Is AI better than machine learning? A guide.

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Man has always been fascinated with robots being able to act and think as humans do. There has been quite a constant buzz in recent years about machines learning and evolving into artificial beings able to simulate a human’s physical and intellectual functions. Movies that fuel the imagination, such as I, Robot, starring Will Smith, show a robot that thinks and learns like a human being and is capable of reasoning and asking questions. 

Another is the famous Terminator movie series led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, wherein a robot was sent from the future to hunt down a certain individual. The terminator robot learns and adapts to the changes of the time and environment it was sent to and performs acts such as learning to drive a car or mimic voices to deceive and lure the person it is hunting. 

These movies exhibit machines with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This article will compare ai vs machine learning and tell you which is better.

As far as we know, we still have a long way before we get to the kind of advanced artificial intelligence we see in movies. But how can machines function and perform tasks as if they had their brains? We must first define artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer this question.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a set of algorithms programmed into a machine for it to act like it has a human cognitive function. It makes the machine perform complex tasks independently and make decisions without the help of human supervision. This requires feeding the computer or machine with large amounts of data and turning it into AI models. 

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The AI-equipped machines perform tasks such as finding errors in the freshly applied paint and returning the part for paint correction, picking and transporting parts from the warehouse to a specific assembly area while avoiding obstacles, examining the integrity of the welds on sheet metal, and correcting the faults. 

One common example of applied artificial intelligence can be found in the manufacturing industry, where a few decades ago, you would only see humans on the assembly line. Nowadays, you will see fewer human workers in certain industries since machines have replaced them. This is due to several advantages for the manufacturing company, such as cost savings, faster output and more precise performance of tasks, and fewer accidents, to name a few. 

Humans are replaced because they can get tired, make mistakes, have mood swings, and are paid for overtime and other expenses charged to the company. Humans also tend to have attitudes and may disagree with management causing conflict, while a machine only exists to perform tasks inputted into its system. 

As long as it is turned on, these artificially intelligent machines never complain or need assistance. The downside for devices is that they will need maintenance from time to time, and they have lots of moving parts that can malfunction or wear down. 

One machine breaking down may be catastrophic to the manufacturing process and can halt operations. It is also easier to upgrade a machine than a human who needs to go back to school to learn.

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Artificial intelligence is another form of artificial intelligence. Have you heard of Google’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri if you have a smartphone? These are convenient and easy to use. You can command them to search for the meaning of a word, ask for movies showing at your local cinema and their schedules, and turn on your home security system.

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Machine learning, on the other hand, is merely considered a subset of artificial intelligence. It is not separate, equal to, or even more significant than AI.

Machine learning allows a machine to improve its knowledge and decision-making as time progresses and the more data it acquires. So, in simpler terms, the machine can combine the old data with the newly acquired data and automatically adapt the changes for decision-making purposes.

A machine imbued with artificial intelligence is a smart machine able to perform tasks and functions independently. In contrast, the aspect of machine learning is the ability the machine has to develop the intellect it was given to make crucial decisions based on the combination of old and new data. Mere artificial intelligence limits a machine from performing certain tasks, but with machine learning, it can process more information and act accordingly to the given situation.

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Which is better, artificial intelligence or machine learning? For one, machine learning can not exist without artificial intelligence. It’s like asking which is better, the tree or branch, with AI being the tree and machine learning the branch. You must understand that there is no machine learning if there is no artificial intelligence. Machine learning takes artificial intelligence a step further. 

So with that said, it would depend on the application. You have to consider what it is you need between the two. Some applications only need to go as far as making use of artificial intelligence, while others are more complicated and would require machine learning. 

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Now, having only artificial intelligence in a machine that needs machine learning would deem it inadequate, while having machine learning in a device that only requires artificial intelligence can be considered overkill.

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