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The most suitable digital marketing techniques and tools in the B2B field, marketing to companies, differ greatly from those used in B2C sectors, marketing to consumers. This is mainly due to the fact that B2B marketing seeks to establish stable and lasting relationships with potential clients and partners. Likewise, the sales process requires more time and involvement, since the sales that are made are generally on a large scale and, therefore, the purchase decision is more premeditated.

It should be noted that the range of customers is smaller, so customers can accumulate a certain degree of bargaining power over the final sale price. Consequently, it is difficult to capture a final sale price in the digital sphere, since it depends on the negotiation process between the parties. The pricing strategy of many manufacturers also incorporates the application of volume discounts, thus encouraging large orders. All this means that the generation of sales is not the main objective of the digital marketing actions of B2B-oriented companies, but rather the increase in brand awareness and the generation of leads or potential customers.

So, what are the most suitable tools for the B2B segment? The main actions would be the optimization of SEO positioning, the creation of SEM campaigns, the generation of leads in professional social networks, the use of payment campaigns in general and niche marketplaces, and email marketing. Below we tell you the characteristic notes of each of these techniques in the B2B strategy.

B2B Marketing: SEO

In terms of SEO positioning, it must be taken into account that the B2B strategy has characteristic notes that differentiate it from the B2C strategy. With regard to the factors that Google takes into account, there are no differences between the two strategies, so in general terms, good SEO practices in B2C also apply to B2B. However, in practice, B2B SEO is certainly different from B2C SEO.

It must be taken into account that the different nature of the targets in both strategies implies applying different approaches, especially with regard to the type of keywords in which to position themselves, in the activity in social networks or in the content of the own website.

While for B2C SEO it is important to rank for keywords with high search volume and low CPC , and the target audience is usually large segments of the population, when it comes to B2B SEO it is important to rank well on keywords . with a low search volume and high CPC, and the target audience is usually small groups with responsibility in companies ( decision makers ).

On the other hand, unlike SEO in B2C strategy, non-professional social media activity is usually not productive in B2B strategy. Likewise, in B2B, the content of the web page has to be focused on showing the technical knowledge and experience of the company, while in B2C it is generally recommended to show more emotional content since purchases tend to be more impulsive

It is very important, therefore, the creation of tactical content on the website, for which the blog plays a fundamental role . Creating high-quality content on your blog will allow you to generate backlinks that will help your website rank higher in search engines. In addition, this content will allow potential customers to build trust and the company to be considered a useful resource in the digital environment.

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When choosing the topics to be discussed in the blog, certain aspects must be taken into account. First of all, keep in mind that you should create content that interests the target audience and you should not make the mistake of creating entries that exclusively describe the products or services offered by the company . It is also important to create content that takes into account the search trends of potential customers. In this way, creating new content, it is easier to appear in the first results of Google.

A very useful tool to choose the topics to be discussed in the blog of the website is Exploding Topics . This tool allows you to visualize which are the topics that have the greatest growth and that, therefore, are more interesting to deal with. Exploding Topics allows you to view the trends of topics by category or those related to a keyword, which allows you to narrow the search according to the needs of the B2B strategy.

Exploding Topics as a trend search tool (Source: Exploding Topics)

B2B Marketing: SEM strategies

As mentioned in the previous point, the CPC of keywords in B2B strategies is usually higher than the CPC of keywords in B2C strategies, due to the lower search volume. This CPC, in some cases, can exceed $40 for very specific terms in which leads are in high demand.

To plan the cost of the SEM strategy, it will be essential to analyze what stage of purchase potential customers are in based on the keywords they are looking for. In the case of the B2B strategy, the comparison and search for options phase, for example, is key because it involves more thoughtful purchases; which explains why the keywords located in this phase of the purchase process have such high CPCs.

Professional Social Networks

There are still many companies in the B2B segment that are reluctant to maintain an active presence on social networks. However, the presence in social networks allows these companies to improve their corporate branding, increase traffic to their website and improve SEO positioning . The question then is which social networks are more suitable for this type of company. According to Social Media Examiner , 8 out of 10 B2B companies have a presence on LinkedIn , cementing it as the leading social network for businesses and professionals. Another social network with great implantation in industrial sectors is without a doubt YouTube, since it allows sharing audiovisual content in the second largest search engine worldwide. The focus on this platform is to share corporate and branding videos , promote the launch of new products or include demos on the operation of a specific product.

LinkedIn currently has more than 675 million active users in 200 countries, offering companies an opportunity to promote themselves, network and do business. It is important to have an optimized company page, since the trust and reliability that LinkedIn generates in potential leads is much higher than other networks or media.

LinkedIn is the ideal social network for generating leads , as it has the powerful LinkedIn Sales Navigator payment tool . This tool allows you to optimize the search to find the desired target , getting the leads that can guarantee you the most conversions. It provides sales information, advanced search tools, potential customer recommendations, email messages, and other features. With a monthly cost of €59.99, it allows you to send up to 20 InMail messages per month.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Form Example (Source: LinkedIn)

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has its own version of sponsored ads: LinkedIn Ads . It should be noted that the CPC of these ads is higher than in Google Ads and Facebook Ads , so it will require a higher budget. However, LinkedIn Ads allows you to segment by sector, by position and by company in order to reach the desired target audience and thus maximize the conversion rate.

