Top 10 IT Companies in New York

Top 10 I.T Companies in New York
Top 10 I.T Companies in New York

This post was most recently updated on February 9th, 2023

Do you want to find the Top 10 IT (Information Technology) based companies in New York?

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, we all live in an age driven by I.T. Businesses are paying billions of dollars to gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the ever-changing dynamics of the digital landscape.

 After all, you must hire the best developers to remain relevant in today’s instantaneously changing technology scenarios. And this has got me thinking about bringing out the top IT companies in New York that are reinventing the global revolution. 

Thats Why I have curated a list of the top 10 I.T companies in New York

It is certainly an interesting search – to help you with the right I.T. companies and approach, I have established a framework or scrutinized criteria for channeling the leading I.T. company in New York. (Scroll to find out more) Hopefully, this blog will greatly help you get to the right destination.

 In the same way, we highlight the main I.T. investors in your New York, who are leveraging I.T. for a better future for all of us who are part of us. To help you with the right I.T. development company and approach, I have established a framework or scrutinized criteria to channel to the leading I.T. company in New York. 

 Hopefully, this blog will greatly help you get to the right destination. In the same way, we highlight the main I.T investors in your New York, who are leveraging I.T / ML technologies for a better future for all of us who are part of us.

The following list has been curated and evaluated based on imperative parameters that act as indicators for the successful launch of your project. – Customer Google Rating and Organic Ranking Summary – Full Money Back Guarantee – Goodfirms, Clutch, and Glassdoor Customer Reviews – Diversified Portfolio – Technical Expertise in Latest Software Trends – Customer Retention Rate of the company – Total number of successful software projects – Personally speaking with their clients – This is the list of the top 10 I.T Companies in New York

Unity Group

Unity Group was founded in Poland and has been perfecting delivery of IT services

Unity Group was founded in Poland and has been perfecting the delivery of IT services and technology solutions to medium and enormous companies for over 20 years. With over 220 employees, Unity Group provides its clients with custom software development, Kentico-based implementations, IT systems integrations, machine learning and business intelligence solutions, master data management, omnichannel strategy and e-commerce solutions development, legacy system transformation, and digital transformation guidance.

This firm has good rating and reputation that’s why we placed him in the top 10 IT companies in new york. 

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Unity Group designed and implemented a system that supports business processes at the interface between the producer, the importer, and therefore the vehicle dealers by most brands of Volkswagen Group Polska (VGP).

“The Anypoint Platform solution and Mule Enterprise Service Bus, maintained and developed by Unity Group, are an important part of our IT architecture. Moreover, they underpin our efforts toward digital transformation. Our long and fruitful cooperation with the corporate makes us recommend Unity Group as a responsible and competent partner.” – Manger of IT Integration, Volkswagen Group Polska.

Former Clients

Volkswagen, Tesco


SADA SYSTEMS is a Top 10 IT Companies in New York

SADA Systems, with a team of 350+ employees, is a software consulting agency founded in 2000. SADA Systems is headquartered in new york with an office in Washington. The agency helps a spread of clients with their cloud consulting and system integration, IT strategy consulting, and software development needs.

SADA Systems took a product and customised it specifically for a agency. After the primary year of implementation, the event work has led to a rise in investment. the govt agency appreciated that SADA Systems modified their approach to suit the client’s needs.


“SADA Systems was very flexible and helped us through any difficulties.” – Manager, City Transportation Authority

Former Clients

Colgate, Papa Johns, Virgin Mobile


BLUEWOLF is a top IT company

Bluewolf may be a global Salesforce consulting agency based in new york, with offices in San Francisco , Boston, Atlanta, and London. Founded in 2000, their team of about 1,200 employees provides services for enterprise and mid-market businesses. They concentrate on CRM consulting, IT-managed services, system information, and cloud consulting.

With Experience of 21 years in this company and the whooping strength of 1200  employees This company cross many milestones in IT development and is one of the best I.T companies in new york  


Bluewolf designed marketing automation tools for a solar array manufacturer supported by the Eloqua platform, together with the client’s Salesforce CRM system. They act because the bridge between the 2 systems to supply custom solutions.

“I can tell you that we’ve definitely reduced costs. They’ve performed alright overall.” — Global Online Marketing Manager, solar array Manufacturer.


Stanley Black & Decker, Lenovo, Nuance, American Red Cross


Clarkston Consulting, founded in 1991 is a

Clarkston Consulting, founded in 1991, maybe a global business consulting company headquartered in Durham, N.C. the corporate has additional offices in Bridgewater, N.J.; Chicago; Atlanta; Roanoke, Va., and Novi, Mich. the corporate has quite 350 employees who concentrate on ERP Consulting and SI, digital strategy, and IT strategy consulting. They mainly work with enterprise businesses, also as some mid-market companies, within the consumer products & services, health care & medical, and retail industries.

Clarkston Consulting is one of the best and oldest IT company in new york

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Clarkston Consulting provided consulting services to a food distributor. The client needed help with a business transformation. the corporate provided advice and helped the client select a replacement ERP, SAP HANA. Additionally, they suggested areas of improvement for the client and helped complete some backlogged projects. The client was satisfied with Clarkston Consulting’s services.

