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“Kar Kleaners” the one Stop destination For Car Cleaners in India.

“Kar Kleaners” the one Stop destination For Car Cleaners in India.

            When and how did you start? How did you come up with the idea?

” I was never really happy with the way my car was cleaned daily.  The local guy who used to clean my car daily used to wash 15 to 20 cars in 1 bucket of water and with a piece of cloth leaving dirt and mud from other cars on my car.  A couple of days in the week he would just pull up the wiper stick and walk away, without even cleaning the car.  He would not turn up to clean the car when I had to take my car out for a special occasion, i.e. unplanned leaves.  I was really fed up with him.  I spoke to a few friends about this and they too told me the same thing that none of them are really happy with their daily car cleaning but as none of them have a choice they have to get it cleaned from their local cleaner.   I realized that there is a definite need for professional service in this area and I chose to take this up as a challenge to organize the unorganized sector of daily car cleaning.  www.karkleaners.in”

                                                                  Says Devang Raja

Your inspiration moment.

Started in 2016, our basic motive was to turn the biggest neglected and unorganized daily car-cleaning industry into an organized one. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore etc, car owners generally hire a local servant for getting their cars cleaned on daily basis, which is done by the local servants in a hap-hazardous manner. We at Kar Kleaners provide professional daily car-cleaning service at your doorstep with trained personnel and the use of modern tools and techniques offering our services at a reasonable rate.  My only motive to start such a business is to do justice to daily car cleaning in India and while we do that be an employer of choice for unskilled and uneducated labor by creating simple job opportunities for them that will help them live a good life.  

                 Brief about organization and founding members

Before I tell you about my team, let me introduce you to the value system of our company.  We started with two people, even I used to go and wash cars earlier. From the beginning, we have value systems of “Single Designation Company“.  While a lot of companies are still discussing and debating the ‘Open Door Policy’ within their organizations, Kar Kleaners have come up with 2 very unique concepts that help them set the right culture throughout the organization. How many organizations do we know that have just 1 single designation for all employees? We are one such organization where designation does not matter to anybody. Here all employees including myself are designated as ‘Car Care Taker’ in short CCT. The company’s value system of being a ‘Zero Ego Company’ has helped us to work better as a team and set the right culture across the organization.

” While I am the conceptualiser and the Sutra-Dhār in our team, I would like to introduce you all  rest of the members of my team, ” Says Devang Raja

Suraj Ziman: Suraj joined us in January 2017.  He is the operations leader cum supervisor cum trainer.  He has played a key role in taking Kar Cleaners where it is today.  He takes care of complete operations starting from on boarding the franchise partner to training and handholding them.  He also conducts regular audits to ensure quality service is delivered as per company standards.

Aditya Dalvi – Aditya takes care of franchise distribution department.

IT Partner: We are currently in talks with an IT company whom we are planning to partner in for our IT requirements.

Franchisee Partners: We currently have 3 franchisees across Mumbai and are coming up with 2 more soon.  All our franchise partners have played a very important role in the growth of our company.


Image Credit/ Sorce: KarKleaners

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers.

 We are pioneers in professional daily car cleaning.  I have taken up the challenge of organizing the huge unorganized sector, and hence the challenges that I face are very unique and uncommon.  If it was easy, anyone would have done it.  As we are the first runners in the industry I face regular challenges that have not been encountered by anyone earlier and hence does not have a single rule to success or a pre-tested answer.  Taking decisions to difficult situations can become tricky at times.  A lot of these challenges keep me awake at night where I try to find answers to questions, challenges, and way forward for the growth of my company and this industry.

                               About funding, plans for growth.

Till date, we have not raised any funding from investors.  We are bootstrapped and have turned profitable in a year. We are expanding by the way of franchising and hence our working capital needs are taken care of the franchise fee.  We are looking for investors who would want to grow their money with us.  We plan to expand to various cities namely Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad in 2018.

               Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

 Competition can never be ruled out. It gives you the motivation to deliver a better output. At times it is only due to the competition that companies innovate. If there was no competition, I would just keep repeating the same thing again and again thus never challenge anyone to perform better. Since 1.5 years, we have the required experience as well as the expertise in this field to convert the unorganized sector of daily-car cleaning into an organized one.  This sector is so huge that competition will only help each other grow.  As we are the first runners in this sector, currently we do not have any direct competitor whom we see as a direct threat.  With time whenever competition crops up, we will keep innovating and challenging our competition to perform better thereby raising the standard and benchmarks in the industry.

                                         Future plans

 Along with Kar Kleaners expansion to various cities in 2018, we will be coming up with an app in Q2 -2018 for our services.  We will also be expanding into car care products under our existing brand name. “Kar Kleaners”.  We will also be looking at expanding our business in the car buying and selling segment under the current brand name of Kar Deals in 2018 and much more.  I suggest you keep watching out for this space.


Your website / apps / and contact details



                                 Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/DailyKarKleaners

Contact Number: +91 : 9820166033




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