Kyle Rittenhouse, His Rights, and Yours

Kyle Rittenhouse, His Rights, and Yours
Kyle Rittenhouse, His Rights, and Yours
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Legacy media is awful. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, I use “legacy media” to describe networks like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC- heck, even Comedy Central- which are heavily invested in by the same couple of investors, who all follow the same format, and say the exact same thing (with a couple of exceptions, sometimes, at Fox). The rest defame, misinterpret, consciously omit, or purposely misconstrue the facts and truth in the name of their ideology. When they are not simply wrong or lying by omission, they are outright lying. Proof: Nick Sandman’s multimillion-dollar lawsuit. A Jackpot Capital bonus if I ever saw one. QED. In fact, there are multiple lawsuits in progress against the various organizations, each resulting in settlements in the accusers favor or just plain and simple losses in court. And they’re STILL doing it!


Well, aside from being a gross blob of hacks and swamp creatures, they have an active, vested interest in pleasing the powers that be in the establishment- because they are the establishment. The politicians and the Legacy Media sit in 24-hour circle-jerking news cycles in their attempts to cement their power and ideology. I could show you the documents showing how the CIA actively works with journalists in order to get certain narratives spread around.

I could point out the various instances where news organizations like CNN and The New York times just happen to have reporters and cameramen around as various “spontaneous” events occurred. But you have to look no further than the current White House representative, Jen Psaki.

Her life’s story is the perfect example of how swampy government politicians and the media are intertwined. After leaving university, she worked with various political groups until she hitched onto the Obama administration as White Hosue Rep. Then, in 2016, when Donald Trump was sworn in, she moved to CNN as a top-level host/consultant (read: got paid fat stacks of cash). Then, when President Trump was removed from office in 2020, she waltzed right back into the White House with the Biden Administration. The media and the politicians all know each other. They all scratch each other’s back. And they sure as heck don’t have your best interests in mind.

With all that in mind, it’s easy how we’ve reached the point we’re at in American politics. With all these powerful, influential people communicating with one another, it’s painfully easy to see why and how (false) narratives are constantly pushed, which thus leads to situations like the one I actually want to talk about.

Let’s talk about Kyle Rittenhouse.

The Media Narrative

So before I get into the event itself, let’s go over what the media claimed happened on the 25th of August, during the Kenosha “protest”. In response to Jacob Blake’s death at the hands of police (which is a whole, false narrative in and of itself), Black Lives Matter activists were protesting in Kenosha. During the protest, Kyle shot four Black Lives Matter activists, killing two of them and injuring a third. The fourth fled for his life.

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The media’s claim is that Kyle Rittenhouse, motivated by racism and white supremacist ideology, traveled to Kenosha and joined up with some militiamen, intent on killin’ him some colored folk. Former Vice President Joe Biden even used a video of Rittenhouse in a political ad about white supremacy. That is the claim, and it’s wrong in about every way that matters. Regardless, Kyle is now on trial and has been charged with:

  • 2 charges of homicide
  • Endangering safety
  • Attempted homicide
  • Illegal possession of a weapon
  • Reckless endangerment

But let’s get into what actually happened that night, that the Legacy Media will refuse to tell you, and why nearly all of those charges should be lawfully dropped against Rittenhouse.

What Actually Happened

The event I’m about to describe goes entirely against the narrative the Legacy Media has been trying to make. It may sound like I’m pulling facts out of my butt, but that’s why I use sources. Here are the sources I used, including video footage of the event itself. Double-check me – I encourage it!

As a result of the Jacob Blake shooting several nights earlier, Black Lives Matter announced their intent to hold a protest in Kenosha to demand the resignation of the officer involved. Jacob Blake had been attempting to enter the house of a pregnant woman who already had a restraining order against him and was holding a knife and refusing to listen to police commands- but that sort of stuff doesn’t really seem to matter to BLM. Anyway, given the organization’s reputation, volunteers organized a watch to protect various businesses, homes, and property.

Rittenhouse stayed after his shift as a lifeguard in order to clean up graffiti at a local high school. The auto shop owner requested help to defend his business, and so Kyle left the high school to meet up there.