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Asking the customer for information (to fill in their data online to receive a call or subsequent contact) is one of the greatest difficulties and barriers to generating contacts on the Internet, due to the inconvenience and difficulty that it entails, even more so on mobile devices. That’s why LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms makes this whole process simple because data is automatically populated from the member’s profile with a single click. This functionality can be applied to ads or Sponsored InMails.

Example of LinkedIn Showcase Pages (Source: LinkedIn)

Another interesting feature offered by LinkedIn is Showcase Pages . Showcase Pages are extensions of your LinkedIn Page. At this time, a Showcase Page can only be associated with a LinkedIn Home Page (i.e. it does not have a separate existence) and is intended to highlight a brand or line of business, tailoring it to the segment of the audience you want to target. You can create up to 10 Showcase Pages associated with your main LinkedIn Page. These are mini landing pages that include a featured image, description, destination URL and specific content about that product. Without a doubt, one more step in the gradual conversion process into a marketplace and in becoming a real alternative to eWorldtrade.com’s dominance in the B2B market.

Horizontal Marketplaces

B2B marketplaces are electronic platforms where commercial exchanges between different companies take place. Its main value proposition is to increase the possibilities of selling products or services, by providing a meeting point between buyers and sellers where the company benefits from the investment in traffic generation in which the marketplace has invested . They can allow transactions on their platform or simply serve as a meeting point between sellers and buyers in a certain market. We can differentiate between horizontal marketplaces, general platforms with a broader audience such as eWorldTrade, Alibaba.com and Amazon Business, and vertical marketplaces, platforms specialized in specific products or markets that seek specific consumer niches.

eWorldTrade.com is by far one of the leading B2B marketplace , so we will focus on the marketing tools available to it. Although there is the possibility of opening a free account as a seller, eWorldtrade.com’s business model focuses on suppliers becoming Gold Suppliers, that is, suppliers who pay an annual fee (between $1,399 and $5,999). ) to eWorldtrade.com for increasing its visibility within the platform.

The main marketing tool on eWorldtrade.com when it comes to advertising is “Keyword Advertising”, also known as Keyword Advertising (KWA). This is a value-added service only available to Gold Supplier members and that allows you to position yourself among the first results for a certain search term and increase the exposure of your products by 120% on average. It should be noted that 90% of buyers choose suppliers that appear on the first page of eWorldTrade results.

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A keyword campaign on eWorldtrade.com consists of dividing a budget into a certain number of bids for keywords, or products, with a certain daily budget, in one or several regions. To determine the products that we want to position in the first search results, in addition to performing an analysis to identify the most effective valid keywords active in the account, there must be a relationship between the keywords that our products contain and the promotional score of our products. products. The quality of the product information and the relationship of the keyword with the product will help us obtain a higher promotional score .(measured on a scale of 1 to 5 stars), essential if we want our product to appear in the first positions. This scoring system will also influence where our ad is positioned in the search results.

There are three options to carry out the campaign:

  • Manual campaign: by keywords to which we assign products.
  • Smart campaign: by product, where eWorldtrade.com takes care of defining the keywords intelligently
  • Automatic campaign: where you give eWorldtrade.com a free pass to promote your products, indicating only a budget and a certain time.

B2B Vertical Marketplaces

There are countless marketplaces specific to specific industries or markets. However, niche marketplaces face the challenge of needing a critical mass of buyers and sellers in a specific market or industry. To determine if a marketplace is suitable for our company, a good indicator would be the presence of competitors in our sector and the volume of visits by buyers.

The Virtual Expo group is undoubtedly a good example of how to manage up to six B2B niche marketplaces focused on differentiated sectors: AeroExpo (aeronautical sector), AgriExpo (agricultural sector), ArchiExpo (architecture and design), DirectIndustry (industrial sector), MedicalExpo (medicine) and NauticExpo (shipping sector).

In the case of the marketplaces of the Virtual Expo group, they also offer the possibility of contracting marketing and advertising services. Regarding the Generation of Leads, they offer the sending of a newsletter, sponsored ads or lead filtering. They also offer banners on the platform or in monthly newsletters, and in terms of Brand Awareness they also offer campaigns on professional social networks, among others.

Email Marketing in B2B

Email marketing campaigns play a fundamental role in the B2B environment. According to BtoB Magazine , 59% of B2B marketers consider this tool to be the most effective for generating leads and revenue.

It will be necessary to generate a database of customers and potential customers from all the sources mentioned above in order to carry out these email marketing campaigns. There are also companies dedicated to building databases to provide the information of these contacts in exchange for an economic consideration, always respecting the regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Keep in mind that it is important not to abuse in carrying out email marketing campaigns since it can be counterproductive if the client receives a large number of emails. These emails can consist of a newsletter or offers from the company itself, although in the case of B2B, relevant news from the sector, trends and the presentation of tactical data that show the know-how of the company are the ones that give the best results. Some of the best tools for email marketing management are GetResponse Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Mailer Lite . Many of these tools offer free options, although for a comparison of the prices and features of the paid versions we recommend Email Tool Tester .

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