Top 10 IT Companies in Bangalore
There are numerous IT organizations in Bangalore utilizing over 1,000,000 individuals; making it the IT capital of India. Frequently known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore (Bengaluru) houses tech monsters like Infosys, Wipro, Google, and Unicorn new companies like Byju's, Swiggy, Ola Taxis, InMobi, and so forth The IT and Programming organizations in Bangalore are the fantasy objections for individuals hoping to begin their profession in the tech field.

Top 10 IT Companies in Bangalore [2021]

There are numerous IT organizations in Bangalore utilizing over 1,000,000 individuals; making it the IT capital of India. Frequently known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore (Bengaluru) houses tech monsters like Infosys, Wipro, Google, and Unicorn new companies like Byju’s, Swiggy, Ola Taxis, InMobi, and so forth The IT and Programming organizations in Bangalore are the fantasy objections for individuals hoping to begin their profession in the tech field.

Being the silicon valley of India, Bangalore has unquestionably the mainstream and most noteworthy tech/IT organization on the planet.

By far most who move to Bangalore end up being exuberant for a seriously long time in the city considering the work openings.

In the course of recent years, IT regions in India created at a giant level since Indians are very much talented in IT-related limits.

Nowadays, Bangalore transformed into the middle point for a couple of significant IT beasts and it is additionally called the silicon valley of India. To give you a predominant explanation.

List of Top 10 IT companies in Bangalore


The Enormous Weapon in a town of huge firearms, Infosys needs no presentation. With advantages like medical care protection and normal hands-on preparation, Infosys is considered among the best IT organizations in Bangalore that are particularly tuned towards making a happy and profitable environment for any fresher.

Infosys was established in the time of 1981. Infosys isn’t so much as one of the famous IT organizations in Bangalore yet additionally in Asia. It has settle and the training focus is in Bangalore.

They are the overall pioneers having customers in more than 45 countries with a size of 10,001+ representatives and they offer kinds of help like – IT plans, BPO, Designing Administrations, cloud administrations, Man-made reasoning, and Bigdata.


Established in 1945, Wipro’s administrations range the array of IT arrangements, registering, and business measure arrangements. Broadly worker-driven, Wipro gives learning encounters in a few orders and verticals while permitting sidelong development to allow freshers to comprehend their actual potential as they work in Bangalore.

Wipro is a famous overall data innovation, directing, and business measure administration affiliation.

They go through additional to date progressions, for instance, cloud, mechanical innovation, Hyper-computerization, and intellectual figuring to help their clients.

They offer administrations like cloud administrations, compactness, framework the board, BPO, guiding, item and designing administrations, and programming application the executives.

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Three letters that truly need no presentation. A very long time as an industry chief has made an authoritative construction intended to support the mixing of verticals, which guarantees that a sound and adjusted information base is standard on course regardless of where one joins.

Add to that a cautiously curated balance between serious and fun activities, and any fresher will just take off further and higher.

IBM suggests Worldwide Business Machines Company and they are addressed impressive experts in the plan, coding, counseling, and significantly more.

IBM is the principal cloud structure organization that was set up in the year 1911 and now today it is having more than 350000 representatives serving clients in more than 170 countries.

They offer kinds of help like the web of things, innovation maintains, structures administration, exchange, experience arrangement, examination, and cloud administrations.


Cisco was established in 1984. It is the greatest organization equipment and media communications organization.

They led the possibility of Neighborhood (LAN) used for interfacing laptops over the multiprotocol switch framework.

The IT organization is now headed by Toss Robbins and has 7 workplaces in Bangalore.

A worldwide monster in systems administration arrangements, Cisco is setting new norms in worker fulfillment, not just among the systems administration and IT organizations in Bangalore however in the entire business.

Based upon a system of top tier accreditations and practically fanatical confidence in advancement, Cisco is one of the product and systems administration organizations for freshers


Mindtree was established by ten IT specialists in 1999, by and by headed by RostowRavanan.An Indian overall IT and re-appropriating organization. Its settlement is in Bangalore, India, and New Jersey, USA.

Mindtree has a total of 20,204 workers and has 43 workplaces in 17 countries, having a massive presence in Bangalore.

Main IT administrations and IT counseling firm. The organization is an arrangements supplier in projects going from distributed computing and information investigation to versatile applications and distributed computing. Known for its tutoring framework, freshers in this IT/programming organization will take extraordinary steps in the learning experience here.


Accenture was established in the time of 1989. Its settle is in Bangalore. It is one of the top IT organizations in Bangalore, India.

