IT Companies in San Francisco
IT Companies in San Francisco

Top 10 IT Companies in San Francisco

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In the contemporary world, we can’t even imagine a world without information technology. IT has revolutionized the daily lives of people by helping them to connect and acquire new information about the world. IT drives innovation in all industries, including the business sector. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco. Check the list below.

IT is the backbone of any business that wants great success today. IT companies provide information technology services like technical support, server management, IT training hardware, and networking, computer and accessories sales, etc. An IT company oversees storing, retrieving, and sending information and provides business professional direction on their IT system to troubleshoot problems.

In today’s business environment, IT companies have a central place, and many businesses seek the help of IT companies to manage their IT services. Suppose you are looking for the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco, where you are incorrect.

List of Top 10 IT Companies in San Francisco:

1True Advantagehttps://www.truadvantage.com/
2Cyber Duohttps://cyberduo.com/services
3Biz care Inchttps://www.bizcare.com/about-us/core-values/
4Parachute Technologyhttps://parachutetechs.com/
6Alternis IThttps://www.alternisit.com/process
7Sedin Technologieshttps://sedintechnologies.com/
8Computer Expert Corporationhttps://www.computerexpertscorp.com/
9Ongoing IThttps://www.ongoingit.com/about/
10Caspian IT Grouphttps://caspianitg.com/
IT Companies in San Francisco|Software Companies in San Francisco

Tru Advantage

Tru Advantage

Tru Advantage is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco, founded in 2004. This IT company is expertise in IT & healthcare and specializes in managed IT, managed cyber security, cloud solution, and strategic IT planning.

Tru Advantage has a great passion for bringing enterprise-level productivity, simplicity, scalability, and security to over 100 small to medium-sized businesses that have chosen True Advantage as their IT partner. Real-time support, award-winning, and ranking 1st, strategically focused, compliance, 90 days of satisfaction are exceptional features of True Advantage.

They provide quality customer service by a 24/7 help desk and network operation team. Their services include proactive server & desktop management, onsite network administration, virtual desktops, help desk support, backup & onsite/offsite disaster recovery, and more. True Advantage is recognized for its client-centric approach ranging from consultation to design support & training.



  • 19550 Vallco Pkwy
    Suite 208
    Cupertino, CA 95014
  • Phone: 408-680-8389
  • Email: [email protected]

Cyber Duo

Cyber Duo

Cyber Duo is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco, established in 2008 and located in Los Angeles, San Francisco. Cyber Duo offers an increase in productivity and effectiveness by utilizing the latest technologies available today.

They provide a wide variety of services, including proactive monitoring support, security & compliance, security awareness service, managed EDR, vulnerability scanning & management, email security, SIEM& log management, and more. Cyber Duo considers security is very important to all businesses and gives key priority to security. Sustainability, integrity, responsibility, and diversity are the superior qualities of this Company.

Cyber Duo works to serve organizations to implement technology into everything they do, build a residence, and find new capabilities. The number of clients includes Disney, Koto studio, Boom box post, Cardiovascular medical group, and more. Cyber Duo served 1k+ businesses, including 300+ cloud projects and 600+ productivity projects.

[email protected]
+1 (855) 933-6638

Los Angeles:
535 N Brand Blvd Suite 270
Glendale, CA 91203

New York:
260 Madison Ave 8th floor,
Manhattan, NY 10016

Bizcare Inc


Biz care Inc is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco, founded in2009. It is a leading development consultancy and IT service provider that helps businesses transform networks, elevate communication, count on good cyber hygiene, move to the cloud, and defend the community.

Biz care Inc is well known for its flexible and world-class IT services. They have a mission to cover business total operating costs by up to 50 percent. Biz care Inc promises their customers response in sixty minutes or less, light speed repair, no technical jargon, 100 %unconditional satisfaction, and clear & certain outcome.

They have worked with major companies, including Cisco, Intuit, Macy’s, for over 25 years. Biz care Inc combines the latest remote and mobile technology. They offer business technology configuration, small business IT solutions, computer and network support, IT solutions, and network security.

  • 3608 Happy Valley Road, Suite B
    Lafayette, CA 94549
  • Phone: 925-293-2222
  • Toll Free: 877 ALL BIZCARE (877-255-2492)
  • Emergency Support: 925-239-2410
  • Fax: 925-239-2395

Parachute Technology

Parachute Technology

Parachute Technology is a San Francisco-based IT Company established in 2003. They are specialized in managed IT services, IT consultancy, service & network, design & optimization, cloud solutions & virtual environments, IT support & maintenance. They have a personable, reliable, and professional team.

They have partnerships with VM ware, Apple, Cisco, Citrix and connect wisely. They are the award-winning IT solutions for all industries throughout San Francisco and the bay area. They provide 24/7/365 live it supports building a long-term partnership with clients. 

San Francisco
One Sansome Street
Suite 3500
San Francisco, CA 94104


Intivix is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco, founded in 1996. Intivix is recognized for its innovation, and they use a growth-proved, repeatable process to strengthen, streamline and secure the IT environments of businesses. They provide managed IT, cyber security, maintenance of regulatory compliance, IT consulting services, and more.

It is a full-service IT Company that offers managed and co-managed services to empower businesses. They provide services to various industries, including automotive, logistics & distribution, biotech, engineering, and more. Intivix has an expert team of professionals in the IT industry. They have a mission to provide IT services that help clients grow period. Intivix has been building comprehensive client strategies in San Francisco since its inception. 

