How to protect your home or apartment with smart technology

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Security is a basic human need and the lack of home protection can have a negative impact on a person’s behavior. And this is only the psychological component of the problem. But what if a person really has something to be afraid of? It may be cash, expensive art or new equipment in the bedroom safe. Security systems solve such problems, and today these solutions are available to everyone.

Structure of the security system

First, let’s understand what a modern security system is.

The control center is the head of the whole system. Any set of modules can be connected to it, if they are available for connection by the manufacturer. Modules are connected via cable, Wi-Fi or via radio. Conventionally they can be divided into three types:

  • Control modules – consoles, mobile applications, control via GSM-commands.
  • Alarm modules – sirens, GSM transmitters.
  • Security modules – sensors, cameras, locks

Some control and alarm modules can already be integrated into the control center. In this case there is no need to connect them additionally.

Smart Home is the same security system with a control center to which the modules are connected. These devices are very close in functionality and in the future the differences will disappear. Usually in the system of a smart house you can find additional lighting, voice control, and smart outlets. Everything is connected via Wi-Fi or ZigBee protocol.

Protection against emergencies, flood and fire

The security system may include not only systems that protect against break-ins, but also those that prevent or forestall emergencies.

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All new homes are required to have a fire protection system with sensors in each apartment. But if the house is not new or a person is not confident in the performance of the fire system, you can install such a sensor separately. There are smoke detectors that do not require connection to the security system. In case of fire or smoke, they turn on the siren. They are hung as close to the ceiling as possible and work with batteries. Carbon monoxide detectors, which in addition to smoke and fire, react to carbon monoxide, also work similarly.

More advanced smoke detectors are also installed, but in addition to audible indication can send alarm information to the security system. And already the main control unit will decide what to do – to send information to the owner of the premises or the remote control of the security company.

Leakage water sensors alert the owner of the partial or complete flooding of the premises. A small box is placed on the floor in the likely area of the leak. You don’t even need to attach anything here. Just install batteries and connect to the alarm system. Timely detection of a leak will not only save the apartment from a flood, but also prevent unpleasant conversations with the neighbors from below.

Protection from intruders

Surveillance cameras seem to be an obvious part of the security system, but they cannot always be connected to the main center. If cameras are needed and the security system does not support them, you can connect a separate video recorder with hard disk recording and network access or a separate network camera. 

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The purpose of the cameras is not only to record an unwanted person during an intrusion or an attempted intrusion, but also, for example, to monitor children in their absence or to find a lost item.

When choosing a camera, it is important to pay attention to the following things:

  • Recording resolution and frame rate
  • Night time recording and IR illumination
  • Ability to be placed outdoors
  • Connection interface

For example, we have an alarm system with a network camera connection. We want to put the camera outside over the front door. The camera will work nonstop all year round. So we need night recording, IR illumination, rain protection, and an RJ-45 port. For these conditions, we will fit, say, ORIENT IP-950-SH2APSD. The model has a microphone, motion detector, and the power can be run on a network cable. We connect it to the home router and we can monitor the front door via laptop or mobile application.

If you need to monitor three rooms in the apartment and monitor the children in their absence, you should pay attention to a large recording resolution and connection via Wi-Fi, so as not to pull wires. In this case, installing three Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro would be a good solution. The camera’s wide aperture will capture all corners of the rooms, the high-definition image will find any little thing lost by children, and saving to the cloud or memory card will create a video archive with months of surveillance.

Traditional security systems use motion sensors instead of cameras, because they are a clear trigger to activate an alarm. If the motion detector is triggered without disarming the system, this is a serious reason to call the security service. It is important not to confuse these sensors, because there are the same sensors, but to control lighting.

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When choosing a motion sensor, pay attention to compatibility with the security equipment.

For some intruders, the mere presence of a camera or a motion sensor with a light on is enough to backtrack on their plans to break in.

Glass break sensors are also sold separately. They are installed next to the windows and with a built-in microphone they detect the sound of a rude entry into the dwelling. The recognition range is 9 meters. Then the information from the sensor goes to the security desk and triggers an alarm.

To quickly scare away intruders will be suitable for a simple siren. There are smart sirens, such as Netatmo. In addition to its direct function – to play the alarm loudly, it can prevent intruders. You can choose any sound that will imitate the presence of people in the house or barking dog, for example. The intrusion will be prevented before it starts. Runs on AA batteries or with a power adapter.


Today, home protection does not require the user to have a serious knowledge of network structures, protocols, skills of laying cables under the ceiling and a serious financial investment. It is a flexible, modular system where today you only need two cameras, in six months you will need a water leakage sensor, and in a year you will want smoke detectors or even voice controlled lights. Everything is set up in minutes and has a user-friendly interface. Text by https://connector.solutions/

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