange to visit the manufacturer factory, and inspect the facilities. 

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