IM Academy Continues European Outreach, Hosts IM Beyond Zurich Event

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IM Academy
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IM Academy, an online education platform that offers resources to study financial markets and e commerce, continues to focus on reaching a European audience. The Academy, founded in 2013 in New York, has since grown to reach thousands of students and offers its services in several languages. In 2022, it prioritized connecting with individuals throughout Europe who were interested in its unique educational platform.

The latest example of this effort was IM Academy’s IM Beyond Zurich event. The event was held Oct. 1-4 at the Hallenstadion. It gathered large crowds of IM Academy students, leaders, and independent business owners and included educational and motivational speeches from several members of the Academy’s Chairman level, as well as from IM Mastery Academy CEO Christopher Terry and CFO Isis Terry, the co-founders of the Academy.

With its latest European event, IM Academy is continuing its current focus on European markets, as Christopher Terry also recently concluded a European speaking tour that saw him make appearances across the continent. In addition, IM Academy hosted an IM Beyond event in Barcelona, Spain, earlier in 2022, and is planning to host another event in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in March 2023.

For Christopher Terry, IM Academy is about removing barriers to information for those interested in pursuing online  education, and this means reaching across national borders and connecting with students around the world.

“After traveling 12-plus countries during this recent Europe tour, it reoccurred to me that 90%-95% of the people in this world are still programmed a certain way,” Said Terry in a recent Facebook post upon completing the European tour. “However, as creative beings, we have a choice. We can choose the thoughts to think, the affirmations to speak, and the actions to take. We can choose whether or not we want to reprogram our mind. It may not be easy, but the growth you may experience can make all the difference.”

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IM Academy’s Message

Christopher Terry’s comments following the conclusion of his European tour are in line with IM Academy’s more general philosophy of encouraging positive self-talk and hard work. The Academy was founded to provide online educational resources that are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, breaking barriers to education and providing students with opportunities to take their education into their own hands.

The idea is to encourage an independent pursuit of financial market and e commerce knowledge based on robust educational materials. As Christopher Terry explained in another recent post, this process involves a self-motivated mindset and persistence.

“It’s time to think for ourselves. It’s time to begin creating anew. If the old way wasn’t working, you must create a new reality for yourself. Once you define this new reality, begin strengthening the neural pathways in your mind through repetition. Speak, affirm, and visualize your new reality on a continuous basis.”

For students with this mindset toward education, IM Academy offers online academies on a variety of topics, including the FRX Academy for the foreign exchange (forex) market, the DCX Academy for digital currencies, the ECX Academy for e-commerce, the TBX Academy for time-based scalping strategies, and the SFX Academy for stocks and futures.

Students at IM Academy study these topics through a mix of videos, readings, and opportunities to engage in live discussions with IM Academy educators through online GoLive sessions.

Education Without Borders

A key theme discussed throughout the Zurich event was the Academy’s goal of making education more accessible by emphasizing an online format.

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In line with this goal, several of the Academy’s latest online resources were discussed, including IMPulse, a proprietary scanner that analyzes financial market direction and momentum and distills several factors into a single arrow that students can use to help guide their study of market changes over time.

The newly launched SFX Academy was also discussed. This academy is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the stocks and futures market, as well as introduce students to more complex market engagement strategies such as Fibonacci retracement, which utilizes pattern-derived ratios to analyze charts and track pivot points in market activity.

As part of its effort to connect with new members in Europe and elsewhere, IM Academy is continuously striving to offer new resources and new membership opportunities. In addition to TBX and SFX, the Academy also launched TLX, its travel and lifestyle membership services, in 2022, and at IM Beyond Zurich, IM Academy announced a new IMpowered Bundle, a membership offer designed to provide students with a more manageable, flexible approach to studying at multiple academies.

Note: IM Academy is an online education platform and does not provide investment advice, financial services or access to brokers or live trading platforms.

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