Is Boiler Maintenance Actually Worth It? Let’s Find Out

Boiler Repair Acton
Boiler Repair Acton

We are halfway through the sunny season and as time keeps flying, we will be meaning winters soon. And with that being said, we all want our boilers and heating systems to be working appropriately whenever the cold days pave their way into our lives.

Regular Boiler Repair Acton or regular maintenance is essential to keep your heating systems functioning smartly, throughout the year. You want to make sure that your boiler is running fine all around as many people require warm water, during summers.

The majority of people usually wait for a boiler breakdown to call in the boiler repair Chelsea experts. This is a wrong approach as it can significantly decrease the longevity of your heating system. Therefore, to make sure that it lasts long and its performance remains epic, you must pay attention to regular maintenance.

Reasons why Boiler Maintenance is Important:

Looking after your boiler is important. But at the same time, scheduling annual professional maintenance is also critical. It is recommended that you get your boilers checked internally at least once every year, by boiler repair in Acton specialists. But why, you might ask? Let’s find out.

1.   Extending the Lifetime of your Boiler:

Buying a new boiler is a huge investment. And if you take care of it, it will easily last you 10-15 years. That being said, professional maintenance can play a huge role in this aspect. Experts come in to inspect the boiler from the inside out.

They can catch up on any severe issues that might be hiding silently within. Moreover, they clean the boiler from the inside perfectly to make sure that it runs smoothly. All of this adds up to its performance and makes it last longer too.

Boiler Repair Acton
Boiler Repair Acton

2.   Reduced Risks of Carbon Monoxide Leakages:

With regular maintenance, you also reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leakages. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of all boilers. This gas is the major reason why boilers come with exhaust pipes.

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Although this is an odourless gas, a small leakage can be extremely problematic. It is hard to identify as it has no smell but can be extremely dangerous for your family. Therefore, with regular maintenance, you can easily pick up on any signs of leakage and get them fixed by Boiler Repair Chelsea experts.

3.   Low Energy Costs:

A boiler in need of repair usually spikes up your energy bills. And many times, we avoid the increase in the bills until and unless the boiler breaks down. Thus, if you notice a sudden rise in your energy bills, it is best to call in a professional team and get the issue resolved.

They can identify the dilemma and get your boiler running within no time. Also, remember that a finely running boiler doesn’t cost you a lot. The bill is quite moderate. And many options in the market have low energy consumption features as well now.

4.   Better Efficiency:

We all want our boilers to be efficient and produce hot or warm water throughout the year. A poorly maintained boiler will gradually stop producing hot water. Moreover, the water pressure will also decrease significantly.

If you start noticing these issues, it is recommended that you reach out to the experts like AOS Boilers. Even if your boiler is fine, having annual maintenance can help you reduce the chances of poor efficiency.


Maintaining your boiler is important. And although we must take regular care steps on our own too; getting a professional maintenance checkup, once or twice per year is crucial. Do not overlook the need for an expert checkup as they can identify issues that you might not.

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Therefore, get in contact with ASOS Boilers can schedule your maintenance right now. It is extremely helpful in increasing the lifespan of your boiler and maintaining its performance.