While Rittenhouse was protecting the dealership, Black Lives Matter activists were attempting to blow up a nearby gas station. Rittenhouse then joined the group defending the gas station, and video footage show him rushing to the scene with a fire extinguisher. It is then that Rittenhouse encounters three specific men: Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz. I should point out that none of these men are black. They were, however, armed and extremely dangerous, and although Kyle had no way of knowing it at the time, these three men had all been tried and convicted of numerous crimes.

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Joseph Rosenbaum was a kiddy diddler who molested/raped five separate children between the ages of 9 and 11. Anthony Huber stabbed and strangled his brother and threatened his grandmother at knifepoint. Gaige Grosskreutz had been charged with numerous misdemeanors, including misuse of a dangerous weapon.

The men began chasing after Kyle. A fourth activist named Joshua Ziminski fired a shot into the air. Rosenbaum pursued and threw a bag of socks at kyle before lunging for Kyle’s gun. Kyle turned and shot him in the head.

These rioters continued to chase after Kyle while shouting things like “Get his ass!”. Kyle, running away, trips and falls down. The rioters swarm him- the first (Huber) assaults him with a skateboard and aims to kick him. Kyle shoots him. Grosskreutz, armed, initially backs off, but if you watch the footage carefully, you can see him begin to raise his gun arm- and Kyle pulls off a crack shot and gets him in the arm.

With his assaulters incapacitated, Kyle retreated to a nearby police line with his hands up. He was not arrested at that time – and neither were any members of Black Lives Matter. Now he’s come to court to face his charges:

  • 2 charges of homicide
  • Endangering safety
  • Attempted homicide
  • Illegal possession of a weapon
  • Reckless endangerment

Considering that it’s blatantly obvious that this entire situation was self-defense, I would’ve thought that half of these charges would’ve gotten thrown out immediately. I mean, really, “Endangering safety” and “Reckless endangerment”? He was being chased by felons (one, a pedophile) who were actively declaring their intent to do bodily harm.

The only charge I could imagine sticking, in a sane world, would be the illegal possession of a weapon since the law on the books is vague on whether or not Kyle was allowed to be carrying the rifle at the time. So we’ll have to see whether the world is still sane or not.

The Aftermath

If you were only tangentially following this story up to now, you likely had a completely different impression of how this night played out.

That was intentional.

Otherwise, the media and the politicians would have to admit that their narrative is wrong. They would have to admit that organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are truly dangerous groups, possibly even worthy of being called domestic terrorist groups. They would have to admit to their base of voters that, actually, people aren’t all that racist in the US. They would have to tell their voter base that many of their problems are their own, and to solve would require actual hard work and effort instead of slogans and government handouts. And if the government expects its citizenry to take responsibility for itself, then… why would it need the government?

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The establishment swamp is interested in only one thing: self-preservation. They hate that people like Kyle Rittenhouse exist, who bear arms in self-defense against those who come to take away his life, liberty, and property. They hate that there are people who are willing to fight instead of conceding their lives to the government. They hate that there are people who would rather live in dangerous freedom than in the Establishment’s Utopic Slavery.

In short, they fear us. That’s why the Left and the establishment constantly try to disarm the citizenry of the United States. Because if a teenager like Kyle Rittenhouse can shoot and kill pedophiles, and be acquitted of guilt, what’s to stop others from shooting other notable pedophiles? Like, oh, I dunno… certain associates of a certain Jeffery Epstein? Or those members of the UN who turned a blind eye to child trafficking or trading food to African children in exchange for oral sex?

The Globalist Elites who live and breathe in the government swamp are nothing more than a bunch of hedonistic pedophiles. And their power is slipping. More and more people are growing sick of them. They never adapted to the advent of the internet, and their crimes are simply becoming more and more blatant and obvious, and accessible for millions of people to look into.

Ultimately, the Kyle Rittenhouse case isn’t about whether or not Kyle himself did anything wrong. It’s obvious he didn’t. Their evidence is slim pickings, and all the defense has to do is show the video. The importance of Rittenhouse’s case is in whether or not our courts continue to defend our inherent right to self-defense. It’s a deciding event for second amendment rights. Because if the court does find Kyle guilty of murder, then what’s the line?

All I’m saying is, if you can’t shoot murderous pedophiles who are actively assaulting you, then you might as well not be able to defend yourself at all. And that’s what they want, and we have to fight like hell to make sure that we don’t reach that point.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

–Quote from The Great Reset- an event hosted, attended, and run by the people who own more stuff than the rest of us combined.

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