How to Sell a VPN

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A virtual private network is the safest bet for most people regarding online privacy and bypassing geo-restrictions. There was a time when most internet users didn’t even know what a VPN was, but today different VPNs are surging in popularity and usage. According to various types of research, almost half of the internet uses VPNs for security reasons, like securing data and avoiding identity theft. About a third of internet users use VPNs on public Wi-Fi to protect themselves from malicious attacks, while another third use it to connect to their work network.

The Recent Rise in Popularity of VPNs

These were some of the main reasons why virtual private networks are so popular these days; however, one factor that recently gave a significant push to the VPN industry in terms of revenue is the COVID-19 lockdown. With stay-at-home orders, almost the entire world started working from home, causing a sparking increase in VPN usage. During this time, users and investors also understood the potential of the VPN business and started investing in it.

Apart from this, countries such as America, China and India also recently banned apps like TikTok and PUBG Mobile; this caused many people to move towards using VPNs. For example, when Donald Trump announced the ban on VPNs, the interest of the average consumer regarding VPNs increased by 75 percent.

The Boom in VPN businesses

According to various statistics, the global virtual private network market is projected to reach around $76 billion by 2027; these numbers show how rapidly the world of VPN is evolving as new players are getting in every day to make profits. Large-scale investors, business people, and people with sound technical knowledge have started to make money from VPNs. If you, too, are one of those people thinking of starting a VPN business and want to start selling VPNs, you have come to the right place.

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The good news for you is that, at this time, you are at the perfect place to take a chunk out of global VPN revenue, and let us assure you that with the right tactics and business acumen, you can make a fortune from selling VPNs. If you don’t know exactly how to do that, we suggest you keep reading.

How to Sell a VPN?

There are two ways you can sell a VPN; the first is making your VPN and selling it; however, assuming you are just a beginner in the VPN market, we would never recommend this option. Starting a VPN from scratch requires a massive investment; you would need to buy expensive equipment that requires considerable time and effort.

Reselling a VPN is an ideal way of making money; this method is not only for those stepping into the VPN industry but also for players with some experience. VPN reselling would also require you to invest a lump sum of your money in the company, but this amount would be way less than the one you would be investing in making your VPN and selling it.

What are VPN Reselling and VPN Reseller?

If you are wondering what VPN reselling means, let us briefly explain it. As the name suggests, “VPN reseller” is simply reselling a VPN. You would buy all the tools and services required to run a VPN business from an already developed VPN company and resell their service with either the same name or by rebranding it.

How to Sell a VPN?

Finding The Right Provider

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The first and most crucial part of this process is to find the right VPN provider. When getting into the reselling business, you need a trustworthy VPN company because you want people to buy your services quickly. By choosing a reliable provider, you would also face very low downtime; this would also be a leading factor for more sales. Another thing that you would need is continuous support from the VPN company; this way, if you ever face any obstacles, the provider will help you.

Setting The Right Price

After choosing a quality reselling program, you must set the right price for your VPN. This price would highly depend on the price you are paying the provider. However, you still have to ensure that you are providing competitive prices. Your prices should be competitive with other resellers and earn you profit.

Rebranding The VPN

We mentioned branding earlier but let us tell you now that rebranding the product is one of those aspects that will help you earn huge profits. Such flyers, banners, logos, professional websites, and social pages can help.

Putting in The Effort

A good VPN provider would provide you with continuous technical support, but at the end of the day, you have to put in the effort and grow your business. You must always stay on your toes and find new ways to expand your VPN business and attract new customers. It would be best if you also thought of scaling your business while you sell the VPN; this way, you would reach a point where you wouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort.

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