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It is a known fact that every day lakhs of people travel to different cities to explore various education and job opportunities. Coming from a different city and getting used to the pace of the city is a challenge in itself, but it is a bigger task to be able to find suitable accommodation for yourself. With the increasing cost of living, it is almost aspirational to buy a house in the prime centre of any city. But we got to begin somewhere, right? That is why renting homes is the first step in that process. 

With property rates in Mumbai almost reaching the sky, the city’s suburbs are now becoming prime locations for investments in terms of offices for multinational companies and educational institutes. Andheri is one such location on the list. Down south, Coimbatore is also a hot spot for rental houses which are affordable and spacious. Let’s cover these cities in today’s article.

Rent rates in Andheri 

The Andheri house rental market is dominated by a vast range of 1BHK and 2BHK apartments to choose from. That being said, if someone is looking for a 3BHK or 4BHK apartment, they will find something suitable. Starting anywhere from 18k to 20k for a 1BHK, the Andheri house rental rates go up to 55k for 2BHK and 75k for 3BHK. For the price one pays for an Andheri house rental, the kind of homes and square feet area you get will make you feel value for money. Andheri is a prime spot in the city, it is always brimming with activity, so there are various malls, shopping centres, restaurants, clubs that you can visit on the weekends with friends and family.

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Benefits of renting a home in Andheri

There are many benefits of picking Andheri house rental for yourself or your family. Nowadays, most of these apartments on rent are gated communities with all the facilities for adults like a gym, swimming pool, etc., as well as a play area for kids. There are proper security systems in place, and a cosmopolitan crowd resides here. So, if you are a student living with a roommate or a professional living with your family, you get an opportunity to interact with good people in your society and don’t have to worry about your safety. 

Along with that, there are a lot of means of commuting to offices or colleges. The local trains are famous for a reason in Mumbai. You do not need to spend hours on the road. There is a high chance that there are dozens of auto-rickshaws available standing right outside the building of your Andheri house rental or at the end of the lane to take you to the nearest station. That takes away a big challenge where traveling is concerned.

Rental rates in Coimbatore

Like Mumbai, Coimbatore is a major metropolitan city and the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu, brimming with a growing economy and opportunities for all. But unlike Mumbai, one does not have to worry about rented flats in Coimbatore. With the benefit of ample space available, people have the opportunity to pick either an apartment or an independent house in the city. 

1 BHK rented flats in Coimbatore are priced as low as 7.5K, while the rent for 2BHK and 3BHK flats range between 14k to 25k. The rent rates vary based on the location, square feet area, and other factors. It has been noticed that most people’s top choice are 2BHK rented flats in Coimbatore because, for the rent, the space and amenities provided make for a very good deal.

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Benefits of Rented flats in Coimbatore

Coimbatore has been known as a major educational hub since the 70s. That’s why the city is a major influx of students. That’s why rented flats in Coimbatore seem like the perfect arrangement for such students. With reasonable rates for 1BHK and 2BHK flats, students have the discretion to share an apartment or even live by themselves. Gandhipuram, Saravanampatti, and Kovaipudur are some of the many prime locations one can consider to have rented flats in Coimbatore.

The city is well connected, and travel daily is fairly easy with buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis. It has excellent healthcare facilities, and the city is so culturally rich that you don’t have to worry about what to do on a free weekend. There are ample open grounds, pleasant weather all around the year, and always something new to explore in the city. Temples, waterfalls, nature parks, it is all there. For a quick getaway from the city, you can visit Ooty from Coimbatore. 

With COVID-19 on the decrease, many colleges are now beginning physical lectures, and similarly, offices are now going back to the work-from-office model. This means that now the hunt for the perfect rental flat starts soon. With the help of many sites like, you can now explore your options and narrow down your choices without having to go house to house looking for the right choice for you. With a presence across 40 cities in India and more than 5 lakh properties to choose from, gives you the comfort and assurance of getting the perfect flat at the ideal price for you. The search ends here!

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