How To Reprogram Garage Door Opener?

Garage Door Opener
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Learning about How To Reprogram Garage Door Opener is an easy process. Sometimes it may possible, for your garage door makes an unpleasant sound. Most of the time, the roller of the garage is dirty or the torsion spring is not working properly. If your remote control is working properly, then you can encounter these minor problems. 

Most of the time, you are using three of the most popular brands LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Genie. The garage door opener is not only convenient but it is also important for the security aspect of the home. Reprogramming the garage door opener is a simple task, if you find any difficulty in reprogramming the garage opener consult the manufacturer’s instructions. 

There is a certain procedure for reprograming the Garage Door Opener.

Check the brand of the garage opener:

When you are reprogramming the remote control of the garage. Just make sure you are using the same brand of opener. If the brand of the remote control is not the same, the remote control is not going to work. Each brand has a specific frequency and altogether different information. Carefully read the brand of the garage opener and then purchase the same brand quality mentioned on the garage opener.

Locate the learn button:

Find and locate LEARN button on the opener, sometime it is difficult to locate the LEARN button. If you have a wall control in your garage, then try to locate there, buttons may be on the remote and on the wall unit. If you are not able to locate it, try to remove the light cover on the wall unit. It may possible that the  LEARN button may be located inside the light cover. You can also use the online help just type the model name and see the description of the remote control and wall opener.

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Press the open on the remote control:

Once you are able to find the LEARN button, press it until it starts to flash. Most of the brands only need press once, but if you  LiftMaster smart remote control panel, then you need to press the button twice to flash the door opener.

Now press the OPEn button on your garage door remote control, Normally you have 30 second time limit after pressing the LEARN button and pressing the OPEN button. Try to press the OPEN button after pressing the LEARN button.

Finish the Test:

When you pressed the OPEN button, let the remote control finish the process for a minute or two, now Press the OPEN button on your remote control again. If it is working then it means you are successfully paired and programmed your garage door remote. Open and close the door three to four times, to make sure that the programming was successful.


Programming your garage door opener is a simple procedure if you are finding it difficult to program the garage opener. Then it is better to contact the technician, it may possible there is a problem with the roller or the spring of the garage opener. 

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