How to Use Free Pear Deck Lessons to Improve Your Teaching Skills

Creating and using free Pear Deck lessons is an excellent way to improve your teaching skills. You can create formative assessments and slide templates for your students. You can also drag and drop numbers into the templates, which helps you create a customized template. You can also use the Student-paced mode, which lets you create your own formative assessment slides.

Pre-made templates

Adding interactive templates to a Pear Deck presentation is one of the easiest ways to engage your students. With a few simple clicks, you can add hundreds of premade interactive templates to your presentation.

When you start your presentation, you will be prompted to install the Pear Deck add-on. This will add an additional sidebar to your presentation. This sidebar contains a Template Library, as well as an Ask Students a Question section.

The Template Library is sorted by subject. For example, there is a science template. It can be found in the Science section. You will also find templates for the beginning of the lesson, during the lesson, and at the end of the lesson. You can customize the questions and add multimedia to the template.

Formative assessment slide templates

Adding formative assessment slide templates to your Pear Deck lessons will not only improve student engagement, but also provide instant feedback on how well your lessons are working. Whether your students are presenting, or if they are just doing their own individual work, there are several formative assessment slide templates to choose from.

Pear Deck, a Google-based platform, is designed to help teachers create interactive presentations. It can be added to your PowerPoint presentation, or you can create it from scratch. You can then embed interactive questions into your slides.

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Pear Deck offers a number of useful features, including polls, quizzes, and writing prompts. It also offers a lot of resources for teachers. It has a Help Videos page, a user forum, and a sample question gallery.

Drag a number feature

Among the many features of Pear Deck is the ability to use a drag a number feature to help teach your students. This feature is designed to help you determine your student’s response type. You can also choose a student-paced activity, which allows students to work at their own pace.

You can also use the drag a number feature to help you teach your students to create coordinate graphs. You can teach students to draw coordinate graphs by adding a coordinate plane to the slide.

Another feature of Pear Deck is the ability to add audio to your slides. Students can hear you speak when they click on an audio file. You can also save your work and leave feedback to your students.

Student-paced mode

Adding a Student-Paced mode to your Pear Deck lessons is a great way to engage your students. Whether you are teaching in a traditional classroom or in a virtual environment, you can use Pear Deck to create presentations that are fun and engaging.

When you create your presentation, you can select a question type to ask your students. For example, you could ask students to explain why they chose a particular example. Or, you can create a slide show-style presentation that uses drawing slides and short passages of text.

Pear Deck offers three pricing tiers. In addition to the free version, you can buy a premium subscription to add extra features. These features include Student-Paced mode, an immersive reader, and draggable responses. The premium plan also includes audio on Slides.

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FERPA compliance

FERPA, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law governing the collection, storage and disclosure of student information. As a result, school officials should be on the lookout for a number of acronyms and buzzwords. One of the most important tidbits to remember is that a firewall is an invaluable tool in the battle to control network traffic. For the uninitiated, a firewall is a physical security device that prevents outside traffic from accessing sensitive data storage devices such as those used for student records.

Despite the aforementioned firewall, you may have to sign up for a Pear Deck account if you are going to use it in the classroom. In addition, if you plan on using Pear Deck as your student portal, you may also want to sign up for a Gmail account.

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