Is Entertainment the Best Way to Learn About Other Cultures?

Is Entertainment the Best Way to Learn About Other Cultures?
Is Entertainment the Best Way to Learn About Other Cultures?
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Thanks to the internet and the rise of online leisure platforms like Netflix, it’s now possible to access a wide range of entertainment offerings from countries around the world. Non-English speakers have often used TV shows and films from the USA and the UK to learn the language and now this method is available for people who want to learn other tongues aside from the lingua franca.

By experiencing a range of entertainment from the culture you want to learn about, it’s possible to pick up subtle nuances in the way people think and behave.

English Entertainment Has Long Helped Second-Language Learners

Past research has found that many people who are trying to learn English in non-English speaking countries have often turned to popular entertainment options for help. Friends, for example, has been broadcast in more than 100 countries and the American sitcom has helped millions pick up the lingo.

The internet brought about an increase in options for second-language learners, who can now study aspects of other dialects away from the New York-based characters of Friends. Content from the UK can help more people learn about the many colloquialisms that those who grew up in the country are familiar with.

Online bingo has proven a great way to do this, as the quintessentially British pastime has plenty of its own words and phrases. There are free bingo games online that give players a chance to hear all the classic calls, and these are accompanied by typically British-named rooms like Cheap as Chips and Pinch a Penny.

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Now More Cultures Around the World are Gaining International Recognition

Until recently, different countries around the world would broadcast their own entertainment alongside some English options like Friends. However, with the rise of streaming platforms, people are no longer limited to viewing in two languages. Indeed, they can choose content from all over the world.

There are many top Spanish series that are now gaining international acclaim, with Money Heist being a prime example. South Korean content is on the rise as well, with Squid Game the most successful series in Netflix’s history. Users of the streaming service can also find movies and series from India, Nigeria, Thailand, China, and many other countries around the world. This could mean that other cultures and languages alongside English are gradually gaining international recognition.

Series and Films Give Insight Into How People Behave

Watching series and films from different countries can help viewers learn the language. But they also serve to highlight the cultural differences in the way people behave. Characters will think and act in diverse ways across all these international offerings, and it can be insightful for viewers who want to understand how people around the world differ.

Entertainment offerings can be advantageous for people who are planning to visit a certain country. By experiencing a lot of content from the destination before travelling, tourists will know how to assimilate with a new culture and create rapport with people there.  

It may sound like a cliché, but entertainment is a great way to bring people together. It can help everyone around the world understand one another’s differences and unique aspects. Thanks to the internet and the wider availability of international content, it’s now easier than ever to learn about other cultures through movies, series, and games.

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