Go to Hong Kong, buy iPhone X, come back to India and save money

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The much awaited iPhone X has finally been announced with all its special features. iPhone X price in India is Rs 1 lakh which is almost equal to a trip to Hong Kong where you can buy iPhone X at a cheaper price and still save money. iPhone X (256GB) in Hong Kong will cost $9,888 (Hong Kong Dollar) which is equal to 80,999INR implying the current exchange rate. Does this mean Hong Kong is cheaper? 

Indeed, you will have those extraordinary features that you might haven’t expected to be on a phone. Super Fine front and back camera quality, Face ID security feature, Animogis. It is still not sure if the price of iPhone 8, 8 plus and X in India is 1lakh. Chances are the phone could be more expensive than expected as of the GST effect.

Take a look closer how cool iPhone X is


After the revelation of Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X prices in India, the internet is now loaded with trolls and memes.


Hey, beautiful ladies. What do you think of #iPhoneX #FaceID?


Apart from this, there is another doubt jabbing people’s mind, Why there’s no iPhone 9 as Apple has introduced iPhone8 and iPhone X?

Well this time, 10 ate 9.




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