How to teach kids to wear Eyeglasses

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Shopping for new pair of Eyeglasses is not just fun, but it is the best experience. It starts with an optometrist, customer-friendly staff, and a definite positive vibe. Keep remembering one thing the frame selection should be all-embracing and exciting. 

Undoubtedly, there will be some setting between you and your kid before going to the optometrist. You have to give an expression of good experience and should stay encouraging for your kid. Don’t be anxious about the upcoming appointment with the optometrist. In case of any concerns or questions, feel free to call your optometrist to get rid of all worries. If you know all processes, you will remain confident about the new pair of eyeglasses for your child. Besides, encourage your child to new pair of specs.

Several kids wear prescription specs, but they don’t know how to wear and care appropriately for new pairs of kid’s prescription eyeglasses. You should guide and demonstrate to them how to take off their new specs. Appropriate maintenance is crucial to teach your kid so that they could avoid breaking, scratching, or losing their specs. Some kids don’t wish to wear their eyewear. But parents can easily overcome this situation by showing stylish and very helpful eyeglasses to their kids. In many situations, most kids turn their practice into habits. 

Why are children unwilling to wear prescription glasses?

However, some children accept this change and wear new pair of eyeglasses with a passion only to look stylish or cool. In this situation, you can explain to your kids how prescription specs can provide them with clear vision. Besides, it helps them to prevent further eye disorders in the upcoming years.  

But for many children who find it embarrassing to wear eyeglasses and making them habitual to wearing them is extremely difficult. There could be several reasons behind this factor as scared of bullying or improper fit. 

Well, some other problems are following. 

  • Inappropriate fit:

If your kid doesn’t find eyeglasses comfortable and fit, of course, he will show more resistance to using eyeglasses consistently. On the other hand, if eyeglasses are too tight, they are again discomfort for them. If prescription specs are too loose, they would slip off frequently and can make them impossible to wear for a long time. Thus, make sure that the eye care doctor has checked the accurate size and fit before providing specs to your child to prevent these issues. Besides, you need to ensure that prescription frames has a snug-fitting on kids’ faces around the entire eye area. 

  • Fear of irritation: 

However, wearing eyeglasses is trendier, and kids wear eyeglasses without any fear. But still, many kids consider them nerdy when they will put glasses on their faces and make them different from others. Kids become upset when they see themselves as a different person from their peers. Therefore, you need to make them easy and support them in the entire process. It is necessary to care for their feeling and make them comfortable. 

  • Inappropriate prescription: 
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The wrong prescription can also become the cause kids don’t take an interest in wearing prescription Eyeglasses. Therefore, look for the proper professional eye care so that he can conduct a perfect vision test. An eye examination is like a functional eyesight test that lets the doctor recognize the eyesight issues. Besides, the doctor will analyze different tests like eye teaming, eye focusing, and accurately diagnosed vision tests. Furthermore, an eye doctor will perform some other vision tests to identify accurate prescription lenses that will improve the vision of your kid. 

Presentation kid how to wear eyeglasses?

  • Talk to your eye doctor:

While training kids for wearing eyeglasses will help your kid to understand the accurate position of specs on the eyes. In many cases, the kid has to wear eyeglasses for 24 hours. But in some cases, a child needs to wear specs while performing certain activities like reading or during school time. There are a few questions you can ask opticians or optometrists.

  • When is your child required to wear eyeglasses?
  • How to take care of the protective frame and lenses?
  • Does your kid require to wear sunglasses?
  • Can you get the free adjustment if eyeglasses become mishandled or lost?
  • Wear eyeglasses to your child by your hand:

The first time, when you get glasses for your child, you should put the eyeglasses by Eyeweb on him/her by yourself. So that he can understand the accurate way of wearing eyeglasses. Wear specs to your child with both hands and slightly adjust on both ears and nose bridge. After doing this, ask your child if he is fine with that adjustment and comfortable in wearing it. Besides, teach your child how to put on and take off eyeglasses. Furthermore, the prescription specs shouldn’t slide off else, you need to readjust them. 

  • Practice removing eyeglasses with both hands:

Help your kid to teach an appropriate way to take off specs, and he should do it in front of you. Take off prescription eyewear with both hands. Besides, you need to ensure that your child is not touching lenses even if he has clean hands. Practice many times until your child doesn’t know how to put on and take off his eyeglasses. Besides, your kid should know, where he should put his eyeglasses on his nose and between two ears that don’t pinch them. Talk to your kid and describe several steps in removing, wearing. 

Toddler parents, need to make them cheer every time until they don’t wear accurately. When they remove their specs with both hands, make clapping to cheer. Are they doing the same as you are saying them successfully? 

  • Wear your own prescription eyeglasses:

If you or another family member are wearing eyeglasses, make group activities and learn about them. The family members should make practice taking off and wearing eyewear together. Everyone should clean their specs in front of their kid. Before leaving your house, ask everyone about their specs, whether it is in their hand or not. So that your child should make a habit to hold his glasses while stepping out of the house. And even he can take interest to order prescription safety glasses onlineYou have to teach your child that place in the hard case while not wearing specs or sleeping. All these practices will impact your child that it is all normal. Besides, when your child notices every wearer is doing the same activities, he will learn more fun with wide-ranging activities. 

