Kangana Ranaut’s Statement for her battle with Hrithik Roshan

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Just a few days before of her upcoming release, Simran, Kangana Ranaut brought up her gross
fight with Hrithik Roshan again. Kangana disclosed how the entire incident left her distressed
emotionally and mentally. Just when she started feeling that her battle with Hrithik Roshan was
passed, she has stricken in “Aap Ki Adalat.”
Rajat Sharma shared a post on his Twitter handle on the appearance of Kangana on Rajat
Sharma’s big TV show Aap Ki Adalat –

Rajat Sharma
'It is like a second death to go through', an emotional #KanganaRanaut
told me in #AapKiAdalat this Sat, Sept 2 at 10 pm on @indiatvnews

Just when we thought her with Hrithik Roshan was history, she has hit out at him. The “Queen”
of B-Town explained how badly the entire incident affected her. After that, she said that she
suffered mental and emotional trauma adding “I have faced so much humiliation. I cried for
nights. I was unable to sleep”. On the leaked email conversation between the Warring stars,
Kangana Ranaut stated that those were fake Emails on my name were released on google and
people still find fun in reading them.
The show-makers of “Aap ki Adalat” shared a teaser video of 43 seconds of it which has left the
fans of both Hrithik and Kangana completely stunned. She announces she never assigned a
notice, so it is him who is accountable for everything. The actor also mentioned that she needs
a public apology for all the slanders.




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