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Execution of Power of Attorney in Pakistan: 

You can obtain power of attorney in Pakistan through a property lawyer in Lahore of our law firm. The Power of Attorney Act 1882 provided that power of attorney had to be created by an instrument. Article 95 of Qanun-e-Shahadat, 1984, required the Courts to presume every document purporting to be a power of attorney executed by any Court or representative of the Federal Government. Power of attorney in Pakistan through property lawyer in Lahore had to be a written document.

Power of Attorney:

Unless a power of attorney in the shape of a written record was filed before the Court, neither could make any assumption of its existence, nor the Court would make any presumption as required under Art. Ninety-five of Qanun-e-Shahadat, 1984 Lahore High Court Rules: The following rules are framed by the Lahore High Court: Provisions of S. 4 are not mandatory. Attestation of Power of Attorney by Magistrate Third Class falls within the ambit of S. 88 for power of attorney in Pakistan through a property lawyer in Lahore.

Rejection of power:

Rejection of power on the ground of its non-attestation by a Magistrate of first class. Not warranted. Power of Attorney attested by Naib-Tehsildar. Attorneys who were Themselves, defendants, in suit filing joint written statement but Assistant Commissioner is rejecting written statement as well as a power of attorney for the reason that it was attested after its execution and that it was not attested by a Magistrate and directed defendants to file separate written statements, which he did not do. Assistant Commissioner was consequently passing an ex parte order. 

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Property Lawyer In Lahore:

Not satisfied with the execution of a power of attorney in Pakistan through property lawyer in Lahore, the only course of Assistant Commissioner held was to ask for further evidence for its implementation or to have asked said defendants to file an affidavit of Naib Tehsildar. Rejection of power of attorney and, in consequence, a written statement filed by those through attorneys was not warranted by law written word. In any case, it could Have been treated as a written statement of attorneys who were themselves defendants in the suit.

illegal action:

 Such illegal action of the Assistant Commissioner, therefore, seriously prejudiced such defendants in the lawsuit. In Absence of a written authority or memorandum of appearance power of attorney in Pakistan through property lawyer in Lahore to act to be executed by the principal: Appellant. General Power of Attorney authorizing done to launch all sorts of proceedings, including a civil suit relating to property subject-matter of power, did not empower the done to file pre-emption. Provisions of rule 2, Order I1, C.P.C. could not be invoked for allowing done to rectify the mistake. The sale deed got executed and registered under a power of attorney, which never gave any power to the vendor to transfer land was void abs Initio and a nullity.

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