  • Teach your child about the rules of caring for eyeglasses:
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There are different rules that you can implement for caring specs. Tell all rules of caring for eyeglasses to your child and also remind them about rules in case of breaking eyeglasses. Teach your kids the following thing. 

If your child does not wear eyeglasses, make sure the specs are placed securely in a hard case. This situation will prevent specs from scratches or event loss. 

Wearing eyeglasses on the nose rather than on the head because this practice will make misalign them. To maintain eyewear in good condition, teach your child to keep it only on their face. 

Avoiding to touch lenses because they will make your Eyeglasses foggy. Thus, encourage your kid and make sure to avoid playing with them. 

Sports activities are dangerous activities for children and adults as well. If your kid is also active in sports, the risk of breaking or getting an eye injury is common. Therefore, you should avoid wearing standard eyeglasses while playing impact activities. If your kid wears eyeglasses to see all around, you should invest in safety glasses or sports goggles for your child. They are impact glasses and can easily stand against impact danger. Polycarbonate prescription safety glasses are a superb option for your child while playing favorite sports. 

  • Prevent eyeglasses from accidents:

Well, it is normal to adjust with new pair of eyeglasses. Thus, it is necessary to provide new pair of specs on a weekend because this is the best time to make the best friendship with your child with new pair of specs. A child doesn’t only become used to new glasses, but he can easily adjust to them. But you should need to supervise every time to ensure that your child is wearing appropriately. Besides, a child is caring accurately according to your instruction. 

Teach your kids for cleaning eyeglasses lenses:

It is essential to teach your kid how to care for his eyeglasses appropriately. However, you can use dish wash soap or cleaning solution to clean their specs. Or even you can wash them under running warm water or tap. Always use microfiber cloth because tissues and paper towels can create scratches over lenses. Designate a specific cloth for cleaning the kid’s glasses and place it in an approachable place like a bedroom or bathroom. So that they can clean by themselves when finding eyeglasses dirty with smudges lenses. Even buy wrapped wipes for cleaning children’s eyeglasses and pack them in the backpack. So that children can easily clean lenses when they are at school. 

Avoid sending your kid with rough fiber cloth to school or for some other activities. Despite the clean their eyeglasses with a shirt, the child pulls out a clean cloth and removes smudges over the lenses. Discourage kids to wipe eyeglasses lenses with rough clothes or their shirts. This practice can cause scratches on the lenses and even make them dirtier. 

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Always pack a hard case of eyeglasses in the bag of your child. So that when a child doesn’t need to wear specs, he can easily store eyewear in the hard case. Before leaving school, you need to ensure that the hard case is in their bag. Or even you can remind your child to look for a hard case in their bag so that they could make good practice of taking care of all things. 

Invest in multiple colorful elastic straps that are available in bright and funky designs. They are manufactured to fit with the temple of specs. So that they can use goggles if they cannot wear eyeglasses. Elastic straps will give a firm grip of eyeglasses around the child’s head. You can even buy from a pharmacy, optician, or convenience store. 

Speak to your teacher as well. Contact the teacher and inform them when your kid requires wearing eyeglasses. You need to discuss with the teacher if there is any problem while convincing your kid to wear specs. Thus, a teacher will ensure whether your child is wearing his specs or not during school time. Besides, make a strict schedule wearing Eyewear like Randy Jackson eyeglasses.

  • Children need to wear specs during recess. 
  • Keep a hard case in the child bag and always store eyewear in that case if not wearing.
  • Children require eyeglasses when looking at the board to make some notes
  • Train your kid how to clean eyeglasses

Dealing with a child while not wearing eyeglasses:

  • Allow your child to choose their own glasses:

If a child is reluctant to wear eyeglasses, allow them to choose a favorite frame for which they are willing to wear. Besides, encourage your kid to pick plastic frames despite wire because there are extensive options regarding styles and colors. This practice will make them excited to buy eyeglasses, and perhaps they will be less cautious about wearing them. 

  • Ask reason not to wear eyeglasses: 

There could be many reasons for children not wearing specs. If a child has become stubborn about not wearing specs, sit with him and ask problem of not wearing them. Listen to him, what the reason behind not accepting eyeglasses, and respect him. Avoiding to dismiss his feelings. If prescription specs are poorly fitted or uncomfortable, get them back to the optician for readjusting them. 

If your kid is embarrassing due to the fear of an uncool look, give a few examples of celebrities who look stunning with specs. Any main characters of their favorite heroes like Harry Potter look cool in rounder eyewear frames. Your kid will take a few days to adjust to new pair of vision, but gradually he will become used to wearing specs. 

  • Train your child to wear eyewear during activities:

Before giving eyeglasses to your child, choose any pleasant activities for which you are confirmed that your child will be willing to wear them. However, the best situation is story time while sleeping or watching a cartoon with clear vision. When your child tries to remove eyeglasses, stop that activity until he doesn’t wear them back to specs. It will give an impression to your child as activity and eyeglasses are interconnected. There are a lot of other activities, and you have to choose them that can appeal to your child easier. 

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