Lean Six Sigma Certification Course – What’s in for you?

Competition around us is increasing daily, a do-or-die situation for businesses. Every business that wants to flourish stands out, creates a benchmark for itself and consistently strives to adopt healthy work measures. 

Amidst everything, working in a collaborative environment is also gaining immense value. Businesses are undertaking a Lean Six Sigma certification course to boost their skills in the sector. 

A Lean Six Sigma certification course trains businesses to improve their efficiency. As such, it can help achieve decreased costs, improved profits, and hands-on productivity alongside reduced wastage. 

Since more than 500 Fortune companies follow this course, your company requires it to soar heights. Here’s what this course is all about! 

What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma concentrates on a collaborative team approach. This encourages business performance improvement and helps eliminate waste. Lean Six Sigma is a fusion of Six Sigma and lean enterprise. The collaboration aims at eliminating the eight main types of waste. Waste or Muda that Lean Six Sigma focuses on removing are:

1. Defects 

Any product that is not fit for use may be known as a defect. Either these products need a rework or be eliminated to make space for useful ones. 

2. Over-production

Any product that is produced more than required is known as over-production. Any report that is not necessary or lengthy paperwork is a sign of over-production in a firm.

3. Waiting

Any type of waiting while the work is ongoing means an inevitable delay occurs. Generally, there can be two forms of waiting. This includes idle equipment waiting or waiting for material. These can be a massive hindrance in the work that may also reduce work productivity. 

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4. Non-used Talent

Any human potential or skill set allowed to waste is known as non-used talent. Most companies face this problem that can be a significant lack of proper use of resources in many ways. 

This may crop up when employees are not given fair opportunities to prove their skill sets or lack feedback on their skills. Lack of incentives for employees and poor training of employees are some of the main examples of this point.

5. Transportation

When equipment, material, or product is being moved from one place to another consistently and unnecessarily, it causes baseless transportation. It is a waste because it hampers the work process and reduces employee productivity. 

6. Inventory

Any material or product that is unprocessed in excess may result in this form of waste. It is generally regarded in the waste category because it becomes useless when the customer demands it and it’s unavailable. 

7. Motion

Any movement by people that is not necessary is known as motion. When motion occurs in excess, it can significantly waste time. This may also amplify the risks of injury. 

8. Extra-Processing

When the work is being done in excess and is not needed to complete a task, it may be known as extra-processing waste. Baseless production steps and unnecessary product personalization are some major examples. 

Lean Six Sigma Certification Course

Lean Six Sigma has many certifications to offer. Each of them is classified into separate belt colors. A Black belt is this niche’s highest and most regarded course certification. 

So, when one acquires this certification course, they have in-bound knowledge of Six Sigma. The Yellow and Green belts follow the Black belt. These belts define skill sets that deal with Six Sigma and other process improvement techniques. 

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This is mainly focused on comprehensive productive maintenance and the theory of constraints. So, if one wishes to obtain these levels of certification online, one must pass a proctored exam. 

In this exam, they will be asked questions regarding the applications of Lean Six Sigma and more. So, one must be well-prepared to pass and acquire the certification on time. 

What can you gain from Lean Six Sigma Certification course?

The Lean Six Sigma certification course encourages diverse companies as a comprehensive process improvement platter. The encouragement is done to help solve major problems and persistently improve the business’s methodologies. 

This way, companies can easily foster better productivity, improved profits, and so much more. Here’s an in-depth guide on the same. 

1. Thriving During Crisis

Most companies during the COVID-19 pandemic had a hard time trying to survive. The only way out for most of them was to adopt efficient strategies to amplify their business growth and development. 

This was possible by undergoing a Lean Six Sigma certification course that trained companies on how to make efficiency possible. This means applying Lean Six Sigma step-by-step can allow your business to accelerate to new heights. It may also help learn how to do more than simply thrive during a crisis. 

2. Gain Enough Positive Results

A Lean Six Sigma certification course makes room for short-time commitment and maximizes impact for your business. It helps boost efficiency and removes any type of waste hindering efficiency. 

The road to success becomes simpler, quicker, and seamless in this process. This also encourages better performance and reduces room for inaccuracy.

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3. Room For Better Profits

The Lean Six Sigma certification course will also help you improve your savings strategies by reducing waste. It may help reduce operations, transportation, inventory, and even personnel costs. This means you can have more capital for your business, invest much more solidly, and worry less about making hefty investments. Also, since Lean Six Sigma helps foster efficiency, it reduces room for errors. Eventually, the money is bound to follow. 

Ending note

Anyone interested in being a process improvement leader and watching their company skyrocket in no time can opt for the Lean Six Sigma certification course. The comprehensive course ensures that your company’s sales and visibility improve while there is time. Sign up for your certification course today to learn the secret recipe to success in business.

Praveen Saraswat
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