Instagram New Update More Arrived

Instagram New Update More Arrived
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Instagram, one of the first three applications that come to mind when social media is mentioned, has released a new update. Starting a new update period for the app Instagram especially recently, it has started to release new updates one after the other. After the changes in design, innovations in the field of messaging and sharing, now Instagram has started to come up with a brand-new update. In fact, the update was announced about 2 months ago. However, due to the changes made on the update, the update was delayed until now. The expected update has finally been implemented.

Currently Released For iOS Only

The new update is only released for the iOS platform for now. Let’s also mention that the biggest feature that has changed with the new update released is the ” Contact ” button. Thanks to the new button next to the profile tab, real Instagram followers will be able to communicate directly with the user. There will be no need to enter an extra menu for this. It has been made possible to communicate with the user by simply pressing the button. Apart from this, it should be noted that the update, which will add data and analysis systems to Instagram, is still not published for certain regions. It was also reported that the update, which is not broadcast to certain regions for now, will be published for all regions in just a few days. Android Let’s point out that there is no clear statement about whether the update will come for the systems.

Save as Instagram Draft

Instagram, which has started to publish new updates constantly to stay ahead and maintain its place in the race it entered with the Snapchat application, has recently started to work on the requests of users in all these updates. Instagram, which wants to keep the interest of users alive by publishing new updates according to requests from users, finally announced the save as draft update. With the announcement made in August, it was stated that users would no longer need to publish their pictures as soon as they were edited. Because with the update in question, it was stated that the pictures prepared for sharing can now be recorded as drafts and published later.

The fact that the expected update was not released after all these explanations confused them. Although it was announced in the summer months, it was stated that Instagram, which did not make any explanation for the draft feature, was finally published for all users. With the new update released, it has been announced that users can now save their shares as drafts and exit the application without sharing. To share the prepared photos later, it will be enough for the users to log in to their account. With the update in question, it was a matter of curiosity to what extent the save as draft feature would be appreciated. Because the update has just been released for now, it is not known how Instagram will react with this update.

Snapchat and Instagram Race

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Instagram is going through very bright days lately. The main purpose of social media applications is to gain more users. It should be said that this is the biggest goal of Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. It should be noted that recently, applications have released a series of updates just to increase the number of users. Especially with Facebook support, Instagram is in the last period .one of the most successful social media applications in this regard. Even the latest updates published alone caused quite a few changes in Instagram. We can see that Instagram is slowly coming to the point where it wants to be, with all these updates released to leave Snapchat application behind and become the most successful application among photo sharing applications. Well, let’s take a closer look at what updates Instagram has released to stay ahead of the race with Snapchat and what innovations these updates have brought to the application.

The Story of Pictures Feature

In fact, although it was published a very short time ago, the use of Instagram directly, a feature used by Snapchat, caused a lot of talk about the story of pictures feature. The update of the story of the pictures that has been talked about for a long time, on the other hand, has managed to be one of the biggest updates that Instagram has released recently. As a matter of fact, let’s also mention that this update is the most talked about update for now.

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Story Suggestions Update

The story of pictures feature has become one of the most talked about features of Instagram. Being one of the most striking features of Instagram in this way, the story of the pictures feature has also been updated one after the other. Because, by updating the Instagram stories feature, it has started to come to the fore even more. Let’s also mention that the new update published in this area is the update of suggestions for stories. Let’s also mention that with the update in question, users can now get suggestions for stories shared on Instagram.

Zoom Update

Let alone the story of the pictures feature, it should be said that one of the long-awaited features of Instagram has been included in the application recently. With the new update called Zoom, users are now allowed to zoom in on their Instagram posts. As the name suggests, it should be noted that within the scope of the new update published to be able to zoom the pictures, not only the profile pictures, but also all the shares of Instagram can be zoomed. However, the release of this update for iOS first and the delay of the update for Android also caused some criticism of Instagram. However, Instagram attracted attention by not making any statement in the face of criticism.

Comment Block Feature

Again, one of the most talked about updates released by Instagram recently was the comment block update. We also saw that the update, which was first announced to prevent comments from only Instagram shares, was published in this way. The update, in which the first version can only control whether comments can be made on Instagram posts, was renewed a few days ago. Let’s also mention that after its renewal, the update has now turned into a comment block in the form of word filtering. In other words, with this update, it is now possible for users to log in to their accounts and block certain words directly in the comment section. Let’s also mention that the update in question was highly appreciated. Buy Instagram comment Australia to increase the followers of your Instagram account.

Other Updates Released

In addition to all these new features, it should be noted that many small new features are offered to users. Among these, many minor updates were published, such as coloring Instagram stories and security updates. Along with all these updates, Instagram may also release many new updates in the last period. Because the news that it has started to be made in the tests for new updates has started to come. Instagram also has some official statements on this subject.

Instagram, which is one of the most frequently updated applications, has now started to gain a new face with the updates it has published. It should be said that the updates that make Instagram become much more functional and gain much more features, on the contrary, cause problems in some cases. Continuous systemic innovations with updates can cause problems for users on Instagram. A similar situation occurred after the last update. After the published 9.7.5 version, many problem messages started to come. Let ‘s look at what are the problems experienced in the Instagram Update.

Sharing Problem of Pictures

After the last update, according to messages from some users, there are freezing and stopping errors during image sharing. To solve this problem, you need to make sure that you have done the update correctly. An error in the update partition may cause the problem. The best solution would be to delete the app and update it again.

