I Can’t Update Orbi Firmware

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No problem! We are here to help! To update Orbi firmware, you first have to be sure that you have configured your Orbi in a proper manner. Yes, that’s absolutely correct! Only after configuration, you will able to update Orbi firmware.

“I am not sure whether I have configured my Orbi device in a proper way or not. I mean, I have followed the on-screen instructions in the exact given order, but don’t know if it has been configured properly.”

No need to worry! It happens! If you are not sure whether you have configured the device in a proper way or not, then the only way out to fix the issue is to reset and reconfigure the Orbi device.


Yes, reset! Don’t worry, the Orbi reset process won’t harm! Rather it will make your Orbi device brand new. Once you reset your Orbi device, you can configure it again.

Reset Orbi

Here’s how to reset Orbi:

  • Make sure your Orbi device is powered on.
  • Using a paper clip or any similar object, press and hold the Orbi reset button until the Power LED on it starts blinking amber.
  • Congratulations! Your Orbi device is reset.

“That’s it?”

It is it!

“Now, what’s next?

Configuration of Orbi device!

Setup Orbi

Here’s how to setup Orbi:

Have you downloaded the Orbi app?

“No, I didn’t! Is it important?”

Yes, it is!

“Ok, let me download the app and get back to you.”

Welcome back! Is the Orbi app downloaded?


  • After downloading the app, you have to create a valid account.
  • Once you are logged in, click “Get Started”.
  • Select the model number of the Orbi device you are using and click Continue.
  • Connect the Orbi to your existing modem.
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Fab! Orbilogin page displays.

“Now what?”

Just follow the on-screen instructions!

“Thank you for suggesting me to go with the on-screen instructions as per the model number of my Orbi device. Really, I haven’t faced any issue during the configuration. Now, I am sure that I have configured my Orbi in a proper way. Last time, maybe I didn’t follow the Orbi setup instructions as per the device model I own and due to that I got Orbi firmware update issue.”

“Now, what’s next?”

Now, you Orbi device have been configured successfully, right?

“Yes, it is!”

Fab! Grab the instructions provided below to update Orbi firmware.

Update Orbi Firmware

Connect your modem to the Orbi device.

“Wait a minute, let me connect.”

Take your time!

“How do I connect my devices?”

Using either Ethernet or a wireless source!


Launch the Orbi app, enter the orbilogin credentials and click SIGN IN.

“Done! A dashboard has been displayed.”

Fab! You are almost there!

In the top-left corner of the screen, click “Menu” (without quotes).

Select Settings or Router Settings (depending upon the Orbi model you are using).

Scroll down and click the option “Check for Updates”.

“There isn’t any update available.”

Then, what could be better than this. It means your Orbi’s firmware is up-to-date already. Whenever, your Orbi device needs an update, you will get notification. You just have to go through the steps provided above followed by the on-screen instructions.

“Thank you so much! I have asked you only a single question and you have provided instructions to reset and set up Orbi as well. You are really great! I will surely save this article so that whenever I have queries or issues regarding the same, I will open it and solve them from the comfort of my home”.

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Pleasure! There is one more important point that we would like to share with you. You might have children, right? So, you don’t want to monitor your children online activities?

“Yes, of course!”

So, without much delay, set up and install smart parental control.

“What does smart parental control give?”

Smart parental control restricts access to adult content and harmful websites as well.

Apart from this, by installing smart parental control, you can create different profiles with your own customized rules for your kids.

“Thank you! I needed it! I mean, I got more than I asked!”

Can you please help others with your feedback!

“Yes, sure!”

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