Have Interposers vended SkyWater Technology Shares lately?

Shares of SkyWater Technology are possessed by interposers for aroundUS$ 76 million
Have Interposers vended SkyWater Technology Shares lately?
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We’d be shocked if shareholders of SkyWater Technology,Inc.( NASDAQ SKYT) were ignorant that Thomas Sonderman, the company’s chairman, just vendedUS$ 117k worth of shares forUS$9.32 per share. On the other hand, that sale only represented 2.7% of their total holding, so we suspect it has important significance on its own.

SkyWater Technology’s Insider Deals Over the history 12 Months:

We can see that Bart Zibrowski, a bigwig, vended the most shares over the time, for an aggregate of US$1.3 million, at a price of aroundUS$13.40 per share. Indeed though we generally dislike seeing interposers sell their shares, it’s further problematic if the deals are at a lower price. The fact that this sell- down passed above the most recent price(US$10.26) is a tableware filling. Thus, it’s delicate to draw any establishment conclusions from it.

Interposers at SkyWater Technology didn’t buy any company stock in the last time. Below is a visual representation of bigwig deals( by businesses and people) during the former 12 months. You can view all the specifics of each bigwig sale by clicking on the graph below!

Power By Interposers Of SkyWater Technology:

Examining how numerous shares a leader of an establishment owns is another approach to handle how nearly they’re aligned with other shareholders. Generally speaking, we prefer to see large bigwig power rates. Shares of SkyWater Technology are possessed by interposers for aroundUS$ 76 million. That’s original to 17 of the business. Although there are places where bigwig power is at advanced situations, these effects are sufficient to indicate that interposers and other shareholders are aligned.

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What do the SkyWater Technology bigwig trades thus indicate?

Interposers have lately vended stock but haven’t bought any. Likewise, indeed if we went back in time, there would be no purchases. Indeed though interposers enjoy shares, we’re still sufficiently suspicious given the once deals. We are not in a rush to buy anything! Therefore, considering these bigwig deals, we may formulate a thesis on the stock, but it’s also critical to be apprehensive of the troubles this company confronts. Every establishment confronts pitfalls, so we’ve stressed five warning signs for SkyWater Technology that you should be apprehensive of.

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