Jonah Engler’s Guidance On The Benefits Of Meditation For A Better Mental Health

Mental health
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A great deal of things affects our mind on a daily basis. Over the past two years the scare of the pandemic has taken its toll on the mental health of people across the world. There has been loss of business, jobs and the scare of losing lives. Loss of near and dear ones to the pandemic when people lost friends and family close to them also added to the woes of mental health.

Mental Health And Meditation

Meditation has been in existence for centuries. There is a great deal of relevance of the practice of meditation in modern life. According to Jonah Engler meditation should be included as a daily practice that will help people gain greater calmness and peace within themselves.

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  • Stress is a major outcome of modern life. There is a lot of imbalances created in the body and the mind due to stress. Meditation helps to bring back the balance that is needed. Calm and composed state of the mind created with the practice of meditation helps the mind to relieve itself of the stress it goes through.
  • High paced corporate work pressures, the pandemic and its social or economic consequences and various other factors have all led to the weakening of the mind and the consciousness. Meditation can help bring back all of that and gain even more Mental Health Facilities in Atlanta. It is a state of mind where you feel lighter and stress free.
  • There are a few techniques that need to be followed and practiced regularly while meditating. These help to gain greater control of the mind and reap maximum benefits from meditation in daily life.
  • Anxiety and panic reactions are a common feature in today’s world. Despite all the stress and tensions, it is important to maintain a state of calmness to live through life safely and soundly. This is only possible when one practices meditation on a daily basis and maintains a mental equilibrium.
  • Another important outcome of meditation is a state of mindfulness. This is vital in living a better life that is balanced with success and happiness.
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Meditation And Mindfulness

In recent years the principles of meditation have been held in great importance in the realm of mindfulness. According to Jonah Engler, mindfulness is vital in the present times. It is the single most important factor responsible for the success of what we do.

  • Mindfulness helps to remain in the present and be in control of one’s daily life.
  • There is greater utilization of time when you are in the present and stay focused.
  • Lack of mindfulness can result in stress and anxiety
  • Fear of failures is another effect of the lack of mindfulness that can be tackled with meditation

How To Meditate In Daily Life

There are certain aspects of modern life that are extremely dangerous to the good of the self. Hectic schedules, targets and a fast-paced life of work leads to an imbalance within the self. All this can be treated with the single use of meditation in daily life.

  • You do not need the help of a professional or even a guru to be able to meditate successfully.
  • All that is needed is a quiet place in any part of your home or office where you can meditate.
  • You can sit on the floor or even a couch or chair as per availability or convenience. There are some who have problems in knees and joints and are unable to fold their legs. For them sitting straight on a chair is acceptable.
  • No matter where you are sitting and in whichever position always ensure that the back is straight and not slouched. This helps to straighten the spine and rejuvenate the body as well.
  • Place your hands on your knees or even loosely clasp them together as you place them in the middle of your legs if you are sitting in a cross-leg position.
  • Close your eyes loosely and do not press them to a closure.
  • As you close your eyes and look inside there is a blanket of darkness or blackness.
  • Try to focus on that darkness and not think of anything else.
  • Though your mind will be conscious of other things in life at that moment you will find those thoughts fading away after a while.
  • This is the state of an empty mind and almost immediately you will experience an extreme calmness and stress-free state of mind.
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Meditation is a matter of practice and helps to improve the mind and body immensely. If you keep up the practice the experience will only become better. It is a wholesome development of the mind and the soul that helps to bring a better and balanced shape to the body.

Usefulness Of Meditation In Modern Times

Why is meditation becoming so popular nowadays? The answer is simple. An increase in the number of cases reporting stress and panic-stricken minds. There is a greater rate of divorces and a higher rate of crime and violence in society. If the core issues of all these is considered carefully it is a disturbed mind that causes violence and stress among people.

  • Anxiety and panic are very often the root cause of mental imbalance. Meditation can help heal the mind and make it stress free.
  • Lack of patience and a constant state of disturbance is often seen due to stress in life. Meditating even for as less as 10 minutes a day can bring back the calmness one needs to be more balanced.
  • A state of mindfulness is very important for greater control of the mind. It helps to pay more attention and be conscious of the present times. Meditation helps to bring back the focus of the mind and thus use time effectively and reap greater and positive results.
  • Meditation also helps to improve the quality of sleep in one’s life. The restful effects of meditation restore calmness in the mind which helps to work as well as rest effectively.

The mind is something that we cannot see and yet the most important part of our existence. There are several factors that affect it adversely. But we cannot heal it with medicines and other things that are used for outward wounds. The only ointment and healing that we can offer is meditation for the mind. All kinds of emotional issues like anxiety, depression and sadness can only be cured with meditation.

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