Industry Secret about How to Make Cheap Fashion Jewelry Look Expensive

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It’s no secret that jewelry is quite expensive, especially if you’re looking to buy from established brands and shops. The price of luxury jewelry is no joke yet the designs they’re putting out are always leading the jewelry trends.

We always insisted that jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. While some love the idea of spending thousands of dollars on jewelry, a lot of people just won’t. And if you’re reading this, we’re guessing that you belong in the latter part.

Well, we can confidently say that you don’t have to break the bank just so you can wear “expensive”, on-trend jewelry. You just have to know how to wear fashion jewelry the right way!

So how do you look the part without spending money on jewelry? Here’s our industry secret to making cheap fashion jewelry look expensive:

1. Know the Difference between Cheap and Cheap-Looking

Let us say this right off the bat: you can only go so far in buying cheap jewelry. A $1 necklace won’t even remotely look and feel like a good necklace but a $10 one can. Not all fashion jewelry pieces are made and priced the same and that will be the key to wearing cheap fashion jewelry without looking at the price.

Sometimes the price can reflect the quality of the product. So before you buy the jewelry, especially online, ask yourself —is it priced too cheap for the design show? Intricately-designed jewelry pieces are expected to be priced higher than the minimalist ones. Decide on the budget you’re willing to go for fashion jewelry and navigate your options to find the best ones.

Remember, the most bang-for-your-buck jewelry is the one that is reasonably priced and you can wear it multiple times without it falling apart!

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2. The Design Matters

There are certain designs that some luxury jewelry houses can get away with without looking tacky because they are made from the finest gems and stones available. But for fashion jewelry, you don’t really have that much allowance.

So you need to choose your designs wisely. Overall, the fashion jewelry industry does the basics well. Classic jewelry pieces like pearls, charms, chains, and pendants are staples so jewelry manufacturers that mass-produce these products are highly knowledgeable in making them look more expensive than it really is.

But the more specialized and complicated the design is, the harder it gets for manufacturers to make them look better without raising the prices. So if you want quality statement pieces, extend your budget quite a bit so you can get better pieces but still on the lower spectrum of price.

3. Smartly Style Your Fashion Jewelry

No matter how expensive or cheap your jewelry is, it all comes down to styling. In wearing fashion jewelry, there are some basic things that you should remember: the outfit, the occasion, and the things you’re going to do. These factors will be your foundation in styling fashion jewelry.

First, construct your outfit in your mind. Is it on the feminine side? Am I doing a monochromatic look? What jewelry goes best with the colors? By doing so, you have some structure as you go along. This is important because cheap jewelry can look expensive just by pairing it with the right clothes.

Next is to think about the occasion and its location. Is it formal or laidback? Are you going to the office or a casual Sunday brunch with your friends? Even the most expensive jewelry will look tacky if you wear it on a wrong day. Remember to wear appropriate jewelry pieces. If you’re unsure, it’s best to keep things elegant and leave the statement pieces at home.

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Lastly, know the activities you’re going to do. This goes hand in hand with the previous factor which is occasion. It’s considered unbecoming or in poor taste to wear layers and layers of jewelry when it’s not necessary and will get in the way of what you’re doing. Keep things classy by having staple pieces in your jewelry box that you can wear for everyday use.

4. Modify Your Fashion Jewelry

Some fashion jewelry has the potential to look expensive but is littered with so many designs that it makes it look cheap. If you really love that particular piece and it’s budget-friendly, then don’t be afraid to modify it yourself.

So if you find a pair of beautiful earrings that are classy but it includes an awful rainbow tassel —snip it off! DIY-ing existing jewelry pieces is a great way to save money and you’ll get exactly the jewelry that you want.

One more thing, there’s a certain type of cheap fashion jewelry piece that can stain your skin green due to the metal that they use. If you’re adamant about using this type of fashion jewelry (we’re not judging if the design is amazing), then use clear nail polish to coat the area that comes in contact with your skin. It’s a cheap and effective hack to avoid any skin pigmentation or reaction.

5. Mix High and Low Fashion

It’s not at all necessary that every item in your jewelry box is expensive. This is something that a lot of people struggle with, especially if they’re only starting to wear and collect jewelry.

A handy tip from us is to learn to mix high and low fashion. This means wearing anything and everything from different price points. With this technique, you’re not limiting yourself to whatever styles are available and you get to save money through wise spending.

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For example, you might want to splurge on higher-quality fashion jewelry for your everyday pieces. You can look for fashion jewelry such as necklace that won’t tarnish immediately due to sweating and can handle the beating of your everyday routine, usually you can find some gorgeous pieces from wholesale necklaces vendors online. That way, you’re not spending more on continuously buying cheaper jewelry because it only lasted a week before the coated flaked off. You’ll be able to save money in the long run and you get to wear great-looking pieces.

And if you need fashionable jewelry for special occasions, try to look for cheaper ones especially when you don’t see yourself wearing them often. A lot of people splurge on expensive jewelry that they only get to wear once before gathering dust and that’s not very economically smart.

BONUS TIP: Wear Your Fashion Jewelry with Confidence

Always remember that worth comes from within. Whether you’re wearing the most expensive jewelry in the world or a cheap trinket you got from a vintage shop – wear it with pride and the rest will follow. Even the cheapest jewelry will sparkle more than it should if you’re confident about how you look! Are you ready to absorb these valuable tips which will not only help you save financially but render instant beauty as well? If yes, you can initiate the findings of cheap fashion jewelry right away, we hereby suggest you some of the mainstream fashion costume jewelry shops online such as World Jewels, JewelryBund,  BaubleBar and Icing for your reference, you should easily find some high fashion designs and follow the latest jewelry trends and save.

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