It’s Time To Start Spring Cleaning Your Cara

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There are a few constants in life, no matter how the times may change: The earth revolves around the sun, money can’t buy happiness, and spring is a time for cleaning. If you’ve begun shooing dust bunnies and clearing gutters, it might be time to turn your attention to a sometimes-forgotten piece of this yearly project: your vehicle. Read on for some important tips to help you get your car clean as a whistle this spring.

Begin With the Interior

Start by pulling out accessories like car seats and protective seat covers. Remove any trash and objects, and take the rugs out for vacuuming and deep cleaning. A vacuum is your best friend here; use the detail attachments to suck up dust and grime from every surface you can reach. For tougher messes, use auto-approved cleaning products to wipe surfaces and a steam cleaner to sanitize fabric and upholstery. Steam is also a great solution for cleaning and disinfecting air vents, carpets, and hard surfaces.

Detail the Exterior of the Car

When you’re getting the outside clean, keep your car parked in a shady spot to prevent premature drying and water spots. Focus on the separate areas of a vehicle: First, spray and scrub the wheels, including the hubcaps and tires. Remember the undercarriage, which can pick up all sorts of dirt, road salt, bugs and mud. The body of the car can be wetted with a sprayer or hose, scrubbed with a microfiber or sheepskin mitt soaked in auto cleaning solution, and finally rinsed and dried with a soft towel.

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Use the Perfect Window Cleaning Tool

To improve driving visibility and maintain the life of your vehicle, use the right windshield cleaner tool for the job. Specialized auto glass cleaner sprays are superior at achieving perfect windows (You may even want to use them inside the house as well!). Spray the solution and wipe it off with a soft microfiber cloth. Then, use a second (dry) microfiber cloth to buff any residual moisture or fogginess from the glass for clear, streak-free windows and mirrors.

Keep Bugs Off and Out

By this point in your vehicle cleaning escapade, you might be cursing the names of all the bugs who’ve made their graveyard on your car’s hood. Even with the right tools and techniques, some of those little spots can take a great deal of elbow grease to evict from your automobile’s paint. Make next year’s spring cleaning less strenuous by focusing on prevention first with a ventshade bug deflector. These handy additions protect your hood and windshield by deflecting bugs and debris up and away from your vehicle using aerodynamics and a clever design. A ventshade bug deflector also looks great on the front of a truck or Jeep and is the perfect cherry on top of a carefully thorough spring cleaning.

There’s nothing quite like that new car smell, except maybe the smell of a newly scrubbed and sanitized one. Your vehicle deserves the best treatment, and you deserve to drive a car that looks and feels fresh and clean. Take advantage of the extra motivation spring cleaning can give you to step up your game and show your car a little extra love.

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