Is 10mm Auto Ammo Right for Your Handgun?

10mm Ammo

You may be wondering if buy 10mm ammo is a good deal. This article will provide you with a brief history of the 10mm handgun cartridge, its performance in law enforcement and handgun hunters, and its trajectory. It is a very versatile cartridge that can fire a wide range of bullets.

The genesis of the 10mm

The 10mm auto ammo was introduced by Colt. It was originally intended to be used in a pistol with a 10mm chamber. The 10mm cartridge was created to deliver a powerful punch and improve penetration. This round was also designed to deliver higher momentum and energy. However, the pistol was not a success. After a series of malfunctions, the company filed for bankruptcy. In the end, the company never produced more than 1,500 pistols in the 10mm caliber.

In the early 1980s, the 10mm Auto was created by Col. Jeff Cooper, a marine and a firearms instructor. He envisioned a combat pistol round that would produce higher velocity and maintain accurate firepower beyond 50 yards. Initially, the 10mm Auto was one of the most common cartridges, but by the mid-1980s, it had fallen out of favor with law enforcement and was no longer manufactured.

Its performance in law enforcement

Compared to most handguns, the 10mm Auto cartridge is a powerhouse when it comes to performance. The bullet’s velocity can reach 1,300 to 1,600 fps, and its muzzle energy can reach 750 ft-lb. This means that it will retain more energy at 100 yards than most. In fact, it can even surpass the performance standards of the powerful.357 Magnum cartridge and almost meet the.41 Magnum.

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The good news is that 10mm auto ammo is available from a variety of manufacturers. Winchester, for example, still makes a high-grade version of the Silvertip JHP, and Hornady offers its Critical Duty line for the caliber. SIG Sauer also offers a V-Crown JHP in 10mm Auto, which averages 1,168 fps. While this ammo is a bit warmer than comparable.40s, it’s still in the range of performance in full-size Glocks.

Its popularity with handgun hunters

The 10mm Auto round is becoming a favorite among handgun hunters and shooters alike. Its high pressure and tendency to run hot make it a great choice for semi-automatic handguns. Originally developed for handguns in the early 1990s, the 10mm Auto rounds are becoming increasingly popular with the self-defense market as well.

The 10mm cartridge and 5.56 ammo offers excellent accuracy at long ranges and enough power to take down a large game. It was originally developed for use by special operations forces and governments to fight urban guerrilla warfare. This ammunition has a long, colorful history and is now becoming popular with handgun hunters and other shooters.

Its trajectory

If you want to learn how to shoot the 10mm auto ammo, you’ll want to buy a pistol that shoots it. For that, you can buy the Bren Ten pistol or the Smith & Wesson Model 610 Classic from a legit ammo store. Both are.40 caliber and both are very accurate. You should be able to find them online.

This cartridge is intended for use in defense and hunting same like the 7mm-08. In fact, it is one of the few semi-automatic rimless cartridges that is legal for hunting white-tailed deer. Bulk Cheap Ammo is a great resource to purchase this ammunition. It allows you to compare prices from various retailers and make the purchase process quick and easy.

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