Office Locations

605 Market Street, Suite 410
San Francisco, CA 941055427 Telegraph Avenue, Suite P
Oakland, CA 94609

HQ Mailing

2443 Fillmore Street, #380-16723
San Francisco, CA 94115

Alternis IT


Alternet IT has been a leading IT service provider since 2013 and is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco. They provide cloud services, IT brokers, security and compliance, unified communication and more to small and midsized businesses. Their clients include Bulldog lifestyles, All-State, EPIPHANY, INTERO, INTREPID Kind peoples, Walmart etc. Alternet has an interesting motto that is developed, delivered, defended, and provides world-class business services. Guaranteed 99.9%uptime, 24/7 monitoring, cloud-based services are some special features of this Company.

They help to design an individual solution to meet clients’ specific needs at an affordable price. Alternet uses a 5 D process, a multidimensional process that includes discovering, determining, developing, delivering, and defending. Alternet serves across all states over six metropolitan 28+ cities. 

Sedin Technologies

Sedin Technologies is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco, founded in 2006. It is an IT consulting, system integration, and software services company passionate about building user-friendly and efficient solutions for start-ups and enterprises.

They have an experienced team of professionals working on building innovative products and solutions. They have an alliance with multiple global partners. Sedin Technologies have clients across 25+countries, and their key clients include Serum Institute of India, GSH, Toyota, YOKO GAWA, etc.

Their services include enterprise asset management, content management, business intelligence & analytics services, salesforce development services, product lifecycle management, cloud infrastructure services, internet of things, etc. 

Computer Expert Corporation


Computer Expert Corporation is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco founded in1988 to provide managed IT solutions and onsite support services in San Francisco. They offer managed IT solutions that are quick, convenient, and always effective.

Computer Expert Corporation provides network configuration, mobile device configuration, compliance service & repair, data recovery, IT security, server infrastructure & support to small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. Computer Expert Corporation provides full support IT services for all sectors, mainly focuses industries like business service, custom software & IT, and software. 

Toll-Free: 877-232-5121
20850 Saratoga Hills Road
Saratoga, CA 95070
Phone: 650-941-4147

San Jose / South Bay Office
1665 Brookvale Drive
San Jose, CA 95129
Phone: 408-866-5121

Sales and Marketing: [email protected]
General Information: [email protected]
Human Resources: [email protected] computerexpertscorp.com

South Bay Office: 408-866-5121
Peninsula: Phone: 650-941-4147
All Bay Area: Toll-free: 877-232-5121

Ongoing IT


Ongoing IT is one of the recognized IT companies among the top 10 IT companies agencies in San Francisco founded in 2003. It is a full-service company that provides IT support to the San Francisco bay area. It is a reliable service that minimizes risk but maximizes time. Ongoing IT provides network configuration, backups and disaster recovery, cloud solution and integration, VoIP, virtualization and clustering, and more. Today Ongoing IT is a part of Motava, a multinational, multi-disciplinary agency that develops digital marketing, custom development, and IT services. 


2001 Fillmore St #1
San Francisco, CA 94115




[email protected]

Caspian IT Group


Caspian IT Group is one of the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco, founded in 2012. Caspian IT Group develops innovative strategies to achieve growth. They provide services to small and medium-sized businesses, including consulting, network design, managed service, and more. Caspian IT Group has a client-centric approach, and 24/7 access made them a leading desktop management platform in San Francisco. They Serve industries including medical, landscaping, property management, legal, manufacturing, software, and more.

They have a team of qualified professionals who Ensure maintaining high standards in their services in three steps, including detect, diagnose and repair. Caspian IT Group has a vision of providing on-demand IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Reduce & control operating costs, a proactive approach to maintenance, the right fit, and reducing risk are the unique features of this Company.

  • 1425 Koll Cir, Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95112
  • +1(408) 780-0900
  • +1(408) 780-0790

FAQ’s about Top 10 IT companies in San Francisco

What is an IT company?

An IT company is a company that provides IT services, including technical support, server management, IT training hardware and networking, computer, and accessories sales, etc., to businesses. 

What are the common services of IT companies?

IT counseling, cyber security services, cloud services, web hosting, help desk IT services, network security, data storage and management, and more

What are the primary functions of IT companies?




What are the types of IT companies?

Service-based companies

Product-based companies

Which country is best in the IT sector?


Which is the No one IT Company in the world?

Currently, No one IT Company in the world is IBM.

Which is the IT hub of the world?

Silicon Valley remains the IT hub of the world

What are the aims behind utilizing IT services?

To optimize operational efficiency, asset a business in tackling challenges related to technological implementation, ensure networks are running optimally, secure the data &enable a smooth IT environment.

Which are the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco?

  • True Advantage
  • Cyber Duo
  • Biz care Inc
  • Parachute Technology
  • Intivix
  • Alternet IT
  • Sedin Technologies
  • Computer Expert Corporation
  • Ongoing IT
  • Caspian IT Group


Information technology is fast growing and expanding with new technologies every day. So, IT companies are also growing fast than other industries. Several IT companies in San Francisco offer various levels of their services to multiple sectors. If you are looking for the best IT Company for your business here, we will help you list the top 10 IT companies in San Francisco. According to my, these are the best IT companies in San Francisco.



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