Innovative courses

Innovative courses
Innovative courses

Dental Tutors is the first and only company in the UK to provide visualisation movies for all dental treatments, microbiology, anatomy, oral hygiene and medical emergencies.

Our goal is to educate dental students via strong visualisation concepts by incorporating a new, unique, and dynamic visual style in dentistry for learning purposes. We love growing technology, new innovations, and achievements in dentistry. Our knowledge, creativity, and originality that were blended into our visuals will help you visualise the topics and take stress off the exam.

We work in partnerships with NEBDN dental schools to help them deliver a better learning experience for their students. We provide innovative teaching tools and materials that improve the overall effectiveness and quality of the dental nurse courses.

Our team has a wealth of experience working with Maya and Unity. In addition, we are involved in Virtual Reality (VR) using Microsoft HoloLens, GearVR, Oculus and HTC Vive headsets and developing a range of interactive experiences, including “serious games”, 3D stereoscopic video, and projection mapping.

What is the advantage of visual learning?

While running our research, we have experienced and identified a real gap in dental education in this particular field. Most foreign students are choosing NEBDN courses as a first step in a dental career; this particular course is crucial and carries high responsibility in preparing future dental professionals. Visual learning has an effect on a cognitive level as it stimulates the imagination and enables people to process information much faster. In a visual learning environment, the learners use their eyes to collect visual information.

This teaching method has been introduced at Harvard Medical School in partnership with Bolinsky, and it has changed the way scientific education is taught. It became a unique, exciting, speedy, and effective learning experience for students. The dental schools usually use the same NEBDN tailored teaching model and learning materials. We think it’s simply not enough to achieve efficient and successful teaching and learning.

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