Know about Damandeep Singh, the man behind Traffic Tail, who is making a special contribution to Digital India.

Know about Damandeep Singh, the man behind Traffic Tail, who is making a special contribution in Digital India
Know about Damandeep Singh, the man behind Traffic Tail, who is making a special contribution in Digital India
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These days youth are investing a lot in business, but there are people like Damandeep Singh who have set an example by turning their company into a brand.

In today’s era, you will find digital marketing agencies on every street, but only a few of them have worked so hard with their founders that they have turned into a brand. Damandeep Singh of Gorakhpur has established one such digital marketing agency, which has now become a brand. Damandeep Singh’s Traffic Tail remains a topic of discussion in the digital marketing industry due to the excellent digital marketing service provided by the company and the special support it provides to its customers. The company has carved a niche for itself in the industry in just a few years.

Who is Damandeep Singh?

Damandeep Singh is a young businessman and founder of the successful company Traffic Tail. He is a young businessman who is giving a new identity to the digital marketing industry. He not only established a digital marketing company but also pitched it to his clients like a brand. It is because of his extraordinary talent and leadership abilities that his company has been able to provide its limitless digital marketing services to startups and organisations today. Damandeep Singh is a resident of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

When Damandeep Singh moved to Delhi after completing his engineering degree in Uttar Pradesh, he knew he wanted to turn his passion for digital marketing into reality. Here he quickly established himself as an experienced digital marketer in this field. Due to his special ability, he got a place as a digital marketing trainer at a renowned institute in Delhi. Here he made more than 1000 youth capable by giving them education in digital marketing. Due to his specialized training, today, his students have made commendable careers in reputed firms like HubSpot, Accenture, and TCS.

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The story behind the beginning of Traffic Tail

Damandeep Singh started Traffic Tail to help young startups get online while the world waits for its own normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He observed during the Corona era that many startups were facing difficulties while using digital marketing techniques in their business. It was then that he decided to use his seasoned digital marketing and social media experience in the right direction to provide the necessary support to businesses. Along with C, he laid the foundation for a company like Traffic Tail.

Traffic Tail, as a result of its excellent service, ample knowledge, and expertise, has become an important source of employment opportunities for many young individuals who want to make a mark in the digital world. Traffic Tail has created history by completing more than 2,000 projects in just a few years. It was through his exceptional leadership qualities and his wide knowledge that Damandeep Singh has been able to achieve these heights. His company Traffic Tail currently works to provide digital services to customers in a variety of industries. These include real estate, medical, small-scale industries, education, and many more. Talking about digital marketing services, Traffic Tail provides services like SEO, Website Designing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and PR Services. But it is not just the quality of services that sets Damandeep Singh apart from its competitors; It is its relentless commitment to customer satisfaction that keeps them unique in the industry. 

Establishment of 7k Network and Revolution in Digital Journalism

Damandeep Singh is the founder of not only Traffic Tail but also a revolutionary company like 7k Network which specially works for young media personnel. Damandeep has so far mentored around 2000 journalists through the 7K Network, helping hundreds of young journalists to advance their careers. Young journalists now have a special platform to know new information in their field, which provides them with every service and information regarding digital journalism. Damandeep’s thinking is especially visible in his way of working, which makes them different from the rest of the traders.

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Purpose of Damandeep Singh

Damandeep Singh has developed Traffic Tail into a thriving company with more than 50 skilled employees because of his passion for the digital marketing field. Damandeep Singh is committed to providing valuable service to its customers. Damandeep is a businessman himself, so he also understands the value of consistent customer service. Due to his efficient management, Traffic Tail has become one of the best digital marketing companies in the country today. His aim is that he should keep helping the youth of the country to become digital by contributing to the Digital India campaign.

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