There are many massive brands of jewelry manufacturers in India, Here is that the list of the top 10 most well-liked and far-famed jewelry brands in India for silver, Gold, Diamond, and platinum jewelry.

Top 10 Jewellery Brands in India

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In this article, we are going to examine the top 10 jewelry Brands in India. Since the earlier period, women are keen on jewelry they prefer to wear completely different ornaments from head to toe to reinforce their beauty. They love ornaments of each metal gold, silver, platinum, or etc.

 Women love wearing jewellery most, they need a specific love for jewellery as they show prosperity and standing in society. If they wear one pendant set of diamond or gold they give the impression of being elegant and exquisite. It doesn’t need any heaviness; a little piece of the gathering is enough to seem stylish among all.

Despite this reason, one more reason for love towards jewellery is it shows the Indian tradition. Our gods and goddesses also are adorned with stunning and precious stones and diamonds.

In recent years India has become a huge market of precious stones and diamond ornaments everywhere in the world. Indian ladies are terribly crazy regarding jewellery the landmass of India has the longest heritage of jewelry creating and gold, silver is taken into account as sacred by Hindu and has nice standing with royalty.

There are many massive brands of jewelry manufacturers in India, Here is that the list of the top 10 most well-liked and far-famed jewelry brands in India for silver, Gold, Diamond, and platinum jewelry.

List of best Jewellery brands in India :



Tanishq is one of the biggest brand names of diamond jewelry in the Asian nation.

 It’s an extremely trustable complete that has fifteen lakhs of happy customers. One of all the top jewelry brands in India, Tanishq is complete of Titan Company that comes underneath the noted TATA cluster.

Tanishq is a subsidiary of the Titan Company and it had been supported within the year 1994. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Tanishq is thought of as India’s most trustworthy jewelry complete.

The company has 150+ stores across the country. The company is that the pioneer of diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry to an outsized extent wide. It has 270 stores in 160+ cities of India. Tanishq of Tata Company is that the most trustworthy jewelry complete of India and back by Tata cluster and TIDCO.

 The Tanishq cluster preferred brands of jewelry in India include Mia for operating girls, Rivaah for the marriage section, and Mirayah. CaratLane’s online jewelry store is currently a part of the Titan Tanishq Partnership, which offers the latest diamond jewelry and gold coins, earrings styles for the best costs in the Asian nation.

 The Tanishq complete is accepted for giving foremost styles that make it the most effective diamond complete within the country. It doesn’t compromise the quality and offers authentic diamond jewelry. It’s an associate ISO-certified company that assures the worth of the complete, and you’ll invest your cash in getting diamond jewelry from Tanishq. This is one of the best Jewellery Brands in India.

 It is India’s best complete of marketing precious gems and diamonds.

Some of the jewelry assortment of Tanishq-

 Tanishq Queen of Hearts- beginning art rs.2.5 lakhs

Tanishq symbol of strength

 Mia – ME in action

Tanishq Gulnaaz Tanishq – Wear your prayer

 Tanishq Padmavat collection

 Tanishq Own it Flaunt it

Tanishq Glitterati

Tanishq Utasava

Tanishq Swayam.



Who doesn’t realize Kalyan Jewellers? It’s one of the best and top brands of jewellery in India. With no doubt, it sells know about the form of diamond items to its customers.

 The whole is sort of well-liked among Indians. They need religion within the whole. It was providing one in every of the jewelry from the first nineties.

Recently it’s started ‘My Kalyan mini Stores’ that offers a massive vary of diamond sets. Not solely in an Asian nation, however, folks at the global level additionally recognize the whole. they provide exclusive collections of designer jewelry worldwide.

 The styles are exquisite nonetheless cheap. Generally, the diamond jewelry is gently weighted, which makes it quite loveable among girls. Kalyan Jewellers has the most important jewelry store chain in the Asian nation with a hundred showrooms across the country.

The corporate headquarters in Thrissur of Kerala, additionally into the business of Kalyan Sarees, Kalyan Collections, Kalyan Silks, and Kalyan Developers. Kalyan Jewelers was based within the year 1993.

It’s headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala. It had been based by T. S. Kalyanaraman. the corporate is in hand by the notable Kalyan cluster. It’s one of every of the most important jewelry store chain in the Asian nation. The corporate has created the name of authentic Gold Jewellers and sells 100% Hallmarked Gold solely.

They’re additionally familiar with his or their mini-stores named “My Kalyan mini Stores”, which sells cheap diamond jewelry with the finest quality of diamonds.

Their stores are a gift in ten states in Asian nations and one in Kuwait and three in UAE.

The corporate has around a hundred showrooms in Asian nations. Some of the simplest collections of Kalyan Jewellers Tejasvi polka diamonds are-

Apoorva – diamond for the exclusive assortment

Laya – ring for all expressions

 Glo – performing arts Diamond

Anokhi – uncut diamond



PC Chandra is wide famous for its gold similar to diamond jewelry. It’s one of the trustworthy brands of diamond within the country. PC Chandra has a noninheritable and excellent name that offers a large vary of ancient diamond jewelry.

