Is Paintball Good Exercise?

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Paintball games are fun and exhilarating to play with your friends and family. Paintball games are action-packed games that are great stress relievers. Not only that but playing paintball has many health benefits.

Full Body Workout

Believe it or not, playing paintball works as a full-body workout, because playing works every muscle simultaneously. Paintball games can include sprinting, crawling, and shooting. These three movements alone help with building leg muscles from sprinting frequently, abs working from crawling, and lastly, holding the gun throughout the day can strengthen arm muscles.

Paintball increases Endurance

When you play paintball, the overall experience of the game creates a great workout that will boost endurance and stamina levels, this is because of the time spent on the field and moving constantly.

Paintball increases Strength

Paintball is considered a physical sport like football or basketball. Moving around in paintball is the key to winning, as the opposition team can ambush you if you stay in the same spot for too long whereas, moving around the enemy team will struggle to pinpoint a location on you.

Carrying the overalls, the gun – which weighs about 2–3kg – along with the helmet and ammunition, throughout the day can become heavy but it’ll work your arm muscles and leg muscles, increasing strength.

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Switches up Regular Workouts

As mentioned previously, playing paintball is a fun and exhilarating game that has many health benefits. For those who go to the gym regularly, after a while the sessions may feel boring and repetitive, but paintball is a fun game that keeps the adrenaline going throughout.

Each time playing a game of paintball will give you the same feeling every time you play.

Also, paintball is great for people who want to do workouts with their friends and have fun whilst doing so. Playing paintball switches up your regular workouts and creates a fun and dynamic way to relieve stress.

Playing Paintball is great for health and weight loss 

Paintball helps players lose weight and the intense exercise that is gained from paintball can help sleep patterns as well as boost metabolisms. Also playing paintball can release endorphins that will improve your mood. Playing paintball games regularly can reduce the risk of depression, blood pressure and heart disease.

Due to paintball games being so action-packed, it is estimated players burn 7 calories per minute or 420 calories per hour.

It’s Healthy to be Outdoors

Paintball games are made to be outdoors, and spending time outdoors can improve your health and mental health massively. Being outdoors improves and revitalises your Vitamin D as well as your immune system.

Taking part in regular activities can improve memory, sleep better, and relieve stress. Paintball games outside will improve morale and mental health. Taking part in physical activities can also boost confidence too.

Increasing Skills and Confidence

Playing paintball at first can be difficult but over time, you’ll pick up on newer and better skills as well as gain more confidence in your gameplay ability. Paintball is a team-building game and is why many paintball businesses offer group packages like Cooperate work activities, hen and stag parties and more.

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As mentioned before, paintball is a team-based game and companies will play paintball for cooperative teambuilding activities as unique ice breakers. This is a great way to talk to new people and become more friendly with each other as you discuss tactics. Doing activities like this as a team will boost morale in the office also.

Relieves Stress

Paintball is a perfect way to relieve stress without hurting yourself. Paintball games can also remove any mental stress and create a sense of calmness and elevation of euphoria every time a game finishes.

Have fun

Lastly, have fun as paintball is a fun game for everyone to play. Playing paintball will improve general life skills like team building, leadership skills and most importantly gaining confidence in yourself.

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