Import plastics and plastic derivatives.

plastic derivatives

Plastics are becoming more popular in the United States. The value of US imports increased by 23% on average between 2009 and 2010. China is the largest supplier of imports to the United States. In the first nine months of 2010, $264 billion was transferred. Plastics are one of the top ten imported items into the United States. Radial tires, electronics, and toys account for most of this importation. Various key categories include plastic dinnerware and cookware, and other household items.

We accounted for 29.3 percent of total US imports of Plastics and Rubber Products in 2010, followed by France (19.9%), Mexican (8.2%), Germany (7.8%), and S Korea. (5.7 percent).

When importing to the United States, consider plastic products and plastics variants.

Importing door-to-door delivery of plastics and plastic compounds from Spain to the United States

Door-to-door service from Spain to the United States ensures that your shipment is well-controlled and secure at Ameritrans. It has the following characteristics:

• By simply providing the zip codes of your origin and ultimate destination destinations, you may acquire online quotes and make instant reservations for container shipment for your items. Ameritrans is the only shipping company capable of providing this level of service due to our exclusive technology.

• We will collect your belongings from the address you gave them and bring them to the port.

• We will deliver your goods to the appropriate US port, managing the customs clearance (excluding fees and duties).

• Your shipment will be delivered to your specified location from the port of origin in the United States.

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Importing plastics: the steps involved

The methods and requirements for importing plastics and plastic products are described here. This material is intended to inform importers; it is a basic idea for importing plastics and plastic commodities from other nations that applies to practically every country. In several nations, certain items in this group are prohibited from being imported. At the moment of the actual import, appropriate data can be gathered.

Although most processes and requirements are the same for all countries due to the Broad Agreement on Transport and Trade and globalization of trade, different countries may have their own rules for importing plastics and plastic items. More trade liberalization is envisaged for WTO members shortly, thanks to the trade facilitation agreement TFA, which is projected to be implemented over the next few years.

Importer and supplier agree on terms and conditions for the sale of imports once they are dispatched. The purchase order specifies pricing, quality criteria, payment terms, delivery terms, mode of transport, and other terms and conditions. As a result, imported cargoes of plastic and items are created.

As you may be aware, every product importation necessitates the completion of important import documentation and customs procedures, either by the importer’s shipping company or directly by the importer, following the importer country’s foreign trade regulation. Shipping entrance records, carrier’s documents (debts of long list expenses), advertising receipts, invoice and packing, certificate, and other documents required have been submitted. The required import procedures are finished to ship imported plastic products and plastic articles. Nowadays, necessary data is filed electronically, resulting in the development of suitable paperwork during the examination, evaluation, and transfer of imported goods at the target customs office.

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Maritime transportation transit times

Maritime transit of goods from the United States takes various times, depending on the cargo’s origin. International transportation from Germany to the United States’ East or West Coasts takes between 16 and 58 days (in the case of shipments from the United Kingdom, this range is between 8 and 39 days); international transportation from Latin America via the Pacific, the South Atlantic, and the Caribbean take between 6 and 58 days; and international transportation from northern and southern Africa takes between 31 and 82 days. Traveling from China takes 14 to 50 days, and traveling from the Middle East takes 54 days. Unexpected events can cause additional delays, so shippers must plan for them. It is also possible that customs clearance will take longer than expected. Clients should allow three months for their shipments.


In conclusion, importations of plastics and derivatives are basic commodities imports in us and the largest supplier in China. Ameritrans is a fast, cost-effective, and effective procedure.

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