The whole isn’t solely illustrious for diamond jewelry, however, you may get all reasonably precious stones and gems associated with star divination. The whole incorporates a huge form of gold, platinum, diamond jewelry. Initially, they started as a gold jewelry trafficker, however, because the whole grew and earned a decent name within the market, they swelled their business and commenced commerce diamond ornaments.

They offer you associate exceptional quality diamond jewelry, and you may not feel regret once getting jewelry from laptop Chandra. PC Jeweller is primarily based in New Delhi, in the business of manufacture and retail of gold diamond jewelry in Bharat.

The corporate offers an excellent choice and collections of jewelry across franchises and stores in Bharat. PC Jeweller Ltd was based within the year 2005. It’s headquartered in New Delhi, India. It’s varied showrooms across Bharat. The corporate is providing gold and diamond jewelry.

It’s won varied awards like the Best salesroom award for Diamond Season by the B2C consultants, and whole architects within the year 2006. The corporate stands tall in the jewelry market with fifty-six showrooms in forty-seven cities and seventeen states.

 Collection of laptop Chandra Jewellers Online Exclusive 14KT Gold jewelry –

Amazea collection

 Diamond collection

 Goldlites collection

 Mugdhaa collection

 Little jewels.



Malabar is the best and one of the top 10 jwellery brands in India that offer an exclusive range of gold and diamond jewelry within the Indian market.

 It is quite renowned within the nation and wide unfolds in most of the cities of the country. The items of jewelry of the Malabar whole have attained BIS and hallmark quality. It’s one of the trustable brands that assures you of spectacular quality. Malabar was initiated within the year 1993 by M P Ahammed. Its varied branches of stores are not solely in the Asian nation however throughout the planet. They got an enormous success by giving their patrons an attractive assortment of diamond jewelry at a reasonable worth. You will get one among the simplest type of bridal jewelry and conjoint jewelry in step with the occasion.

The unbelievable whole offers you an enormous assortment of distinctive styles that appear elegant and create each girl stands get in a crowd. Malabar Gold and Diamonds is that the most well-liked Indian jewelry whole with quite 250 showrooms across ten countries. the corporate is additionally has one among the biggest chain of jewelry stores within the world, fashionable brands of Malabar jewelry square measure mine diamonds, precious gem, era jewelry and divine.

The military installation (headquarters) of the Malabar cluster settled in Kozhikode shines bright as a beacon of success for the associate empire designed on Trust, Teamwork, and Goodwill.

 Some of the simplest assortment of Malabar-

 Malabar allure

Aura Diamond Heart to heart

Diwali collection



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The other best diamond whole in India is TBZ. It’s well recognized for its exceptional quality of diamonds among Indians. TBZ is thought of as Tribhovandas Bhimchanda Zaveri.

 TBZ is taken into account is considered of the oldest brands of diamonds among all that was established in the year 1864.

It occupied an associate degree ISO certificate that shows its very best quality standards. The styles of jewelry are unmatched, and the no different whole will bit this fantastic diamond whole, TBZ. they provide a colossal vary of collections that is appropriate for each occasion.

 The styles are exquisite and appear stylish on each lady and create them shine on any occasion. once girls wear this whole, she appears beautiful and fashionable. Indian girls are keen on their fabulous Kundan jewelry and bridal jewelry.

 Diamond jewelry starts at a reasonable value of rs300000. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri or TBZ may be a leading Bharatn jeweler distributor having thirty-seven showrooms in twenty-three cities across India.

TBZ conjointly entered into the men’s jewelry phase and its Zaveri Bazaar panopticon in Mumbai is that the largest jewelry panopticon in India. This is one of the top jewellery brands in India.



The next brand in the queue is Parineeta diamond jewelry that may be a branch of Geetanjali teams. The brand’s style is one in every of the elegant and distinctive items of ornaments. The whole is understood for its quality and latest styles you may get a good vary of jewelry here. It ne’er compromises on the standard and offers you one in every of the foremost lovely diamonds in their jewelry.

The jewelry causes you to look lovely and adds glory to your temperament. Parineeta Diamond Jeweller offers a good vary of assortment and a huge selection before of the purchasers. you’ll choose one in every of the most effective styles in line with the occasion. Also known as the Best jewellery brand in India.

Some of the products of Parineeta Diamond Jewellery are-

Diamond Pendants

 Diamond studded jewelry

 Gold diamond jewelry

Diamond necklace

Diamond jewelry set.



In India, where there are varied best diamond brands, Sangini has additionally occupied its place within the heart of Indians. By providing one of the newest styles and high-quality products, the complete became one of the leading diamond brands among all.

 A Diamond commerce Company commenced within the year 2004. It’s quite a style among couples because it offers a vast assortment of couple jewelry like rings, bracelets, and varied alternative ornaments through that they’ll show their life to their partners.

