How to travel in Armenia

How to travel in Armenia
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When you visit Armenia it will stay in your heart forever. Armenia is a small country in the middle of the mountains. When you visit there, first of all you need to go to a car rental agency in Yerevan and get a rental car to start your journey in that beautiful country.

It’s simple enough to wave to Armenia for the weekend. You can holiday in Armenia for 1-2 weeks.

There is no sea in the country, but there is Lake Sevan. First, mountains, mountains, and then crayfish, whitefish and trout on the shores of the “Armenian Sea” with a glass of red pomegranate to the melodies of the duduk. Who would refuse such a thing?

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The following is a one-week schedule for Armenia, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Why go to Armenia?

  • Armenians are generous, apricots are delectable, and nature is lavish.
  • Traveling in Armenia is a kind of pilgrimage from one monastery to another, passing through the red, yellow, green, black and white slopes of the mountains.
  • Armenia is bright, contrasting and a little sad. The country seems to be created for romantics.
  • Here is cultural Yerevan with its classical music from the windows of jeeps, and southeastern provinces with grimy cows, sheep and donkeys.
  • Armenia has not yet gained wild popularity among tourists, so there is a chance to see unique places that every first one has not been to.

How to get to Armenia?

  • It is easier to get to Armenia by air, arriving in Yerevan or Gyumri.
  • By land, now you can come from Georgia, the land border is open to foreigners.
  • Buying a plane ticket to Yerevan (Zvartnots Airport EVN) is the easiest way to get to Armenia.
  • You can fly to Tbilisi, and then take a train, bus or minibus to Yerevan. Tbilisi-Yerevan train, reserved seat ~ 15,000 AMD ($ 30), compartment ~ 23,000 AMD ($ 48).
  • The minibus costs $15-25, it takes 5 hours and 30 minutes. Departure from Tbilisi from the parking lot at the Avlabari metro station, from the Ortachala station, from the railway station.
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Prices in Armenia.

Prices in Armenia are affordable. The monasteries are free to visit; museums and cable cars are available for a fee.

  • Average daily travel budget for two people:
  • $ 25-40 per day for two: hostels / guest houses, we cook for ourselves, we go by minibosses / hitchhiking.
  • $50-60 per day for two: average apartments / hotels, cafes, minibosses.
  • $90-120+ per day for two: apartments/hotels, cafes, car rental ($30+ per day car rental + $15 per day gasoline) or excursions/taxi for out-of-town trips.
  • $ 250-300 per day for two: 5 * hotels, restaurants, in the mountains by jeep or with individual excursions.

We multiply this amount by the number of days of travel and add the cost of air tickets. It comes out to the cost of a two-person holiday in Armenia.

If you are a completely budget traveler, plan to live in a tent or hostels for $5, hitchhike, eat apricots from someone else’s garden, then you can travel around Armenia for $10 a day or even for free.
Therefore, whenever you are in the country and want to explore incredible places, you can rent a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Armenia and start your unforgettable journey in Armenia.

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