I used to work all night and have breakfast at Chankharpul


A Mars procession was organized by the teachers and students of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University on the holy day of Boishakh. Due to the Corona situation, the Mars parade was not organized in 2020. In 2021 it has been limited. After two years, this time the Mars procession is returning in a very familiar form. Cultural activists and alumni rejoiced at the news.

Actor Chanchal Chowdhury also used to study fine arts. He has gone to make a mask even before this holy Boishakh. Great time. The news of the start of the Mars procession again after two years is very happy for him. Chanchal said, ‘Holy Boishakh covers the biggest part of Bengali tradition and culture in the environment in which we grew up. On the first day of the year, people welcome the year, regardless of race, religion or caste. As a child, I used to open halakhata in shops. I used to eat sweets when I went to the market.

I came to Dhaka and saw a bigger event. On this day of holy Boishakh, the whole of Dhaka becomes one. The arrangement of Chhayanat’s New Year at Ramna Batamul in the morning is extraordinary.

Chanchal Chowdhury came to Dhaka in 1992. Immediately after he was admitted in fine arts. He used to be busy while he was a student, but when he had time, he ran away. Two years later, when the Mars procession is starting, he ran away. He said, ‘Two years have passed due to Corona. Making masks again, Alpana started drawing. When I went last night, I saw Shishirda standing and directing the students. Holy Boishakh was the ultimate occasion of our joy and celebration. I had that feeling, I wasn’t celebrating because of Corona. I met actor Pran Roy and producer Shahnewaz Kakli.

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Chanchal thinks that the message of this newly started festival should be spread all over again. He said, ‘In the next generation, the Bengali entity has to be built. The tradition and culture of Bangladesh was a time when we used to introduce ourselves irrespective of race, religion and caste, we are Bengalis. Bangladeshi. So this festival must be kept alive. Otherwise, many things will gradually disappear. Because of my age and location, I can’t do much now. When I was a student, I would stay up all night drawing masks, how much more would I do. I used to walk on the street in front of Charukla. I would work all night at any art festival and have breakfast at Chankharpul in the morning. I would work again after breakfast. The time is no longer available. Now, of course, there is no such context.