Not Using the Boomerang App

Another of the Instagram Update Problems is the inability to use the Boomerang application. If you are faced with the problem that the feature used in the story section of the pictures fails or the Boomerang section is not included in this section, be sure to check your update version. If your current version is not 9.7.5, the update is not complete. In this case, you can choose to uninstall and reinstall the update through your app store to complete the update.

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Freezing Issues,

It is not known whether the update has just been released or the update is not stable, but especially Android users may experience freezing problems after the update. It is thought that these problems will be solved with mini updates.

Instagram, which has managed to gain a permanent place among social media applications by publishing continuous updates, has started to publish more comprehensive updates in recent days. To get all these updates of Instagram, which has recently published comprehensive updates with features such as the story of the pictures, the zoom feature, the comment block feature, all that needs to be done is to update the application through the official application store. You need to update with Google Play on Android operating systems and App Store on iOS operating systems.

However, it should be said that in some cases, it starts to encounter error messages, especially in the updates made through the App Store. At this point, one of the most common problems in iOS operating systems is that the update is installed as it is being installed during the update. So, how to solve this problem? Let’s look in more detail.

  • For this process, you need to turn off your phone while in the Installing Update section. At this point, you must hold down the power button on your phone. Then you need to turn off your phone using the shutdown section.
  • After turning off the phone, you must wait for 30 seconds and turn your phone back on.
  • After the phone restarts, you need to try the update process once again. If you have a similar problem, you can also try resetting your phone.

Instagram 7.5

The biggest step for Instagram Update Problems has been taken recently. After a long time of work, version 7.5 has been released for Instagram. This published version has made changes to almost all Instagram operations. Especially when users’ obligation to share square photos was removed, version 7.5 became the most remarkable update version. Along with all this, Instagram, which changed the background, that is, the operation, brought along some problems as well as this news. These problems, which emerged with the new update, started to annoy users. One of these problems is the update problem.

There are problems during the transition to the 7.5 version of Instagram, which was previously version 7.3. According to the messages sent by the users, even if the application appears to be up to date in the markets, there is no update in the release notes. It can’t even be used in new features. We can say that there are several different methods to solve this problem. First, users need to delete and reinstall Instagram. It’s also important to restart your phone after wiping. In addition, the cache of Instagram needs to be cleared. You can do this from the Applications tab option. If you have authorized the update to the application from the application store, your problem will be solved after these steps. Again, for the most robust solution, it is useful to set up Instagram from the beginning. Because now the last Instagram application you download will automatically be the most up-to-date version. So, the problem will be solved by itself.

New Update

Users logging into Instagram encountered brand new news. Because Instagram’s update that has been worked on for a long time has come. In general, users’ Instagram accounts were automatically updated. But some malfunction problems started to come, especially for Android version users. Many users began to post in messages to Instagram in this direction.  But if there is one thing that is known for sure, it is certain that especially Android users have some problems with the new update.

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So, why does this problem occur? The general opinion is that the problem stems from the use of Room. In other words, if you are using an external operating system version on your phone, you may experience some difficulties with the new update. First, let’s explain what Room means. As you know, all Android phones come with certain Android versions. For example, the Samsung S3 mini comes with version 4.1.


Publishers can also turn off the system update of old phones for new phones. So, for the S3 mini, you no longer need to wait for Android KitKat or 5.0 Lollipop. There is also a method for users to fix this problem. Here is the method Room. In other words, the user can install new Android versions developed by other groups externally on their phones. In this case, compatibility problems may occur for Instagram and similar applications. This is how the use of Room for the new update caused some problems. These problems can usually be such as not being able to view pictures and open pages. For the solution of the problem, either using another stable version of Room or returning to the main operating system is required. In this way, you can successfully perform the update.

One of the most striking applications among social media applications is the new update of Instagram. It is not known whether it is a popular social media application besides its visual aspect, but Instagram is one of the most talked about applications of the last period. Instagram, which has already managed to increase the number of users over a huge figure of 500 million, is also trying to keep the interest of users alive by constantly offering new features to users after this success.

Instagram Via Snapchat

At this point, Instagram recently introduced a new feature used on Snapchat to users. With the new feature offered to users, the story of the pictures feature has now been activated. Just as new uses about the last update are starting, the news that Instagram will make another update came. The giant social media application will offer the draft feature to users in this update. Now, Instagram users will also be allowed to save their edited photos as drafts without having to post directly. There have been reports that Instagram has also started trials for the new update. In a way, it is a matter of curiosity when the new update, which will allow users to partially use the application offline, will be released.

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Instagram’s New Decisions

Instagram announced a while ago that it made some new decisions. The application, which previously made some radical changes while going to version 7, is now preparing to go through radical changes in many functions once again. In fact, it should be said that the application has passed the preparatory stage and has now begun to change. In this context, the first move came through the web version. Announcing that it will create more interaction environments in the web version, the application managers first added the notification feature to the web version. Adding a new dimension to the web version with this feature, Instagram started updates for the application version after this news.

But as we said at the beginning, Instagram has now started to make some functional changes. At this point, the first step was a little surprising. Application managers, who canceled the exit button as the first choice, decided to extend Instagram’s video packs immediately after this decision, and as of today, the duration of the videos shared on Instagram has been increased to 1 minute. Changing the video duration was already an expected development, but there is still no clear explanation why the exit button was removed. Because removing the exit button was enough to completely change the structure of the application. After that, it was also informed that the updates will continue at short intervals. It is still a matter of curiosity that there is no explanation as to why such radical changes were made in the operation.

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