How to Survive and Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm

Millions of businesses are using Instagram to promote their products and services at this point, and the number continues to grow. There’s good reason for that. With billions of active users around the world, it’s the perfect portal to bring companies and consumers together. Of course, it’s important for businesses to understand a little about how Instagram’s algorithm and how it works. Doing so can help them maximize the effectiveness of their posts and boost the outcomes of their marketing strategies. 

Exploring the Finer Points of the Instagram Algorithm

All digital programs have algorithms working in the background to make them functional. Take Google for example. Marketers and business owners understand just how extensively this search engine’s algorithms can affect website rankings and other factors. Instagram’s algorithm is equally crucial for businesses using this social media powerhouse as part of their marketing plans. It takes into account numerous factors to determine the visibility of the content being posted. 


Likes certainly factor into post visibility on Instagram. If a post garners numerous likes, the algorithm figures it’s worthwhile. In turn, it makes said post more visible to users. On the other hand, if a post goes virtually ignored, the algorithm might decide it should be hidden further down on the list. Do you need instagram likes? purchase some here if so. Having more likes could certainly help your posts gain favor in the eyes of the algorithm.

Bear in mind, though, this is a multifaceted situation. Instagram’s algorithm and the administrators behind it can detect extreme surges in likes. If a post receives an exorbitant number of likes in an unrealistically short time, that may send up a red flag and lead to negative consequences. As such, use purchased likes carefully. Exercising moderation and restraint is highly recommended. 

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Additional Viewer Engagement

Other aspects of viewer engagement can factor into a post’s visibility as well. Instagram’s algorithm is designed to look at the number of followers a business has and how many people view and share its posts. Are numerous viewers commenting on the post or heeding its call to action? How popular is other content from this company? Those are only a few of the engagement metrics Instagram uses to determine where a post ranks. 

Remember, not everyone’s feed is the same on Instagram. Its algorithm delves into whether a user has interacted with a business in the past when deciding whether to promote its posts to that person. It also looks at the other types of posts a viewer has engaged with. From there, it may show the viewer posts with similar content or information. That’s one of the reasons taking measures to encourage viewer engagement is vital. 


Relevance is yet another metric Instagram’s algorithm uses when sorting through posts. This is a complicated area because so many points factor into relevance. As mentioned, the perceived interest a specific user has in the subject of a post can help determine relevance.

Has he or she previously researched or interacted with content that pertains to the same products, events, or industry as the ones covered in the post in question? Has said user shown interest in a similar company as the one posting the content? That’s only part of the relevance aspect.

Hashtags also play a crucial role here. If a post has hashtags that are relevant to a specific user, trending idea, or other popular points, it may appear higher in people’s feeds than one that doesn’t. Because of that, using the right hashtags is important. Still, it’s also important that the hashtags being used are actually relevant to the content in the post. 

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Instagram’s latest algorithm assesses originality, too. It can detect signs that a business has borrowed content from elsewhere. If so, that content drops further down in people’s feeds. In contrast, original content is shown higher in feeds. That doesn’t mean having viewers share a business’s posts is harmful. In fact, more shares among followers are advantageous. It’s simply an effort to encourage businesses to come up with their own content to provide more value to viewers. 

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Algorithms are complex sets of instructions and regulations. Their inner workings can certainly be confusing, and Instagram’s latest algorithm is no exception to the rule. Numerous variables factor into the equation to determine where a post appears in a user’s feed. Some of them are out of businesses’ control, but companies can take an array of measures to propel their content to the top. In turn, it’ll get more engagement and more recognition.

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