India’s first cloud kitchen fund and incubation company, Ghost Kitchens Pvt. Ltd. Launched in the Indian market
India’s first cloud kitchen fund and incubation company, Ghost Kitchens Pvt. Ltd. Launched in the Indian market

India’s first cloud kitchen fund and incubation company,Ghost Kitchens Pvt. Ltd. Launched in the Indian market

India’s first investment and incubation company for numerous start-ups in the arena of cloud kitchen has been efficiently launched by Restauranteur Karan Tanna and has been named as Ghost Kitchens Pvt. Ltd. Right now, the company has a major emphasis on India’s rapidly developing food delivery market and will soon incubate and invest in start-ups that pay more attention to home delivery.

When it comes to operating scalable food and beverage retail formats in India, the company has the ability to offer services including menu engineering, marketing, in-house capabilities of brand building, supply chain, warehousing, and other efficient ecosystem infrastructure. The company plans to operate with a capital of $3 million for the initial tranche. The company plans to invest in at least 15 budding brands where currently it has invested in two cloud kitchen companies with 12 operational brands and is available in nearly 50 locations.

In the coming 3 years, the company campaigns to develop an investment portfolio of 50 brands and 1,000 internet restaurants or Point-of-sale (PoS). Right now, the company has been developing a process to identify and shortlist companies that are already operating cloud kitchens with manifold brands.

Ghost Kitchens plans to invest in varied cuisines ranging from Chinese, Indian, Milkshakes and desserts, South Indian and high-quality cuisines which offer the opportunity to scale-up across India. The invested brands will be making use of the prevailing delivery aggregators to develop a pipeline for orders and for last-mile deliveries.

The allocation of special investments by the company has been planned for home chefs who desire to develop their brands for home deliveries. The company has mentioned that they wish to add value to build a good brand around a mature product operated by a passionate chef or entrepreneur.

Karan Tanna, Founder, and CEO of Ghost Kitchens mentioned in a statement that the company will offer capital growth to brands that are performing sufficient in-home delivery formats for their development towards multiple retail stores. Since the boundaries in-home delivery are small, the company also plans to offer facilities like common infrastructure, supply chain support, raw materials, kitchen premises along with marketing and administrative back up to benefit brands optimize their costs. 

According to reports, the concept of Cloud Kitchen is an exhilarating phenomenon worldwide. The arena is developing as the finest CAGR as compared to other segments and the restaurant industry. The boundaries are thin and the company believes that they can offer value to the branch by benefiting them to develop rapidly, by not only providing growth capital but also a central support system which will empower the start-ups in their quick growth and enhance overhead costs.

Ghost Kitchen is concerned with brands that cater to critical mass and also have the potential in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The company plans to take potential brands in nearly 200 cities where numerous efficient delivery aggregators are present. 

Tanna has mentioned that cloud kitchens have been disrupting the restaurant industry and that is the reason why an incubator is essential to organize the company’s growth and can be a huge enabler and influencer.



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