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H. H. Swami Mukundananda
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The Organization :

JKYog (Jagadguru Kripalu Yog), a worldwide, non-profit organization, was established to help the humankind achieve spiritual, intellectual, and physical well-being, says H. H. Swami Mukundananda Ji,thefounder, and spiritual visionary behind this holistic approach.

On the one hand, JKYog offers Life Transformation Programs (LTP) and initiatives for spiritual growth and personal development across the globe. On the other hand, the organization serves the needy, promotes education for the rural youth, and provides healthcare for the underprivileged.

Many of the JKYog efforts have transformed entire communities, bringing health and hope for brighter future. JKYog supports Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, which provides free world-class education, from kindergarten to postgraduate studies, to more than five-thousand, underprivileged girls in rural India.  JKYog also supports charitable hospitals in Banara, Mangarh, Barsana, and Vrindavan that provide completely free modern health care each year, to more than three thousand patients from rural communities.  

Jagadguru Kripalu University (JKU) in Cuttack, Odisha, soon to open, is an avenue for the aspiring students to build great careers for becoming global leaders of the future. The curriculum, pedagogy, faculty, and environment at JKU are designed to inspire young minds and illumine their intellects to imbibe best of the East and the West. A 50-bedded naturopathy hospital, already established on the university’s 100-acre campus is the first of its kind in Eastern India, popularizing holistic health and healthy lifestyles amongst the people.

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Yogi, Philosopher, Visionary Teacher & Leader :

H. H. Swami Mukundananda received his training in the Vedic scriptures and the path of rāgānuga-bhakti from Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, who is the fifth original Jagadguru in Indian history. As a world-renowned teacher of spirituality, yoga & meditation, Swamiji has enlightened many a soul on the spiritual path over the past three decades. His distinguished technical and management educational background that complements his profound spiritual wisdom enables him to offer new ways of understanding and applying the knowledge of the scriptures in the day-to-day life.

A distinguished global authority on mind management, Swamiji guides his followers with an extraordinary blend of ancient Vedic wisdom and modern thought & scientific theories. He is a highly sought-after preacher and speaker, as his profound messages always bring a sense of clarity and purpose to life. He has been a guest speaker at the United Nations, prestigious institutions like Yale, MIT & Stanford, and reputable companies like Google, Intel, Yahoo, etc.

Spiritually Inclined from a Tender Age

H. H. Swami Mukundananda’s quest for the Absolute Truth began from a very early age.  As a child, Swami Mukundananda was naturally drawn to prayer and long hours of meditation & contemplation. When his distinguished degrees – B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi and MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata – and a promising corporate career did not quench his longing for God, he renounced and travelled throughout India as a sanyāsī.

During these travels, he closely associated with many elevated Saints of India, read the writings of the great Acharyas of the past, and lived in many famous holy places. Ultimately his search took him to the lotus feet of his spiritual preceptor, Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.  He was overawed by the unfathomable scriptural knowledge and ocean of divine love that he saw manifest in his guru

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Under the guidance of Shree Maharajji, he practiced intense sadhana while residing at the ashram.  He also extensively studied the Vedic scriptures, and the Eastern and Western systems of philosophy.  Upon completion of his studies, his guru entrusted him with the key task of disseminating the ancient knowledge of the Eternal Truth the world over.

You Are as Happy as You Choose to Evolve

Responding to the question on how to lead a happy and peaceful life, Swamiji elucidates, “We constantly seek favorable circumstances that would lead to peace and tranquility of the mind. However, understand that the internal peace is never a product of external circumstances. It is a product of purified senses, mind, and intellect”.

This yearning for happiness is intrinsic to the nature of the soul, and we have been on this happiness quest for eons. Longing for happiness is so fundamental to our nature that most of us have never probably wondered why we seek it. If we were to try to answer just two questions – Why do we want to be happy? What kind of happiness are we truly searching for? – we will embark on the journey to discover the universal principle behind creating a life filled with peace and joy.

We need to grow from within and unleash the God-given potential if we intend to tap into that innate happiness.  The key to it is to empower the intellect with the right knowledge, and close the gap between the knowledge and its application persistently.  That is why, we recently launched the 21-day  #HappinessChallenge, which offers pragmatic tools to lead a happy and peaceful life.”

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Learn More About JKYog

Check out how JKYog strives to help individuals & communities lead better lives through spiritual enrichment – JKYog Home | JKYog Centers | JKU | Bal-Mukund | JKYog Youth Club | Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas – the headquarters of JKYog in the USA and principal center in the West.

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