Katrina Kaif: Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Marriage, Net worth, and More

Katrina Kaif: Wiki
Katrina Kaif: Wiki, Biography, family, Career, Marriage, Age, Net worth and more
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Today’s article is based on the famous Indian actress Katrina Kaif who has delivered many blockbuster hits to our Indian cinema. She was trolled and criticised for her poor accent of Hindi in Indian cinema. But, she has proved that courage and density can change one’s destination. In this article, you will find more about Indian beauty.

Who is Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif is an Indian Hindi movie actress and supermodel from Britain. She was born on 16th July 1983. She is founded highly paid actress in Indian films. Katrina Kaif is best known for her dance ability in various item numbers. She has won four-screen awards, four Zee Cine awards, and had three Filmfare nominations in her 19years of an acting career.

Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture

Katrina Kaif Early Life:

The real Barbi doll, Katrina Kaif was born on 16th July 1983 In Hong Kong. She lived in several countries and started doing modelling at a very young age. Kaif got her first modelling assignment when she was just 14years old. Later she moved to London due to her mother’s occupation. At a very young age, their parents decided not to live together and Kaif and her other siblings were raised by her mother.

The well-known personality of the Bollywood industry Katrina Kaif is very famous for her charming looks and charming personality. Her stunning figure and attitude have won many hearts. Kaif has won eyes with brown colour and beautiful black hair.

Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture

Katrina Kaif Age:

The Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was born to her parents in 1983 on 16th July. Currently, the celebrity is 39years old.

Katrina Kaif Wiki:

Name:Katrina Kaif
Date of birth:16th July 1983
Place of birth:Hong Kong
Age:39Years old
Height:5feet 9inches
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Black
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Home Town:London, United Kingdom
Profession:Actress, Modeling
Father:Mohammed Kaif
Mother:Suzanne Turquotte
Siblings:Stephanie, Christine, Natasha, Melissa, Sonia, Isabel, Michael Kaif
Marital Status:Married
Date of Marriage:9th December 2021
Place of marriage:Six Senses Fort Barware, Sawal Madhopur Rajasthan.
Husband:Vicky Kaushal
Net worth:&6million

Katrina Kaif Height & Weight:

The Barbi doll of the Bollywood industry not only has a pretty face but also has a beautiful height and weight. She looks stunning with her height of 5feet 9inches. This well-known personality is also won a weight of 55kg.

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Katrina Kaif Education:

Katrina and her other siblings were raised by her mother. Unfortunately, they couldn’t attend school because of a lack of financial stability. But, her mother hired some teachers to teach them at home. Later she joined college to pursue her degree in higher studies but she left that because of her rising career in Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif Family:

Katrina Kaif Family
Katrina Kaif Family

The famous face of the Bollywood industry Katrina Kaif was born to her parents in Hong Kong. She was growing up with her seven siblings. She has three elder sisters, three younger sisters, and an elder brother. Kaif told that they have a few involvements of their father in their life. Her father was a British businessman of Kashmir descent and her mother was an English lawyer.

Kaif and her other siblings were raised by their mother as their father wasn’t careful about them. Before she build up her career she used her mother’s surname later she exchange it with her father’s surname. One of her younger sisters is also a famous English model.

Father:Mohammed Kaif
Mother:Suzanne Turcotte
Elder sister:Stephanie
Elder sister:Christine
Elder sister:Natasha
Younger sister:Melissa
Younger sister:Sonia
Younger sister:Isabel
Elder brother:Sebastian

Katrina Kaif Career:

After her parents divorced her mother shifted to London to pursue their life as well. They never attend any school rather they are taught at home. After her schooling period, she went and enrolled herself in a college in London. Kaif started modeling at a very young age. She used to work for freelance agencies. In 2003 she appeared in a London Fashion show where she was noticed by the famous filmmaker Kaizad Gustad and he decided to cast Kaif in his movie “Boom” that same year.

  • That moment was a life-changing moment for Kaif.
  • She was successfully debuted in the Bollywood industry with the movie “Boom” in 2003.
  • But the movie couldn’t get much success at the box office due to its poor story materials.
  • It was also notified that Kaif has a poor density in her Hindi accent as she came from a British ethnicity.
  • That thing gave a kick to Kaif’s life and she started learning Hindi to stiff her legs in the Bollywood industry.
  • After the big failure in “Boom”, she was cast in a romantic comedy movie “Maine Pyaar Kiu Kiya?” opposite Salman khan.
  • Apart from her romantic comedies’ the movie “Ek Tha Tiger” was found the best commercial action thriller in Indian cinema and it was also ranked as the highest-grossing Indian film.
Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture

Katrina Kaif Work Life:

That movie became a commercial success in her acting career. Later she got the chance to play the lead role in HumKo Deewana Kar Gaye, Namaste London. Welcome, Singh Is King, Mere Brother ki Dulhan, Tees Marr Khan, Apne, Ja Taak Hay Jaan, Dhoom Three, Ek Tha Tiger, Bang Bang, and more, she is also famous for her dance performances in item numbers.

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Kaif’s character as an alcoholic in the movie “Zero” brings her the Best Supporting Actress in Zee Cine Award. In her 19 years of an acting career, she got four Screen Awards and Four Zee Cine Awards. Also, she was nominated for Filmfare Award for her three best performances. Katrina Kaif is not only working as an actress but also she included her time as a brand endorser. Katrina launched her beauty and cosmetic product “Kay Beauty” in 2019.