It was initially started in Ireland, offering a unique administration like Consultancy, innovation, structure, framework reconciliation, BPO, and foundation re-appropriating. They are serving more than 505,000 people in at least 120 countries

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Accenture is a worldwide expert administration organization with driving abilities in computerized, cloud, and security. Consolidating unrivaled experience and concentrated abilities across in excess of 40 enterprises, we offer System and Counseling, Intuitive, Innovation, and Activities benefits—all controlled by the world’s biggest organization of Trendsetting innovation and Keen Tasks communities.

Their 500,000+ individuals follow through on the guarantee of innovation and human resourcefulness consistently, serving customers in excess of 120 nations. They embrace the force of progress to make esteem and shared accomplishment for customers, individuals, investors, accomplices, and networks.


The biggest data set programming and innovation organization in the world, Oracle. Its central command is in Redwood Shores, California, and working under the bearing of Larry Ellison. It is the third-greatest programming organization by pay.

Among the top IT organizations in India, Oracle has 10 workplaces in Bangalore that are masterminded in districts to be explicit Marathalli, CV Raman Nagar, Bannerghatta Street, Whitefield, External Ring Street.

They’re a cloud innovation organization that furnishes associations all throughout the planet with processing foundation and programming to help them advance, open efficiencies and become more viable. They additionally made the world’s first – and just – self-governing information base to help sort out and secure clients’ information.

Oracle Cloud Foundation offers better, security, and cost reserve funds. It is planned so organizations can move jobs effectively from on-premises frameworks to the cloud, and among cloud and on-premises and different mists. Oracle Cloud applications furnish business pioneers with present-day applications that assistance them enhance, accomplish practical development, and become stronger.


Capgemini was established in 1967. Capgemini is an overall pioneer in innovation, counseling, progressed advanced change, and planning administrations and worked in commitment organizations like man-made brainpower, business data the executives, application The board, custom arrangements improvement, rethinking, directing, and computerized administrations

Capgemini established as a startup 50 years prior. Today it is one of the main global organizations that convey counseling, innovation, proficiency, and reevaluating administrations. It offers types of assistance in IT counseling, overseen administrations, and custom programming advancement

Capgemini is a worldwide forerunner in joining forces with organizations to change and deal with their business by saddling the force of innovation. The Gathering is guided ordinarily by its motivation of releasing human energy through innovation for a comprehensive and practical future. It is a mindful and different association of 270,000 colleagues in almost 50 nations. With its solid long term legacy and profound industry mastery, Capgemini is trusted by its customers to address the whole broadness of their business needs, from technique and plan to activities, energized by the quick advancing and inventive universe of cloud, information, artificial intelligence, network, programming, computerized designing and stages

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Tata consultancy services Limited(TCS) is quite possibly the most settled Indian Worldwide Data Innovation benefits and counseling organization got comfortable in Mumbai, Maharastra. This association is immaculately directed by Rajesh Gopinathan.

It is the greatest Indian organization by market capitalization and comes among the top IT organizations brand across the world.

TCS is perhaps the most notable IT organization in India and put among the most significant IT administration brands around the world. The organization offers administrations like versatile applications, Web of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Arrangements, Undertaking Applications, Mechanization and man-made intelligence, and some more. It was established in 1968 and now works in 149 areas across 46 nations.

A reason drove association that is building a significant future through development, innovation, and aggregate information. We’re #BuildingOnBelief.

A piece of the Goodbye bunch, India’s biggest global business bunch, TCS has 4,50,000+ of the world’s best-prepared advisors in 46 nations. The organization is recorded on the BSE (in the past Bombay Stock Trade) and the NSE (Public Stock Trade) in India.

TCS’s proactive position on environmental change and grant-winning work with networks across the world have acquired it a spot in driving maintainability lists like the Dow Jones Manageability Record (DJSI), MSCI Worldwide Supportability List, and the FTSE4Good Arising List.

ITC Infotech India Ltd

ITC Infotech is an innovation arrangements supplier that empowers future preparation for its customers. Known as a representative-driven association, freshers in this IT organization will discover various learning encounters across the line and from receptive senior management.

Touching a huge number of lives utilizing innovation

ITC Infotech is a worldwide innovation arrangement and administration pioneer giving business-accommodating arrangements, that empower future availability for customers. We consistently unite computerized ability, solid industry explicit collusions, and profound area skills from ITC Gathering organizations.

Our answers and administrations are centered around Banking and Monetary Administrations, Medical care, Assembling, Purchaser Products, Travel, and Neighborliness.

ITC Infotech is a completely possessed auxiliary of ITC Ltd, one of India’s most appreciated organizations.



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