Ideas to remodel your bathroom in one day

If you are tired of seeing your bathroom worn out and old, but you are paralyzed by the idea of starting a work to renovate it, then you are in luck, because in this article we will give you many good ideas so you can remodel your bathroom in the blink of an eye.

The bathroom is a space that is used daily and is often the place of relaxation for many. But for this to happen, the decoration should invite you to feel comfortable and at ease.

So, how about giving a refresh to your old and unwelcoming bathroom in just one day and without complex works? We propose several ideas to make this happen; you can even take advantage of the black friday promotions that will be offered soon.

We know that a one-Day Bath Remodel challenge can be a very intimidating task, but do notdespair; you will see that with a little determination your bathroom will look beautiful. 

Giving your home a refreshing makeover doesn’t necessarily mean tearing down the walls. Not at all! You can give a completely new look to a room by simply adding new colors, textures, furniture, plants or decorative pieces.

So, go for it! Do a little bit of bathroom Remodeling and enjoy your showers like never before. Let’s take a look at some of the following ideas.

Add some color

Changing the color of your bathroom may not seem like much, but we assure you that the effect will be stunning. You will see that when you finish painting it will look like a completely new and different bathroom. 

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Here you can let your creativity run wild; but be sure to use light colors if your bathroom is very small, as dark colors will make it look even smaller. On the other hand, colors give a feeling of enlarging the space.

However, it is always advisable to add a little color. If you can’t paint the whole bathroom in a bright color, try to paint one of the walls, or even the ceiling.

If your bathroom is completely covered by tiles, you can use a special paint for such surfaces, or you can even choose to use decorative vinyl to paste directly on them. 

Change the floor

Changing the floor in your bathroom doesn’t have to mean tearing up all the tiles and getting into a terrible mess of work; you can lay vinyl flooring over the current floor. This type of flooring is really resistant to moisture and water, so it’s ideal for the bathroom, and it’s very easy to clean.

They are also very easy to install, so you can do it yourself; you only need a cutter and some glue.

Change the lighting

Changing the light fixtures will make a big impact. With something as simple as buying new lamps and sconces, your bathroom will have a new life.A great idea is to place a chandelier that stands out (space permitting), hanging from the middle of the ceiling, or a more modern pendant light. 

Go with your taste, always making sure it matches the overall design of the bathroom, and try new things.

Mirrors are very important

Mirrors in bathrooms are one of the biggest eye-catchers. All eyes go there when you enter the room, so their presence must be imposing. 

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Choose a mirror with an original and striking frame, an antique design, or several mirrors combined together… creativity has no limits.

In addition, mirrors also give the feeling of enlarging the space, so you can use this to your advantage. You can even put more than one mirror on different walls.

Additional elements

This step is very simple and allows you to dress up your bathroom. You can add new furniture, a new rug, plants, pictures, boxes, candles, decorative soaps, benches, chests of drawers… The options are endless really.

Wooden pieces always go very well with bathrooms, as they bring warmth. In fact, they go with most styles.

The faucet makes the difference

Something as simple as changing the faucet can make your old bathroom look like new in a matter of hours. Swapping out an old, worn out faucet for a shiny, new, modern one will make a huge difference.

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