Kiss Cutting Services and When They’re Useful

Kiss Cutting
Kiss Cutting Services and When They're Useful

Kiss cutting serves as the perfect method for creating adhesive designs. Many people benefit from the results of kiss cutting but don’t understand what it is. The following guide provides an overview allowing anyone to have a better understanding of this die-cutting and print finishing technique.

Kiss Cutting

What is Kiss Cutting?

Kiss cutting is a die-cutting process where a light impression is cut through the top layer of material. The backing material remains intact, allowing only the top layer to be removed. Think of a sticker on a piece of paper before it is used. The print company uses kiss cutting to ensure only the individual sticker would come off the page rather than the entire piece.

Print providers call this a kiss cut because the blade only touches, or kisses, the top layer of material. When it does so, it leaves an impression that allows the layer to be peeled away from the backing. Individuals and businesses in need of printed materials should learn more about Kiss Cutting Services before deciding which printing method is best for their needs.

The Kiss Cutting Process

The provider takes a layer of material, such as rubber or foam, and places it on a layer of removable paper or foil. They then place the adjoined layers in a kiss-cutting press. The layers move through the press where a sharp blade cuts through the top layer while leaving the back intact. This results in a shaped product that can be removed from the backing and used for a range of purposes.

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Uses for Kiss Cutting

People typically choose kiss cutting as their printing method for convenience. They find it easy to peel only a portion of a large sheet rather than the entire sheet. When a large group of items needs to stay grouped, it’s easy to assemble them on one backing layer when this method is used. Stamps, stickers, labels, and gaskets are items frequently made using this technique, and many companies now use the process for adhesive tape or iron-ons.

In fact, individuals with a personal die-cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette already use this technique when making stickers, vinyl decals, and other items. Professional die-cutters produce similar items for businesses in need of large quantities.

Kiss Cutting Processes

With the steel rule process, the material is placed in a tool that resembles a cookie cutter. The machine then presses the parallel plates together until the material is cut. The force of the machine handles the cutting.

When intricate patterns are needed, die-cutting providers turn to thermal dies. They work with graphic marking vinyl and are priced by the square inch or weight of the material. As a result, they remain very affordable.

Rotary dies come in a cylindrical form and are easy to reproduce. In addition, they cost little to manufacture. However, they don’t last long and they can only cut certain materials.

Why Choose Kiss Cutting?

Kiss cutting works with designs of all types, including everything from the most basic to the very intricate. In addition, the products made using this method work in a range of places, such as on packages or envelopes. Your imagination serves as the only limit when this method is used.

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Choose a reputable provider for kiss cutting, as it requires attention to detail. The die must be perfect to receive the desired results. Learn more today to see if this method is right for your needs.