Importance and meaning of freelancer in 2023

There has never been real development or breakthrough in a place where change is unacceptable. The lack of progress associated with monotony helps to throw more light on the importance of freelance. Monotony is simply doing the same thing over and over again. This is common with the traditional 9-5 jobs where the ideology has been programmed to suit a particular method or system. The narrative has remained the same with physical jobs after many decades of existence. Physical jobs are programmed in a way that you must leave the house every other morning and return at night. There’s no provision that allows you some form of flexibility. You do not have any chance of carrying out certain tasks from home. It’s just all about rigidity and consistent adherence to the same pattern. This is what freelance has come to change. Freelance has played a very vital role in the redefinition of work. For many people, work is only about leaving the house every morning and returning at night. These people believe that anyone who stays at home is either unemployed, lazy or idle. This is a most unfortunate mindset that has been allowed to dominate human reasoning and the attendant results have been really poor. Freelance gives you a better alternative. Freelance makes you realize that you must not leave the house before you can work and earn. Freelance has redefined work to mean that you can actually achieve so much without having to move an inch away from your comfortable home. Work has over the years been deemed painful, difficult, hard, tiring and over-demanding. The outcome is that people have resigned to managing very unpleasant and uncomfortable work conditions because they have been conditioned to believe that work shouldn’t be fun, palatable or present any form of comfort. Freelance says no. Freelance says that work can actually be fun and exciting. Freelance says that you can work in your comfort zone and still achieve great results. Freelance says that there’s nothing you cannot do if you are determined. Freelance cuts across boundaries and nationalities. Freelance makes you realize that there are so many sought-after skills that you can learn and earn from.

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You should be getting ready for a better and different approach to work by 2023. There are some ideas you should never underrate. Let’s consider some very useful information you need to know about freelance and its importance.

•Who is a freelancer?

•Freelance definition

•Freelance meaning

•Freelancer meaning

•Freelancer earning

1. Who Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual or a group who offer online services to clients. Typically a freelancer works online from home with the help of his or her gadgets. They connect with Individuals or firms who need their jobs done online. These clients are not limited to any particular country or field. These clients come from different parts of the world and they need services that are diverse in nature. These services include copywriting, transcription, social media marketing, editing, proofreading, virtual assistance and a host of others. A freelancer therefore possesses the needed skills to carry out jobs or render services in any of these fields. A freelancer can have just one skill or a set of interrelated skills. A freelancer can also possess several different skills according to their carrying capacity and ability to deliver when necessary.

2. Freelance Definition

Freelance is simply the act of working online. Freelance in layman’s terms is that job where the client and the person carrying it out do not need to know or meet each other physically. They only discuss online and the job is done online. The payment too is made online. So simply, freelance is an online business transaction. Freelance is an online work system. Freelance involves people from different parts of the world. The freelancer can come from India while the client comes from France. The freelancer can come from Russia while the client comes from Iran. There’s really no limitation in freelance. Provided there’s an internet connection, freelance will thrive. The continued existence of freelance is tied to the presence of the internet. Freelance has grown beyond just a job. It is now a system that forms part of the new world order.

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3. Freelance Meaning

Freelance operates in a tripartite system made up of the Individual or group freelancer, the client and the freelance platform. The client offers the job or service to the freelancer and the freelance platform serves as their meeting point. The freelance platform where freelancers and clients get to enjoy maximum results and attain their set goals is UpMyChain. When you join UpMyChain, you have taken the first and most important step of your freelance career. A freelancer needs a client as much as a client needs a freelancer and they both need a good freelance platform. Without a freelance platform, the freelancer and the client cannot meet. This shows that the three are very vital.

4. Freelancer Meaning

A freelancer can be a part-time freelancer or a full-time freelancer. We also have specialized freelancers, newbie freelancers and expert freelancers. Most recently, there is an emerging type of freelancer called the freelance firm. It is the duty of the freelancer to keep freelance going because they carry out the jobs and render the services that are available in freelance.

5. Freelancer Earning

There is no fixed amount that a freelancer should earn. The amount paid to a freelancer is determined by the time taken to carry out the task and the nature of the task. So basically, you pay freelancers for their time and skills. The idea makes it possible for a freelancer to earn so much. When a freelancer puts in 5 hours, you should know that they are going home with a really fat envelope. The skills that the freelancer needs to get the job done will also determine the amount they earn.

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●       The freelancer helps to spread expertise in the work system

●       The freelancer ensures that jobs are done with precision and speed

●       The freelancer bridges the gap in skills between different countries

●       The freelancer makes foreign earnings easier and pretty faster

●       The freelancer helps to redefine jobs

●       The freelancer takes a whole new part in the control of the economy

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