“We accomplished our goals and selected the new ERP. They also gave us a report with all the business transformations and deliverables that we had expected.” — IT Manager, Food Distributor.


L’OREAL, Coca-Cola,Pfizer


Caserta is an IT services firm that focuses on consulting and implementation

Caserta is an IT services firm that focuses on consulting and implementation. Headquartered in ny , Caserta features a team of nearly 100 employees with experience in BI and large Data, Cloud, and IT consulting, also as blockchain and AI (AI). They were established in 2001.


A hospitality company that manages multiple ski resorts hired Caserta to streamline its legacy data systems and update its business technology. The partnership is ongoing with Caserta building a cloud-based infrastructure to maneuver the hospitality company’s data into one place.

“We’ve worked with them to make sure that we could own this internally, that it wouldn’t just be during a recorder that we couldn’t understand. We’ve focused on having a high degree of communication and collaboration, and they’ve achieved that quite well.” – VP of IT, Hospitality Company.


The NY Times, Capital One, Equinox, AARP, HBO, Humana, Liberty Mutual


EMazzanti Technologies is an IT consulting firm based in Hoboken, NJ, with additional offices in new york

EMazzanti Technologies is an IT consulting firm based in Hoboken, NJ, with additional offices in new york. Founded in 2001, eMazzanti’s team has grown to over 35 employees. eMazzanti Technologies provides IT-managed services, custom software development, IT strategy consulting, SI, and cloud consulting services.


eMazzanti Technologies worked with a cosmetics company to supply network assistance and tech support to all or any their offices within the U.S. After providing the client with servers, POS systems, and VPN capabilities, eMazzanti Technologies went on to comprehensively support all of these systems on an ongoing basis.

“eMazzanti Technologies is one of the best IT companies we ever deal with. I consider Carl a dedicated person.” – COO, Cosmetics Company.


Fortune Footwear, Lancaster City Bureau of Police, Litzky PR, H2 Architects


Digital Edge Ventures is an IT company based in Staten Island , N.Y. Founded in 1996

Digital Edge Ventures is an IT company based in Staten Island, N.Y. Founded in 1996, the team of 13 focuses on cloud consulting and SI, cybersecurity, and custom software development. They work primarily with small business clients, mainly within the financial services industry.


Digital Edge Ventures worked on cybersecurity consulting for a financial technology company. They supported security controls for a spread of internal Linux projects. They also developed technical solutions to realize ISO certification. The client appreciates their work and feels more confident within the security of their network.

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“Their depth of technical capability is great. they need some phenomenal technical people working for them. the pliability of their solutions is additionally impressive.” – VP of IT, Financial Technology Company


Macy’s , March of Dimes, NYC Health + Hospitals



Founded in 1990, International Integrated Solutions is an IT solutions agency that gives Cloud consulting, SI, and IT-managed services to their mid-market and enterprise clients within the media, education, and financial services industries. Their 250 employees are based out of Plainview, N.Y.


International Integrated Solutions recently worked thereon solutions for a fragrance retail company. They migrated an existing system to a VMware ESX server for that client.

“The overall solutions that International Integrated Solutions, Ltd designed are bulletproof and redundant when needed.” — Senior Systems Administrator, Fragrance Retail Company


DTCC,Credit Agricole,Blue Mountain Capital


VirtusaPolaris is a world business consulting company

VirtusaPolaris is a world business consulting company that gives a mess of IT services starting from web development and style to software development thereto consulting to business process outsourcing. With offices in Chennai, India, Westborough, MA, and New York, VirtusaPolaris has been around since 1993 and consists of an ever-growing team of nearly 3,000 employees.

Virtusapolaris is like an old wine that nurtures with time. With a whooping strength of 3,000 employees, this one is one of the oldest IT companies in new york. 


A patron account services company hired VirtusaPolaris to create an answering service. VirtusaPolaris developed a totally automated electronic device that the client still uses to the present day. The client was impressed with VirtusaPolaris’s reliability and therefore the success of the electronic device system.

“This may be a dependable phone system, and its reliability is superb. We haven’t encountered downtime.” – IT Manager, Patron Account Services Company.


Pegasystems, JPMorgan, AIG


DataArt may be a software engineering firm in München

DataArt may be a software engineering firm in München, Germany; Zug, Switzerland; London, England; and ny. Founded in 1997, they need about 3,000 employees that serve mainly midmarket and small-business clients within the financial, healthcare, and IT sectors. Services include custom software development, enterprise app modernization, and UI/UX design.


DataArt provided QA services for a financial organization. To facilitate a smooth transformation, their team tested mastercard payments, billing, and other automated functionalities. Their work has received regeneration and helped detect bugs and issues.

“The substantial parts are that they’re transparent and responsive.” – VP & CTO, financial organization.


Apple Leisure Group, Cancer Research UK, Nasdaq ,Credorax, Ocado


For your company to grow, it’s essential to settle on the simplest technology. Hiring an innovative IT services provider is the easiest method to ensure that you are simply making the simplest use of technology, increasing sales, and staying one step before the competition.

To assist you in your look for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the highest IT consultants in new york city. Browse descriptions, feedback, and awards to determine which may best fit your company’s needs.