Sangini’, the most motive of this complete is to affix hearts. It offers an exquisite assortment of diamond jewelry at an affordable worth so anyone will simply gift this jewelry to their worshipped or pricey ones. They require forming happiness with their complete. It offers one among fashionable and stylish styles to their customers and brings joy to their faces.

The complete consummated each would like of its customers and have become one among the distinguished brands of diamond jewelry.

Some of the most effective merchandise of Sangini-

Diamond gem jewelry

Diamond Forever jewelry

Anniversary Finger ring Diamond jewelry set.



Another name in the best diamond brands in India’s list is Diya Diamond jewelry. Gitanjali Gems Ltd conjointly owns it. it’s proverbial for providing the newest assortment at a reasonable value.

The ornaments are typically light-weight, which makes them interested in girls as girls like easy and stylish jewelry. sporting sleek jewelry build them look elegant. principally girls just like the mangal Sanskrit literature assortment of this whole.

Diya diamond jewelry offers a colossal assortment of diamond jewelry for decorating girls from head to toe. a number of the ornaments are necklaces, anklets, rings, earrings, etc. it’s smart on all varieties of girls and enhances their beauty by giving them an aesthetic look.



Bhima Jewellers is additionally one among the leading brands in the Republic of India, that is thought of for its diamond jewelry. it absolutely was established in 1925, and it’s an unprecedented presence on south Indian folks instead of north Indians. It is recognized for its exclusive collections, like different brands. It conjointly provides superior quality that makes them in style among Indians.

Bhima Jewellers use one of the foremost exceptional conditions of diamonds in their items of jewelry. It is one of the reliable brands of diamond in the Republic of India. Quite thousands of customers have blond religion during this complete. South Indians like Bhima Jewellers are the foremost to get diamond jewelry because it offers a vast assortment completely different|of various} ranges at different costs. The is one of the top jewellery brands in India.



Asian Star Company Ltd was established in 1971. It’s one of the top 10 jewelry companies in the Republic of India.

The corporate deals with diamond producing, jewelry producing and selling, gold & noble metal, and diamond-decorated jewelry. Asian Star Company is an associate integrated diamond company.

The corporate is additionally engaged in cutting and sprucing diamonds and decorated jewelry. The corporate offers jewelry style consultation to the shoppers at the company’s store to cater to their specific needs for special occasions.

So, these are some of the brief about the Top 10 jewellery brands in India.

Top 10 Jewellery Brands in India with their Websites:

Sr. No.Top 10 Jewellery Brands in IndiaWebsites
2KALYAN JEWELERShttps://www.kalyanjewellers.net/
3PC CHANDRA JEWELLERShttps://pcchandraindia.com/
4MALABAR GOLD AND DIAMONDShttps://www.malabargoldanddiamonds.com/
5TRIBHOVANDAS BHIMCHANDA ZAVERIhttps://www.tbztheoriginal.com/
6PARINEETA DIAMOND JEWELRYhttps://www.shopclues.com/parineeta-by-gitanjali-diamond-pendant-pran3p2548-p-116202041.html
8DIYA DIAMOND JEWELLERYhttp://diyagold.in/home.php
9BHIMA JEWELERShttps://bhima.com/
10ASIAN STAR COMPANY LTDhttps://asianstargroup.com/

Faq’s about Top 10 Jewellery Brands in India:

Which Jewellery is famous in India?

Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the most popular Indian jewellery brand with more than 250 showrooms across 10 countries.

Who are the richest Jewellers in India?

Kalyan Jewellers Managing Director TS Kalyanmaran is the richest jeweler in the country.

Is Tanishq gold pure?

The state-of-the-art Karatmeter present in every Tanishq store is a very accurate way of measuring the purity of gold, thus making our gold as pure as we say it is.

Is Tanishq Jewellery costly?

 Yes, If you buy an ornament of 20 grams (22 karat), the value of gold will be Rs 32,000 per 10 grams * 2 = Rs 64,000 plus 25% making charge + 3% GST = Rs 82,400.

Who is the owner of Tanishq?

Xerxes Desai is the owner of Tanishq.

Who owns Malabar gold?

M. P. Ahammed is the founder of Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Which type of gold is pure?

24k gold is also called pure gold or 100 percent gold

What are the top 10 jewellery brands in India?

1. Tanishq
2. Malabar Gold and Diamonds
3. TBZ
4. Kalyan Jewellers
5. Bhima jewellers
6. Joyalukkas jewellers
7. Amrapali Jewellers
8. Senco
9. PC Chandra Jewellers
10. Shubh Jewellers

Which city of India is famous for jewellery?

Jaipur is famous for jewellery.

Which city is known as the gold capital of India?

Thrissur Trichur, Thrissivaperur is known as the gold capital of India.

Which city is known as the City of Gold?

El Dorado was called the fabled “City of Gold”.



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