Katrina Kaif Marriage:

Katrina Kaif with her Husband
Katrina Kaif with her Husband

There were lots of rumours about her relationships in the Bollywood industry. Her name was attached to the famous khan of Bollywood Salman. During their movie “Maine Pyaar Kiu Kiya” their fans started taking their relationship seriously in 2003. Maybe they have had a relationship for some years and they broke up suddenly but them always being a good friend. According to her his presence gave her confidence and guidance in her career.

Later her name was again taken with the famous Kapoor son Ranbir during their movie “Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani”. There has a sweet relationship between them but somehow they weren’t seen together later. In the year 2021, 9th of December Katrina Kaif got married to the very young and famous actor Vicky Causal at Six Senses Resort in Sawal Madhopur, Rajasthan. According to the media, they have been in a secret relationship for six-year. Their wedding was the subject of India to cover.

  • Relationship Status: She is a relation to Vicky Kaushal.
  • Married Status: She is married to Vicky Kaushal.

Katrina Kaif Achievements:

  • Katrina Kaif started her career at a very young age and she has got several accolades in her acting career.
  • Though she has an accent issue at the very begging, her continue efforts made her legs strong in Bollywood.
  • She got four Zee Cine Awards and was nominated for the Three Filmfare award.
  • Her alcoholic character in the movie “ZERO” brings her the best-supporting actress award in 2019.

Katrina Kaif Pictures:

Katrina Kaif with her Husband
Katrina Kaif with her Husband
Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture
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Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture
Katrina Kaif Picture

Katrina Kaif Net worth:

The famous actress is not only best for her acting skills but also famous for her outstanding personality. Besides films, she works as a model for many high brands of beauty products, paints, and clothes. She worked as a freelance model for many freelance companies earlier. According to media information Katrina has a net worth of &6million. She charged 6core for her each project.

Interesting Facts about Katrina Kaif:

  • Katrina Kaif is a supermodel along with a superstar.
  • Her early days were very challenging as she was raised by her mother.
  • Katrina Kaif’s mother runs a charity that prevents female infanticide.
  • She had an accent issue as she was brought up in London and raised with an English accent.
  • Her name Katrina Kaif was given by her industry. Earlier she uses her name along with her mother’s surname.
  • Due to her mother’s job, Katrina and her fellow siblings relocated to several countries.
  • Katrina and her siblings were home-schooled by a series of tutors.
  • Before coming to India Katrina and her family lived in London for three years.
  • At the age of 14 Katrina Kaif won a beauty contest and got her first assignment in a Jewelry Campaign.
  • She loves to eat cheesecakes and kheer. Steamed fish, grilled vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding.
  • She loves to watch cricket. 
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FAQ’s about Katrina Kaif:

Who is Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif is a famous face of the Bollywood industry that has delivered many blockbuster hits to Indian cinema.

How old is Katrina Kaif?

According to the current year, she is 39years old.

Who is the husband of Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif is married to the famous Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal.

What is the name of her father?

Her father’s name is Mohammad Kaif.

How tall is Katrina Kaif?

Katrina Kaif is about 5feet 7inches tall.

Who are Katrina Kaif’s parents?

Mohammed Kaif Suzanne Turquotte

Does Katrina have Indian citizenship?

Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong to Mohammed Kaif, a British businessman of Kashmiri descent, and Suzanne Turquotte, an English lawyer and charity worker. She holds UK citizenship and has been living in India for the past 15 years on a work visa.

Is Katrina Kaif even Indian?

The pretty actress was born Katrina Turquotte and is half British and half Indian. Her father, Mohammed Kaif is a British businessman of Kashmiri descent and her mother is English.

Where does Katrina Kaifs family live?

She has 7 siblings; out of 3 are her old sisters, 3 are younger, and 1 brother. Most of them lived in London. Stephanie Turquotte, her oldest sister, is a very private person. Sebastien Turquotte is Katrina’s big brother, the second child of the family is a furniture designer.

Where is Katrina Kaif staying now?

Katrina Kaif has a house in Andheri West, where she lived with her sister. However, she has now moved into her new 4 BHK apartment in Juhu, Mumbai, with her husband, Vicky Kaushal. They are Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli’s neighbours.

Where is Katrina and Vicky’s new house?

The couple recently moved into their new nest in Juhu, a posh locality in the suburbs of Mumbai. The newly-wed couple Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif who recently tied the knot in an intimate big-fat Punjabi wedding in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan on December 9th, 2021 have been the talk of the town ever since.

What is their net worth of Vicky?

icky Kaushal Net Worth is $4 Million.

Is Katrina richer than Vicky?

If reports are to be believed, Katrina Kaif’s net worth is around Rs 240 crores which is much higher than that of Vicky Kaushal who has a net worth of Rs 25 crores. Yes, this means that Katrina’s net worth is approximately Rs 200 crores more than her to-be-husband Vicky’s.

What is a Katrina car?

Thousands of cars were destroyed by Katrina, which submerged much of New Orleans in a corrosive broth of saltwater and mud. But many “Autos Katrina” were shipped overseas, often sold through Internet salvage auctions now globalizing the auto recycling industry.


Katrina Kaif is an Anglo-Indian personality who has been founded a famous face in the Bollywood industry. She is a hard-working woman with a strong personality. According to her, there is always important our won life before or after marriage.

We should all make ourselves strong our self to win any battle in our life. Her maturity and hard-working made her what she is today. She was bulled; she was questioned but never let those words affect her life goals.

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